Monday, September 7, 2015

Away for a reason...

I'm writing again! Cliche sgt dis phrase khenn?
Well since Young-Lady started back her long school break with permission I finally have a lot of time to spare.
I am now living at my parent's in Kluang with Young-Man (my 5mths old son).
While Husbeast and Young-Lady carry on their daily routine back in JB.
Missing my Young-Lady every minute of every day but she really need to be in school for her own good.
Missing her dad even more but a husband gotta do wut a husband gotta do. 
And I won't be working till dis comin 12th October due to a very long mc.
Sounds great? Not really if you guys know why. Hu hu hu

I bet many of you kinda 'yawn' with my blog.
Sekejap ada...pastu xde. Then sekejap ada balik...pastu lamaaaa xde lagi.
Well, I have a very good reason for my absent.
As I had mention before in my previous entry dat I was sick so bad around 2011. 
And dis year...after my second pregnancy, I need to undergo a major heart surgery.
Am I serious? Yup!
Did I feel anything? Of course!
It was an openheart surgery...a major one.
And da surgery took place at Institut Jantung Negara.
So yeah...I was scared to death.
But thank god despite being traumatize by a total of 2 major operation, I'm now in a very very good condition.
Da healing process looks great and I feel healthy again.

Yup, you read it right...they opened up my chest for 2 times coz da 1st one didn't really succeed.
I got 3 valves dat need to be repaired and so they did.
But of them was still leaking so they had to open up my chest again to fix it.
Berkampung la I and Husbeast dekat IJN for a month.
I was warded time bln puasa, beraya dekat hospital then lepas hampir 3 minggu raya baru doc bagi I checkout.
Seriously...memang sedih gila I rasa sepanjang duduk dekat hospital.
Dah la baru habis pantang, terpaksa tinggalkan baby.
Then I dgn Husbeast pulak mmg jenis yg tak pernah berenggang dgn anak.
Biasanya kemana2 pun we all akan angkut anak sekali, so bila terpaksa tinggalkan both with my parents mmg touching manjang we all rasa.
Every night bermesej, video call, or everything je yg boleh to get in touch.

Lucky me Husbeast was da one who took care of my everything there.
Bila husband sendiri yg jaga semangat nak pulih tu mmg lain.
Ye lah...when I missed my children, I cried and then he hugged me.
When I was in a great pain, I whine and then he hugged me.
When I felt like throwing a tantrum, he calmed me down and then he hugged me.
Wutever attitude I was in he will still always be there to hug me.
Mmg kurang sungguh rasa sakit yg I tanggung bila hari2 husband sendiri mandikan, siapkan, suapkan makan, picit2kan badan and bangun tak kira masa bila I rasa xselesa malam2 buta.
I'm sooo thankful to be his wife.
With no doubt he will be My forever King. ~luvliness.

Anyhow...dalam pd sedih2 and rindu rinduan, we did have lots of good times while staying there.
We made frens with doctors and nurses.
Met some wonderful therapist and staffs.
Shared our experiences and stories with other patients.
Even some of cleaners there were great in helping us to master the ins and outs of IJN.
But da best part of being hospitalized for such a long time was seeing my family gave their full support and showered me with their love.
We got frequent visits from them and 24/7 calling + texting to make sure me and Husbeast got everything we need.
So needless to say it's an unfortunate event coz my test really came with a rainbow. 
All these beautiful peeps have cast away my sorrow with their attention and kindness.
They have really made me miss my time of hospitalization.

Yeah...we miss IJN...A LOT!!!
And I miss da room of A356 Zone2, da place where I witnessed da sacrifices and an unconditional love from a husband, had a good chat with nurses, laughed so hard with funny doctors and received an endless support from my family members. 
Me and Husbeast are looking fwd to attend my upcoming checkup in October.
We'd like to embrace once again da place dat brought so much wonderful memories in our life.
So precious dat we couldn't stop ourself from repeating our story to both our children.
We want them to value all da great things in their lives.
They may not get it now, but they will when they big enuff to think.
Da test dat given was more like a gift for us.
So, Thankyou Allah for your special gifts. 
Alhamdulillah...we made it through.

p/s: all da pics while I was in IJN are randomly selected from my family WhatsApp group. Quality may differ from one another. 


Athirah Diyana said...

alhamdulillah u have such a great husband and family. stay healthy, get well soon ya.

nor azman said...

Semoga berbahagia selalu..amin

||aLeaSaRa|| said...

Assalamualaikum sis, subhanallah trm ksh sggh blog kak lea. kak lea ingt kak lea sorg je lama menyepi.

rindu kt sis, slh seorg kwn blogger yg cantik, yg pandai masak ;)

alhamdulillah, smga sis sihat kembali, sedih baca entry ni. syukur suami,anak2, family sentiasa bg sis kekuatan :)

||aLeaSaRa|| said...
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Laura Azura Zainal said...

Hi dear. Major heart surgery? What? MashaAllah terkejutnya.. May Allah grant u fast recovery. Syukur ada keluarga dan kwn2 yg support. Cepat sembuh yang.

Betul. Lama x blogwalking. Ada masa tulis lg ye.

Mummydearie said...

Sekali aje dah seram sejuk membacanya inikan pulak dua major surgery? Aduhai... membacanya pun dah terasa ngilu! Alhamdulillah, you're able to go through. Semoga urusan selepas itu dipermudahkan olehNya.

Nora Karim said...

Allahuakbar... besarnya dugaan... tapi Alhamdulillah u're getting better kan... moga semakin sihat walafiat ya... take care...