Monday, February 29, 2016

Da 'SUPER' side of me

Assalamualaikum guys, we meet again.
I've been busy... yeah I know. Excuses! Ha ha ha
Well despite being lazy to think of flowery words to form a fun-to-read story...
I'm too busy shouting around da house at Young-Lady and Young-Man.
I'm also stuck with mounting inventory list dat need to be updated back in my office.
Motherhood is tough, careers are tough, life is tough.
It all can become overwhelming and feels never-ending.
Biasalahkan, with kids growing up, with datelines to catch up.
Some days when my kids are playing circles around da house or bouncing on da couch, I wish they'd be less active.
Other days pulak I worry dat our lifestyle is too sedentary. 
Some days when my bosses are not around, I wish they'd left me a task to work on.
Other days pulak I'm hoping for them to be off to somewhere...anywhere...other than in the office.
But I can assure you there is those days when as soon as I get up, I wanna go back to bed and pretend I haven't got da weight of da world on my shoulders. ~sigh!
But hello, It's not just me who feel such burden kot.
So...yeah, I tried my hardest and I think I'm good enuff to handle it. ~flip hair.
And because of dat, I decided to give a peek and make a quick update in here. 
Yes! You got it right. Pictographic entry everytime! Agagaga
Apa nak buat, I memang malas. hu hu hu

 Our Chinese New Year Holiday was at my parents'. and it's compulsory to be there every year in order for us to have a good night sleep. Bila dah kat sana, family movie time is a must. We watched a Hindi Movie which totally out of my expectation. I'm not a hindi movie lover. did watch a few yang hits mostly played by Shah Rukh Khan but I'm not a fan of him. Didn't really give a damn about Salman Khan coz to me he's a pervert (sikit2 nak bukak baju haha) so always skipped his movie. But now I have a different perspective about SK. And Bajrangi Bhaijan is recommended to watch with da whole family. still not a fan but I like da plot. thumbs up!

Da next weekend we accompanied Husbeast to JPO. he wanted to buy some new office attire. and I got to shop in Victoria Secret's. sadly, there was no sale in VS store. So just one cheap perfume for a perfume freak like me. jadilah daripada takde langsung khenn. we also bought a few brand of chocs for our kids. and dat's it. 

One of my young bosses got married!!! Congratulation to her. sadly not one of us (my office buddies) manage to attend her wedding. It's quiet far and most of us have family matters to deal with. so, we bought her a gift of her desire. senyum lebar pengantin baru kita bukak present. hik hik

Bonding time! we went to Forest City at Gelang Patah near Tanjung Pelepas to check out da new interest in Johor. It's 85% done and it will be a hit I bet. da place is soooo beautiful and calming. kinda like a club house I suppose. Young-Lady and Young-Man dah geram je tengok da clean and all new water park. but they're not open yet, so...boleh tengok aje lah. kesian...

most of my work life is about 'updating'. I feel like I'm on a treadmill...walking non stop to no end. yeahhh... I really need some motivation right now. I'm summing up my February 2016 here. 10 more months to go. good luck to me. Yieehaaa!!!

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