Monday, November 30, 2015

simply delish!

Assalamulaikum uolls, how are you guys doing?
Hopefully everything is great and happy all da way.
Entry tenggelam timbul in my territory ni.
Maklumlah, ada baby katanya. Hu hu hu
Plus bila dah start balik routine 9hrs in a day, memamng tak menyempat aje lah semua.
Lagi pulak there's an event to handle back in my hometown, a big one.
Every week will be occupied with lots of 'to do' list.
Tak sabar nak settle everything.
I yang jadi orang belakang tabir ni pun dah letih mengadap.

Meh kita citer favorite topic to lighten up my day.
My family now is addicted to monkey bread.
Wut is monkey bread?
Just a normal sweet bread but baked in a bundt pan with a pinch size for an easy bite.
Monkey bread is soooo irresistible (at least for my family) because it's coated with oozing warm sticky caramel.
Memang syiok makan time panas2 dengan teh o kurang manis I tell you.
My first attempt tak berapa cantik coz I went too high with my oven temp.
Second and third time they came out perfect without sticking to da bundt pan.
Dia punya sedap sampai Husbeast and Young-Lady want me to make it again for da fourth time.

1st trial was scary to look at. siap tak boleh nak slide out smoothly from da bundt pan sebab dah hangus kat bahagian atas. Totally my bad. Newbie lah katakan. ha ha ha  

2nd attempt I manage to get it out in whole. Happy giler I rasa. Tapi Husbeast komen kedekut caramel plak. haih!

Nak mula buat tu memang malas actually coz I dont have BM to begin with.
Need to knead da doh manually which is soooo tiring.
But because da taste is phenomenal, I sinsing jugak la lengan baju nak menguli.
kalau la boleh skip da double rise method tu...memang I la org yang paling happy to make it everyday.
Kena akur with yeast philosophy if you want a soft and fluffy outcome okeyh. 
Anyhow, I tak tau bila nak buat untuk kali keempat sbb bahu dah rasa kebas menguli 3 times in a week.
Memang sedap uolls.
Kalau rajin sila la meroti. awesome!

My third try. I think I nailed it. look a lot closer to monkey bread in google image. still...not perfect though. apa pun I dah rasa puas hati with dis one. to make it again...bagi I pengsan dulu ye. hak hak hak

For dis sweet treat I guna resepi yang I google from the internet.
Ada banyak resepi yang uolls boleh cuba, and I think da basic ingredients is similar with one another.
Yummy sangat, rugi tak try.  ^_^

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back to real life...

Yesterday was my 1st day back to work.
Honestly...I rasa a bit on and off about coming back to my office.
Not because I hate my workplace...or my job...or my colleague...or my bosses...or my workload.
But because I simply love being at home...managing my family routine.
But yeah, who would give me such amount for being at home khenn?
So paksa la jugak diri to wear a happy mode for 9 hours.

Time tu la nak teringat kat dapur.
Time tu la rindu anak2.
Time tu la terpikir nak dating dgn hubby.
Eh...time tu la mcm2 idea keluar.
Kalau tak, duduk umah landing aje kejenya.

Bila dah sampai office, macam blur kejap on wut to do.
8 bulan kot I tak keje.
Need to refresh all my memory regarding with systems and pile up files workflow.
After like 10 minutes of fast self briefing baru la I dapat balik rhythm to handle my job.
So...hey, I'm a career woman again yayyy! (pfft)
Today...dah rasa mcm xpnh cuti panjang pulak.
Gth with all those craps on lets selfie. hiks!