Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back to real life...

Yesterday was my 1st day back to work.
Honestly...I rasa a bit on and off about coming back to my office.
Not because I hate my workplace...or my job...or my colleague...or my bosses...or my workload.
But because I simply love being at home...managing my family routine.
But yeah, who would give me such amount for being at home khenn?
So paksa la jugak diri to wear a happy mode for 9 hours.

Time tu la nak teringat kat dapur.
Time tu la rindu anak2.
Time tu la terpikir nak dating dgn hubby.
Eh...time tu la mcm2 idea keluar.
Kalau tak, duduk umah landing aje kejenya.

Bila dah sampai office, macam blur kejap on wut to do.
8 bulan kot I tak keje.
Need to refresh all my memory regarding with systems and pile up files workflow.
After like 10 minutes of fast self briefing baru la I dapat balik rhythm to handle my job.
So...hey, I'm a career woman again yayyy! (pfft)
Today...dah rasa mcm xpnh cuti panjang pulak.
Gth with all those craps on lets selfie. hiks!


Laura Azura Zainal said...

Hanya mampu cakap Good luck sis. In shaa Allah semuanya akan lancar tak lama lagi kan?

ANIM said...

Ceria sha Allah, semua berjalan baik