Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Salam Ramadhan to all...

Seriously, I feel horrible for leaving my site unattended.
But the idea of decided to stop all orders during Ramadhan didn't really work.
Da customers just won't give up texting me some bombastic words to enjoy their sweet tooth craving.
The reasons were just too hard to resist.
Some said nak bawak ke surau as an Iftar gift lah.
Some said nak bawak balik kampung for their family members lah.
some said it's their kids yang nak sangat2 lah.
How can I say NO to any of it khenn?
Tu baru among da neighbors, yang Mat Saleh punye reasons pun boleh tahan I tell youuuuuu.
So memang takde chance la I tutup kedai bulan pose ni.

But taking orders in dis holy month is really challenging.
For me aje lah, for sumone yang otai...peanut butter aje nih.
Got home at 5.00pm I dah kelam kabut settlekan everything yang patut regarding me and Young-Lady.
Time ni lah nak check baju cik kak tu, nak check her homework yang ada to put aside, to mandi, solat, sediakan snack for my lil' lady to munch quietly while watching cartoon.
Why? Coz I need to cook for our iftar and need her to stay put utk membolehkan I masak dgn tenang. ~cewah sangat! 
Kalau tak, memang break fast dengan air sejuk aje nanti since we all memang unfamiliar with bazar Ramadhan khenn.
So yeah, I cook for our iftar everyday then pukul 9/10pm start baking pulak.
Kalau order kurang, at about 11pm-12am I dah boleh tido.
Tapi kalau order melambak, I can only meet my pillow at 2am onwards hoccay!
Usually lauk and juadah buka I buat untk sahur juga. 
Tak kuasa Mak Jemah nak masak lagi uoolllsss. ~pengsan!

It's not easy to do business while you still have a permanent job 8hrs a day of your life.
The only amazing thing of doing all these is, you don't feel tired at all finishing them up.
And when the outcome is perfect, you'll be smiling all da way to your bed.
But wait till you're about to sleep and then realize dat you need to go to work da next morning.
All your joints will be in pain in a sudden. ~not good!
For dat matters, sumone suggest me to quit my job since my passion is all about cooking.
He said dat I could go on non stop working on my pastries and baking thingy but when it's all about my daytime job, I'm pissed!
Well, dat's not gonna happen in dis few years for sure.
Tapi angan2 nak quit and start focusing on my passion tu memang ada.
Kalau dah rezeki apa salahnya...In shaa Allah, only He knows wut's best for us kan? ~pray!
So, bila penat + malas sgt memang we all berbuka with delivery meals ajelah.

There you are, a bit about my current life.
Susah sikit I nak jengah member2 blogger nowadays since blog sendiri pun bersawang.
But I always remember everyone yang selalu jengah teratak I ni.
Miss my previous life, but if dis new life can give benefits to me and my family...I would give my best to handle everything.
Memang dah terlambat for me to wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa.
But It's not too late for me to wish you all Eid Mubarak aite?
Ampunkan salah silap dan halalkan tutur kata I selama kita ber'cyber'.
I hope everyone is having a blissful Ramadhan and a sparkling Aidilfitri dis year.
May all of us will be blessed...In Shaa Allah.
Till my next entry. (yang I pun tak tau bila pulak nanti) huk huk.


LYAfrina said...

salam Ramadhan dear..
semuanya nmpak sedap2...

Kesuma Angsana said...

Ucap Salam Aidilfitri , mohon salah silap dimaafi,
Terkadang kita bicara dan menitip kata, Yang terkadang mengguris rasa, Walau menyepi seketika, Ingatan itu tetap ada. Terima kasih terus menyokong KA , Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir & batin dari KA sekeluarga