Sunday, December 20, 2015

From South to North

Assalamualaikum gojes2 out there.
Happy holiday!!!
I bet most of you are now tgh cuti2 dalam and luar Malaysia.
It's sooo important to get our mood ready for da new year aite? ~totally!
To tell you wut, me and my family were busy like bees in a few last weeks.
My sister got married.
With a Hunk from Kedah okeyh!
And she's now officially living in Penang coz her husband works there.
My parent's will be having a grandchild with loghat Utara.
How weird...eventhough kitorang ni sebenarnya 'berdarah' utara. ~duhh!
So a week after da ceremony on our side, a large number of my family members went to Jitra for her ceremony on da groom side.
It was last week actually.
And trust me...da fatigue is still there.'s pictographic time! (lazy me -sigh!)

5th December 2015. Congratulation my dear sister for becoming a wife to someone. She has chosen royal blue as a theme for her special day. So there we were...lookin' blue endlessly. ha ha

Started our journey to North Malaysia early in a Friday morning a week after. Reached Jitra at 10pm you guys! We've literally been on da road for like da whole day kan? Yeah...definitely won't be driving again to visit her after dis. An air ride for sure. 

12th December 2015. They got to be a King and a Queen again. their theme was green. But we're not donning green.  

We left da ceremony in the evening and went up to Perlis. Alang2 dah sampai Utara...kita pi hujung Malaysia teruih. Shopping dekat Padang Besar yang best and besar giler!!! You can shop for almost everything there. at an affordable price too. A must visit place if you ask me.

We stayed overnight at my TokLang's homestay in Permatang Pauh, Penang. He's my atok sedara belah my mum. Memang buat bisnes Homestay named Aula Homestay. To welcome us all, dia awal2 dah kosongkan any reservation on dat day. -Luvliness  

Da next morning after kena paksa breakfast dgn TokLang Chop n family, we begin our journey to Ceruk Tokun to visit TokCik. Sembang for quiet a while, kena paksa brunch...then head down to Taiping coz TokSu Tipah was waiting. Kena paksa lunch pulak. seriously, we're full! sampaikan drivers semua lena kekenyangan. 

It's an awesome celebration plus a big family trip for us.
We wrapped up 2015 with precious moments and memories.
It's cool to bring da fourth generation of our family members to their origins.
To witness our great-great-grandparents having a blast with all their great-great-grandchildren including my two kids is more than diamonds and gold.
Semoga cicit2 ini semua akan menyambung legacy keluarga Abdul Majid.
Al-Fatihah to my grandparents on both side.

Monday, November 30, 2015

simply delish!

Assalamulaikum uolls, how are you guys doing?
Hopefully everything is great and happy all da way.
Entry tenggelam timbul in my territory ni.
Maklumlah, ada baby katanya. Hu hu hu
Plus bila dah start balik routine 9hrs in a day, memamng tak menyempat aje lah semua.
Lagi pulak there's an event to handle back in my hometown, a big one.
Every week will be occupied with lots of 'to do' list.
Tak sabar nak settle everything.
I yang jadi orang belakang tabir ni pun dah letih mengadap.

Meh kita citer favorite topic to lighten up my day.
My family now is addicted to monkey bread.
Wut is monkey bread?
Just a normal sweet bread but baked in a bundt pan with a pinch size for an easy bite.
Monkey bread is soooo irresistible (at least for my family) because it's coated with oozing warm sticky caramel.
Memang syiok makan time panas2 dengan teh o kurang manis I tell you.
My first attempt tak berapa cantik coz I went too high with my oven temp.
Second and third time they came out perfect without sticking to da bundt pan.
Dia punya sedap sampai Husbeast and Young-Lady want me to make it again for da fourth time.

1st trial was scary to look at. siap tak boleh nak slide out smoothly from da bundt pan sebab dah hangus kat bahagian atas. Totally my bad. Newbie lah katakan. ha ha ha  

2nd attempt I manage to get it out in whole. Happy giler I rasa. Tapi Husbeast komen kedekut caramel plak. haih!

Nak mula buat tu memang malas actually coz I dont have BM to begin with.
Need to knead da doh manually which is soooo tiring.
But because da taste is phenomenal, I sinsing jugak la lengan baju nak menguli.
kalau la boleh skip da double rise method tu...memang I la org yang paling happy to make it everyday.
Kena akur with yeast philosophy if you want a soft and fluffy outcome okeyh. 
Anyhow, I tak tau bila nak buat untuk kali keempat sbb bahu dah rasa kebas menguli 3 times in a week.
Memang sedap uolls.
Kalau rajin sila la meroti. awesome!

My third try. I think I nailed it. look a lot closer to monkey bread in google image. still...not perfect though. apa pun I dah rasa puas hati with dis one. to make it again...bagi I pengsan dulu ye. hak hak hak

For dis sweet treat I guna resepi yang I google from the internet.
Ada banyak resepi yang uolls boleh cuba, and I think da basic ingredients is similar with one another.
Yummy sangat, rugi tak try.  ^_^

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back to real life...

Yesterday was my 1st day back to work.
Honestly...I rasa a bit on and off about coming back to my office.
Not because I hate my workplace...or my job...or my colleague...or my bosses...or my workload.
But because I simply love being at home...managing my family routine.
But yeah, who would give me such amount for being at home khenn?
So paksa la jugak diri to wear a happy mode for 9 hours.

Time tu la nak teringat kat dapur.
Time tu la rindu anak2.
Time tu la terpikir nak dating dgn hubby.
Eh...time tu la mcm2 idea keluar.
Kalau tak, duduk umah landing aje kejenya.

Bila dah sampai office, macam blur kejap on wut to do.
8 bulan kot I tak keje.
Need to refresh all my memory regarding with systems and pile up files workflow.
After like 10 minutes of fast self briefing baru la I dapat balik rhythm to handle my job.
So...hey, I'm a career woman again yayyy! (pfft)
Today...dah rasa mcm xpnh cuti panjang pulak.
Gth with all those craps on lets selfie. hiks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Salam guys...
Happy school holiday.
Well, we're not going anywhere for now.
But my 24/7 is now full again with Young-Lady around.
Rindu...rindu jgk.
Tapi bila dh jumpa...gaduh aje lah keje we all.
Kids! Harta dunia akhirat.
Fight as much as we want but we will always be one.
Sincerely...your Ummi.  ^_^

Finally, I have a roomate again. Yaayyy!!!

Seriously, letih sebenarnya melayan cik kak sorang tu. It really helps when her cousin is there to play with. Sigh!

While Young-Man will always treasure his time with sleep. Bangun paling lama pun around 15mins je then dah ngantuk balik. Ha ha ha

How contra they are aite?
Still I love 'em both equally. Mmuah!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Brief info of IJN's procedure

Salam guys!!!
Ok...I received so many emails asking me da details about IJN.
First of all, thx for dropping by. 
Well based on da questions dat I got...I believe some of you might have a heart problem but not necessarily on valve issue.
Apa yg I tau mmg tak ramai yang ada masalah valve kat sana.
Selalunya I akan jumpa individu yang mempunyai saluran sempit atau blocking.
And yup...most of them are in their golden age.
So patient yang muda2 like me kat sana adalah golongan minoriti. huhu
Cuma, I can assure you dat we will dealing with da same process after da surgery.
So wut I'm about to write dis few seconds will be valid to all heart patient.
Hope it'll help da way you guys wish to.  ^_^

I did my monthly check up at KPJ JB since 2011.
It was my doc, Doctor Shahrom Ujang who urged me to go for a surgery right after my confinement period.
Since my workplace, UTM membenarkan refer letter dari hospital swasta yang mempunyai pakar...I proceed with my Doc reference.
Kena check jugak dengan Organisasi masing2 sbb ada yang hanya meluluskan GL through refer letter from Govt Hosp.
Kalau tak nanti akan timbul masalah waktu pendaftaran awal uolls semua di IJN.
Dah dtg jauh2 then bila register staff mintak RM500 sebab GL tak valid, sakit hati kot. 

After registration uolls akan berjumpa dgn Doc mengikut kepakaran masing2.
Semuanya bergantung pada refer letter yang uolls bawak from Personal Doctor jugak whether it's special or general.
Cuma apa yang I tau kebanyakan kes from Govt Hosp akan dirujuk di Hosp Serdang. (from other patient story lah)
As for me, my Personal Doc happened to know well with da CEO of IJN, Dato' Dr. Azhari Yakub.
He is also da number 1 valve specialist in Malaysia, so mmg rezeki I lah. 
After I've been checked by Dato' he picked a date for me to check in to Hospital.
Masa tu I tak sangka jarak masa cuma seminggu je for me to check in sbb selalunya you have to wait for a long list to que.
Again, semuanya bergantung pada rezeki masing2.

Bila sampai tarikh check in, you guys have to bring ur own cloth.
Preferably front button shirt so senang nak buat dressing after surgery nanti.
They won't be giving you their hosp uniform like typical hospital do, except when u're ready for ur surgery and in ICU.
The rest u'll be using ur own clothes to ensure ur comfort.
Bawak baju pun tak perlu banyak2 kot coz they have laundry service there.
Pilih aje lah, nak bayar or self service...semua ada.
Kalau yg dekat pulak boleh aje suruh waris tukar stock 2 3 hari sekali.
selalunya lepas 3 hari check in uolls akan dpt the exact date of ur surgery samada tomorrow or da day after tomorrow.
Then bermulalah healing process yang maha mencabar. huk huk huk

To all heart patient, small pillow is a MUST item to have after surgery.
Sebab bila kita sedar lepas pembedahan, paru2 akan mula bertindak balas with a big amount of anesthetics given.
So they will be coughing with phlegm period which I mmg tak sanggup nak hadap.
Sakit uolls, rasa nak terbukak dada bila batuk.
Da pillow is used to support ur chest area by holding it tightly while u cough.
Disamping tu uolls pun kena buat physiotherapy utk melancarkan peredaran darah ke seluruh badan.
Just a normal walking, stairs climbing, cycling and small weight lifting.
Semangat kena kuat, need to be positive always so u will recover well and quickly.

Waris yg menjaga hanya seorang pd satu masa, tak kira lelaki atau perempuan.
Cuma diharapkan spy memilih penjaga yang ready to do anything for you and cheer you up no matter when or how.
Penting untuk elakkan stress sebab u'll be down with pain throughout ur whole body.
I was accompanied by husband sendiri so mmg takde masalah dari semua segi.
Ye lah, ur other half...da 'bestest' fren in ur life. Mmg dia aje yang paling arif with how to handle his 'property'.
Makan minum patient mmg disediakan dengan menu pilihan tapi penjaga masing2 kena cari makan sendiri.
Don't worry, kat level bawah ada foodcourt and shopping center mcm kat airport tu utk cari makan.
Tapi biasanya Husbeast malas nak meround so dia order sekali dengan menu provider yang bagi form untuk I pilih menu.

When it's time to sleep, penjaga diberi pilihan samada nak guna kerusi malas atau katil lipat.
Cuma untuk bilik 4 orang, I dgr cerita hanya kerusi malas dibenarkan.
Macam I, while I was in ICU Husbeast letak depo to put me in 2 person room so I memang terus duduk di ward 2 orang. 
Then after a few days he upgraded it to 1 person room sbb our relatives rajin datang melawat ramai2.
Untuk bilik jenis ni, katil disediakan untuk penjaga.
Lebih selesa, lebih luas and mmg hari2 we all dapat tetamu to live up our day.
Dat is one of da reason Husbeast sentiasa bersemangat wpun kena jaga org sakit and I pulak boleh pulih dengan cepat.
Waktu melawat adalah pukul 12.30 - 1.30 pm, dewasa sahaja.
If you bring kids with you, waktu melawat adalah pukul 6 - 8 pm.
When it's time for you to check out, nurses will explain everything you need to know or do back at home.
U'll be notified with da date of ur next review which mine will be in dis coming October.
Seriously, can't wait for it. ~luvliness.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My first outing during recovery

Hi again allsss.
Eh! muncul lagi entry baru ye? Ha ha ha
Dis is wut we call as BOREDOM!
Selalunya time2 mcm ni I tengah bergaduh dgn Young-Lady sbb kacau I nak tidokan Young-Man.
Now dia xde...tak sampai 10 minit tidokan, Young-Man dah pun terlelap.
Then I blank xtau nak buat apa.
My mom and dad mmg jenis tido awal coz diorang bangun awal gila.
I pulak selalunya lepas subuh mesti nak tido balik, xtau knp. (malas sebenarnya. kah kah kah)
So...I hadap la TV sorang2.
Sumtimes rancangan TV pun xmenarik perhatian sgt khenn.
Buat I terasa gatal nak menaip pulak.
Meh la baca bebelan I ye guys. Huk huk huk

Last month...on da week of our National Day, me and my family went to KL.
We were attending my cousin's wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda.
By all means MakUda I dah lega lah coz all his children now are married.
Mak Uda I kata berbakul jgk doa dia panjatkan utk daughter dia yg sorang ni.
Alhamdulillah...makbul, dah xpening2 lagi with choices.
Ye lah, org comey...ramai yg berkenan.
Kemain susah dia nak decide which one is da best. 
Sampaikan MakUda I pun ikut pening sekali tgk anak dia pening.
Apa pun tahniah Kak Yan, semuanya dah selamat.
And Bali for a honeymmoon? Nice pick cuzzy.

It was my 1st family outing after surgery.
And I got soooo many compliments from all my relatives telling me dat I look healthy.
Well, I am...and I feel awesome.
Thank God I got better each day.
Sadly I couldn't wait long as Young-Man started to show signs of discomfort.
Duduk dalam Dewan, bila band gamelan start perform harus bergema.
Terpaksalah we all mintak diri early than the others.
So a bunch of relatives yg sampai lewat sikit xdpt lah we all nak jumpa.
Nak jumpa pengantin pun xsempat uolllsss! 
We stayed at The Zone Residences coz da next day mudah nak ke Keramat utk majlis belah pihak lelaki pulak.

Settle hantar pengantin, family yg lain masing2 back to their hometown lah.
While my family bermalam sehari lagi at my Paksu's house at Bukit Jelutong.
Bila I update location through my Insta, xsemena2 dpt message.
One of my Umrah's buddy expressed her wish to meet us.
This lovely girl is still single and I dah anggap mcm adik I sendiri.
Si Azreen ni dulu rapat sgt dgn Young-Lady, so she wanted to meet her again badly.
And she also wanted to meet my Young-Man yg I simpan dlm perut time kitorang buat Umrah sama2 dulu.
Happy betul I rasa dpt jumpa lagi adik I yg sorang tu.
Terasa rindu pulak nak Umrah together2 lagi.