Wednesday, June 11, 2014

our family bonding session!

Whoaaaa! Has it really been almost a month since my last post?
Wow!!! Just Wow!!!
April - one entry, May - another one entry, Jun - I bet it's gonna be one entry too. ~aiyaiyaiyaiyaiiii.
Oh man, I'm so bad at dis blogging thingy nowadays.
Well, to be fair...I've been really busy with various of responsibilities.
Waktu tido I pun dah tak berapa cukup macam dulu kala. ~nanges!
Alhamdulillah, rezeki masuk mencurah2.
Banyak tempahan muffin, kek, brownies, scones and shepherd pie yg I terima.
Kalau sebelum ni, I tak serious pun...suka2 aje.
But now, never thought it would be a small business for me to handle.
When you're a baker, you need to taste all you pastries khenn?
Badan I pun dah kemain kembang la ni. (at least I have an excuse to tell da whole world) kah kah kah.
But my customer tidaklah merata2, cuma dikalangan rakan pejabat Husbeast, around our neighborhood and our relatives aje.
Plus I don't deal with decorative cakes, except kalau memang I dipaksa.
So, tidaklah well known as any other bakers yang 'Pro' in piping their buttercream to such a masterpiece.
It's really a teeny weeny business I must say.

Today, I wanna share with you guys about beach.
Last month I've just had a wonderful family vacay.
It was awesome!
I've Never been to Cherating before and I never thought their beach is very clear and super long.
Well, not dat 'crystal blue' kind of clear...still...bersih.
My young-Lady yang tak pernah jumpa laut and pasir pantai tu was so jakun to experience all dat.
She's not the only one lah yang jakun sebenarnya coz almost everybody was jakun either. hak hak hak
We stayed at a bungalow with 5 rooms and 3 toilets dat took us just 2 - 3 minutes from da beach.
Bukanlah bungalow with luxury fittings but good enuff for us all to enjoy a good stay and dreamy sleep.
Overall, we enjoyed everything. 
I'm gonna share with you guys some of da pics dat I have.
Have fun!

we started our journey at exactly 8 am. had our breakfast somewhere around Kluang before we took our super long hours of journey to Cherating.

when we reached Kuantan at noon, we took a time off to fuel our stomach. tapi we all tak savor Pahang cuisine pun. just a normal tom yam dishes dat's very regular to our palate.

we arrived at 5pm++. cuaca sgt lah redup so after we unpacked everything, we went straight to da bech. wut an experience! da last time I had a big splash of salted water was at my teenage okeyh. ~great!

there are few things in dis world dat give me more joy than cooking. like BBQ! and nothing makes a barbecue better than being by da beach. we really wanna thank our mom and dad for a fantastic barbecue dat night. they work on the otak2, marinated chicken, sausages and potatoes a day before da trip. my job was to make da bbq glaze and sauce and dat's it. well it was not really 'by da beach' but since we're just a few metres away and we could hear da whistling of da beach was like we're at da beach!. hak hak

at 2am in da morning, my paksu and his family arrived from Bukit Jelutong. sadly, the missed all da fun time we had at night. dia sampai pun we all semua dah siap2 mimpi. but my dad and his two grandchildren were still awake at dat time. so he was da one who serve them to their room. bangun pagi aje dah penuh ruang tengah with a bunch of peeps. after we had our big breakfast we went to da beach again at 7.30am in da morning. sgt best uooolllssss! but men were not in all pics down here coz they all pegi ke tengah to show off their swimming skills. haiisshh!

at 12 in da noon, it's time for us to meet back with our normal routine. it was a flash vacay, but absolutely worth it to be remembered for a lifetime.

The conclusion, I'm beginning to fall in love with monopod.
It makes taking picture as easy as a snap! long as I don't have to hold da stick lah. kih kih kih 
So where's next? Terengganu maybe? ~yiehaaaaa!


IndaMarya said...

wei dear. bestnya. apatah lagi with family.I cn see yg lady pun sronok habis.puas tengok, gmbar besar dan bnyak pulak tu.meleleh air lior den nengok.

ida said...

dear, ni belakang umah i kat kg..heheheeh...homestay tu perumahan baru and private beach kat situ, memang tadak orang....

ida said...

Dear..sori sgt..bru malam ni i masuk ke blog sendiri n ternampk ur comment.yeap,i hantar notis resign after dah bertahun fikir,dah kerja with TM for almost 10 year and rezeki gaji yang sgt selesa,bt deep inside i knew i should be home wth my kids,ramai yang ckap i rugi buat ths dcision,bukan senang utk berada di tahap skang in career,plus kids pun dah besar,nanti i akan start bosan,but i dnt agree wth that,my eldest dah 12yo..i rugi byk masa tgok dia membesar,tetiba dia dah nak masuk secndry school,and my twin bru 4 tahun,i tak nak lg miss mment wth them and i stil cn ctch up masa dgn my eldest,i love to be hme but as i start bisnes,i tetap tak dapat focus masa dgn kids sgt bt stil they will be wth me like 24/ buat own bisnes ..boleh la handle time..

ida said...

Tell u memang kena ada keberanian and cekal hati,it take me years to finally submit the letter..if u ever thnk about doin the same thng,sit and diskas wth ur hubby,take some time for istikharah,bt as for me..i believe ths is the best decision,nt for me but for my family..