Saturday, May 17, 2014

I'm back!!!

Ha ha mailbox dah penuh dgn mail tanya about new entry. ~adeh!
Tak sempat! My office hari tu busy with audit.
So semua procedure owner which mean my bosses jadi kalut.
Bila bos kalut...anak buah pun akan ikut kalut hoccay!
Tones of work need to be done in a sudden. ~last month lah.
Lepas tu...tak habis2 pulak nye...setiap kali ada je yg nak dibetulkan.
Nak dijadikan cerita, Husbeast's workplace pun busy dengan audit jugak.
So, bertambah tak menyempat la life we all throughout April.
Selalu I tgk Procedure Owner busy dekat office...tak nampak busy nye while at home.
But now when there's a 'Procedure Owner' dok pening hari2 with his report, I rasa bertuah sungguh jadi kuli2 aje tetiba. hak hak

Nak tergelak I baca some emails yg tanya about my daily cooking.
They said my entry skg dah takde gambar lauk.
Yang banyak gambar orang and gambar lauk kedai. kih kih kih
Actually, lauk pauk yg I masak sama aje mcm dulu2.
Cuma I dah xde masa nak pose kan cantik2 and snap it all.
Isnin & Khamis mengaji, I kena masak awal sbb we all ajak ustaz makan sekali.
Ustaz Aiman dah xmengajar we all lagi since he has a very tight schedule dis year.
So dia gantikan his friend to teach us, named Ustaz Hakim.
Muda lagi...bujang plak tu, Husbeast mmg ajak Ustaz dinner sekali dgn we all every monday and Thursday.
Laaaaagilaaaa I tak sempat. 
Kalau boleh Ustaz datang tu mmg terus ajak makan aje.
So everything need to be done fast!

Wut's the event in April and May dat I missed to write in here?
Here we go!
Macam biasa...I will sum it all up ye. ~ampun!

April was a celebration month in our family. it was a month of my birthday, my Dad and my Dad in law as well. it was also a month of my Wedding Anniversary. But dis year no gifts involved. and  we survived celebrating everything without presents..wohhoooo! looks like busy life leads to lots of 'no time for dis and dat'. ~nanges!
7th April was my FIL's birthday. dis year I tanya apa yg dia nak. he simply wanted me to bake a marble cake coz my in laws sgt suka with dis kind of cake. it was soooo simple sampaikan I rasa bersalah plak. but then, he asked for it kan? takkan nak pandai2 buat yg lain pulak. still, I'm glad they enjoyed my cake.

11th April was my Dad's birthday. and I made moist chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. deco sempoi, I just slathered da frosting using spoon okeyh. I pandai2 sendiri baked di kind of cake, sebab I tau everyone in my family loooveeee chocolate. and it didn't last long. happy sangat!

18th April was our Wedding Anni. so Husbeast took us out for Pizza. no heavy celebration pun. everything was simple yet so wonderful. wonderful sebab perut kenyang and da madam didn't have to cook for it. kih kih kih

21st April was my birthday. sumone who shall remain nameless yg bercuti on my birthday paksa I apply half day leave so we could dine out together for lunch. and for dinner...again, we ordered pizza to celebrate. to tell ya da truth, I makan cepat giler time ni sbb I bawak balik file to complete nak hadap audit. dis year's birthday was a total nightmare. ~sigh!

a bunch of my besties made a surprised small celebration for me. Pizza Hut (hadoooiiii). they knew dat I love pizza, wut they didn't know...I've had pizza for my celebration menu twice before. apa pun, thx to all of 'em. friend forever!

another bunch of my besties also made a surprised small celebration for me. and they picked Johnny's, thank god!!! thx a lot for remembering. we are friends to da bitter end. ~luvliness.

sumwhere around late April, Husbeast need to go to KL...again! and because I don't have much leave left, I stayed. so my family came to accompany me and Young-Lady. in da weekend my parents ada jemputan, so we all beramai2 ikut. feels like mom and dad's lil girl once more. ~happiness!

my youngest sis beli monopod. so she took a lot of selfie at da wedding ceremony. yg syoknya, my parents layankan aje karenah their dotters ni. sporting okeyh!

Husbeast surprised me with heart shaped pizza (pizza lagi???) during mother's day eventho masa tu we all dah selamat dinner. terkejut dengar motor honking depan rumah, rupanya Pizza Boy. happy! tapi dah tak larat nak santap. one slice aje yg mampu.

my neighbor ordered choc chips muffin for kenduri doa selamat at her house. so, membaking kita Yeop! he he he

I made brownies for Young-Lady's teachers during teacher's day. choc chunk brownies. tak cukup katanya coz da kids love it. alahai...rasa dah besar dah loyang I tu. pun tak cukup jugak rupanya. next time I will definitely bake it for them again ~sad!

and last Friday I kena paksa terima tempahan from my another neighbor for her Anniversary. she wanted me to bake her a vanilla flavoured cake with full deco. WUT??? I ni tak pernah amik tempahan cake, NEVER! selalu I buat sendiri aje, then deco simple giler. I dah cakap I tak buat sebab tak cukup tools but she force me to take her order. memang sendu...and sakit tangan decoring da cake. nak kaler romantic katanya. I pun tak tau lah kaler romantik tu macam mana. ini aje pun yg ada, belasah aje lah. lucky me she loves it. kalau tak suka pun...takkan nak ckp dgn I ye tak? nasiblah kak ooiii. ~pitam!

dis evening ada orang teringin nak makan sandwich sihat. so he took us to Subway Kotaraya. nak makan sandwich aje pun travel jauh2. as long as he happy, I ikut aje. memang split weekend ni buatkan bonding time we all terbatas. but we'll manage everything. ~love!

Starting next week ustaz cuti sebulan, so we all pun cuti mengaji jugaklah jawabnya.
I wonder whether I could entertain my blog with my various writing at dat moment.
We'll see. (macam janji2 manis aje) huk huk huk ~pengsan!


Afif Rais said...

Mana lagi new entry?

zara ibrahim said...

akak cantek! suka memasak rupanya..nampak sedap je kek kek itu, nak try someday :D