Monday, January 18, 2016

another graceful weekend

Some weekends filled with activities.
While some pulak memang filled with nothing.
You know how sometimes weeks and months will go by unassumingly and quietly without any single event occurring.
And then all things happened in 1 weekend to make up for da ‘dull life’ da past few months. hehehe!
Starting from Friday to Saturday, the hours were jammed packed.
I witnessed da beautiful solemnization of my dearest sister in law on Friday morning.
And da next day...we were busy from morning till late evening for her wedding ceremony.

Da wedding was a beautiful event.
Everything went well and it was just lovely.
But I don't have dat much pics to serve you guys since I tak sempat nak snap sana sini.
Bila rehat kejap...have to look after Young-Man to give Husbeast's a time out to do his thingy.
And yesterday we were totally so tired and exhausted from 2 fun-packed days!
I felt like going to a Doctor to get an mc.
Tapi bila memikirkan nak menjawab dgn Doc since I don't have any illness...gagahkan diri jugak pegi office.
Sudahnya, Dari awal sampai sampai habis waktu office asek la menguap. Ha ha ha

Last two weeks pulak me and Husbeast went up to KL for my second checkup at IJN.
Just da two of us, no kids.
So, we kinda have a quick version of honeymoon. ~chewah!
Bukan tak nak bawak anak2, but da last time we brought them...DISASTER!
Kids khenn...bukannya boleh duduk menunggu without doing sumthing fun.
Therefore, they need to be with their aunts and cousin doing some fun activities at my parents'.
My 2 days at KL memang terasa pelik I tell youuuu.
I was surprised Husbeast could be 'dat' romantic without our kids around.
Yeah, we will definitely do it more often after dis. hak hak hak

 purposely choose to arrive KL around 1.30pm. checked in at Hotel Putra, just across da street from IJN, so we could have a rest afterwards. 

woke up in the early evening and we kinda wanna go somewhere. we hang around KLCC, tried our luck for Dilwale movie ticket but guess wut...sold out!!! Dah terlanjur ada kat sana, we bought da most famous and delicious Garretts Popcorn and handmade Sticky candy for da kids.  

Husbeast school-mate knew we're in KL, so he demanded a meet up. He picked us from Hotel Putra to have dinner together. fefeeling mat saleh having western meal in a dim light steak house. their nice. ~luvliness

went to IJN right after breakfast jalan kaki guna jejantas je. dat's da reason of staying at Putra Hotel. so we don't have to go through da traffic jams. then at lunch hour, we all kena kidnap pulak dengan member PJJ Husbeast, a staff at Pusat Sumber IJN. she took us to Asam Pedas Kampung Baru. sedap okeyh! 

After we're done with everything, it's time to go home. I dah rindu dengan my two busyuk masyam kat rumah. it was fun, tapi hati tu tetap jugak dok teringat kat budak2. need to be prepared for da 7 months later. another check up...and another date without kids. ayaiyaiyaiyaiii!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

new hizzety-hang (lazy port)

Assalamualaikum guys...girls...whoever you are!
Waahhh..dah masuk tahun baru la.
I pernah pada suatu masa terpikir...whether I could make it to face da new year.
Yeah, with all those sequel of my heart case tu khenn.
Alhamdulillah, still alive and breathing better than ever.
New year resolution?
Naaaaa...I don't think I have any. 
Well, to be more awesome than last year maybe. kah kah kah
Wutever it is...I'm happy with wut I am and have now.

How did you guys wrapped up ur last year?
With some merry activities I guess.
We ended our 2015 with our own vacation.
Just me, Husbeast and our two children.
I thought Kedah was enuff, but Husbeast still wanted a REAL vacation.
By all means he wanted us to be super lazy and do nothing.
So another short trip worth 3 times than usual because of da holiday season. Haih!

He brought us to Tiara Desaru Beach Resort.
Takdela jauh mana tapi biasala, he and his interest with beach, pool, bay, wutever dat watery.
Tempat tu baru sangat2, just opened in November last year kalau tak silap.
So da services were a bit here and there.
We couldn't check in our room till 4pm because there was dis big family didn't really care about punctuality. 
Sebab lama sgt menunggu, they gave us a room with 2 king size bed.
Ada small dry kitchen with counter which was a bonus for being mad.
Kira ok la dgn harga tercekik time cuti Krismas khenn.

It wasn't dat bad actually, da place is nice, da view is pretty.
But they offered no service.
Well, I don't know if they have it now.
Tapi time we all pegi tu memang we have to do da cleaning by ourselves.
Tak tau nak describe macam mana.
Kemas tapi tak berapa 'kemas'.
They swept da floor but it still sandy and uneasy to step on.
Call me a 'neat-freak' but everybody wants their money to be worth it aite? hu hu hu
Thank god their pools were clean and clear. pheww!
And because da real reason was to be silly and get wet, pejam mata je la kat mana2 yang kurang.

Main air sampai ke petang.
Then balik bilik...mandi...makan...everyone pun kepenatan.
Especially my kids la.
Because there's no room service, memang kenyang maggie aje la we all ni.
Tapi tak serik!
Da next morning, bangun pagi tgk laut, then bila matahari start nak membahang...they all mandi pool lagi.
When it's about noon they came back and had their pre-lunch of another maggie mee
I and Young-Man surrender, we stayed quietly in our room.
Tak sanggup!!!
So it's father-daughter time lah kiranya

Every year tak pernah miss main air.
Our kids were having fun, Husbeast was having fun, I was having fun...boleh la. was great.
Still, lacking staffs is really an issue for a 4 stars resort like dat.
But their management know how to cover dis issue well. We too got a free late checkout till 6pm from da resort management.
Pandai kan they all amik hati their guests?
Tapi we all tetap keluar awal. 
We wanted to have a decent lunch.
Dah tak larat nak makan maggie mee. hak hak hak

So my 2015 was completed happily.
With a scratch on my face pemberian ikhlas Young-man to me.
I'd like to think it as an additional gift. ~wink!
I'm wishing you all a happy new year.
May all of you get exactly wut you deserves.