Sunday, December 20, 2015

From South to North

Assalamualaikum gojes2 out there.
Happy holiday!!!
I bet most of you are now tgh cuti2 dalam and luar Malaysia.
It's sooo important to get our mood ready for da new year aite? ~totally!
To tell you wut, me and my family were busy like bees in a few last weeks.
My sister got married.
With a Hunk from Kedah okeyh!
And she's now officially living in Penang coz her husband works there.
My parent's will be having a grandchild with loghat Utara.
How weird...eventhough kitorang ni sebenarnya 'berdarah' utara. ~duhh!
So a week after da ceremony on our side, a large number of my family members went to Jitra for her ceremony on da groom side.
It was last week actually.
And trust me...da fatigue is still there.'s pictographic time! (lazy me -sigh!)

5th December 2015. Congratulation my dear sister for becoming a wife to someone. She has chosen royal blue as a theme for her special day. So there we were...lookin' blue endlessly. ha ha

Started our journey to North Malaysia early in a Friday morning a week after. Reached Jitra at 10pm you guys! We've literally been on da road for like da whole day kan? Yeah...definitely won't be driving again to visit her after dis. An air ride for sure. 

12th December 2015. They got to be a King and a Queen again. their theme was green. But we're not donning green.  

We left da ceremony in the evening and went up to Perlis. Alang2 dah sampai Utara...kita pi hujung Malaysia teruih. Shopping dekat Padang Besar yang best and besar giler!!! You can shop for almost everything there. at an affordable price too. A must visit place if you ask me.

We stayed overnight at my TokLang's homestay in Permatang Pauh, Penang. He's my atok sedara belah my mum. Memang buat bisnes Homestay named Aula Homestay. To welcome us all, dia awal2 dah kosongkan any reservation on dat day. -Luvliness  

Da next morning after kena paksa breakfast dgn TokLang Chop n family, we begin our journey to Ceruk Tokun to visit TokCik. Sembang for quiet a while, kena paksa brunch...then head down to Taiping coz TokSu Tipah was waiting. Kena paksa lunch pulak. seriously, we're full! sampaikan drivers semua lena kekenyangan. 

It's an awesome celebration plus a big family trip for us.
We wrapped up 2015 with precious moments and memories.
It's cool to bring da fourth generation of our family members to their origins.
To witness our great-great-grandparents having a blast with all their great-great-grandchildren including my two kids is more than diamonds and gold.
Semoga cicit2 ini semua akan menyambung legacy keluarga Abdul Majid.
Al-Fatihah to my grandparents on both side.

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Laura Azura Zainal said...

Wow seronoknya dapat jalan2 utara. Jauh kan from johor. I pernah dua kali kot drive dr kuantan ke padang besar. Fuh mmg penat tp puas hati dpt explore negeri org. Mcm u lg best sbb 'blk kg' kan sis. Btw happy new year.