Tuesday, August 26, 2014

my Eid of 2014

I'm writing in here on da last day of Eid 2014.
Pardon me for muting for I am so so so out of hand with everything lately.
Currently moving from previous office to a new building.
You guys got da picture of wut I'm trying to tell ya aite?
Having a really great deal to do everyday.
I don't wish to babble much more.
I'm here to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya.
Lemme serve you some pics for your eye candy.  ^__^

our last day breaking fast together in Ramadhan 2014. with my in laws. cake was just for fun, bought by Husbeast's siblings to entertain Young-Lady. 

my homemade cookies for dis year's Eid. 3 is more than enuff for me. I did buy a few more though. hehehe

some raya pics dat I have. da rest were all not from my gadgets, so...yeah, these are all dat I have. might be edited later once I'm free from all da hassle dat I'm in right now. (ye la tu) ha ha

 da reasons of my absent. we're moving out to a new location. hell it's tiring to death! and believe me, we're not done yet. not even close ~sigh!


IndaMarya said...

always beautiful..keep it that way girl.

Laura Azura Zainal said...

Assalam dear.. Happy eid. Semoga apa yg sedang diusahakan dipermudah.