Wednesday, April 9, 2014

VETO power of a Husband...

Gosh! It's dusty again in here.
But yeah...not dat I care coz I literally dun have time for dis anymore currently.
Wut brings me here today?
BORED! Trust me, it's da worst feeling ever if you're sumone who need to sweep da floor 10times a day everyday in your daily life.
Not because you like it, but because YOU HAVE TO.
Well, If you have a kid like Young-Lady whois always about messiness khenn!
And then you have to go through some never-ending updating work of your career life which makes you just not used to do nothing.
But you will never knew wut will you go through next when you have a husband who need to attend a conference for 4 days but didn't wanna go alone.
Worst...he forced you to apply 4 days leave so he could bring you and your kid along while you got tons of job need to be done at work.
Yep! Welcome to my life.
After few small quarrels and some sulking behaviour (from my side) me n Young-Lady finally did end up HERE with him. 
There goes my precious 4 days leave for nothing. ~sigh!
And because of dis super boring situation, I decided to write. ~pitam!

my other half who couldn't stand to be away from his BIBIK and dotter more than 3 days used his VETO power as a husband to make us agree with his every decision. don't ask me more, coz I don't know why. ~nanges!

I had to ask for my bos/bestfren's opinion about it to decide. we even thought dat lying is the only chance to get me out of da misery. T__T

anyhow things just didn't get easier when I knew dat my big Boss will be representing UTM to da conference. lying will only make it worst. but not going is not an option he would accept. pegi KL naik bas? come on!!! so yeah, I told them da truth...such an embarassment! ~sigh...

Well, at least he put us in da Royale Club Room which is...heavenly big. 
I felt great and lazy on da 1st day.
You know, no work and all rest syndrome. You wake up just to eat and watch tv.
And then you'll fall back to sleep again and again and again.
Top rated lazyness I must say. hak hak hak.
On da second day I felt...yeah, Ok. Dis is exactly wut I did yesterday.
And then in my third day which is started to feel weird and awkward.
Everything is done by da room service. Like...SHUT UP!
I just couldn't wait to get home, missed my kitchen and oven badly.
It's great guys, no kidding. It's just...not me.
I need to do sumthing! ~Arrggghhhh!!!
So I made him take us to Bukit Bintang Plaza on da second night and Pavillion tonight.
At least I could do some exercise. ~yeah right!

ok Hunn...You won. A King Gotta Do What A King Gotta Do. yeah...wutever! ~pfft!
1 more day to go...

Meanwhile, I'm still on with my detox thingy. only dis time, it's lighter than juicing. I'm infusing my everyday drinks with natural flavoring. it's awesome!

but my work just won't spare me enuff time to be laid back from 8 to 5. sumtimes I just wish to be a full-time housewife but still get paid with wut I earn every month. ~boleh?

and my baking addiction is still on. afterall, I could always release my stress by making all these sweet and flavorful pastries. ~yumm! 

we also went to 'picnic' at Husbeast's office when he need to cover things on Saturday. simple dishes dat will always put a smiley satisfied face on my loved ones afterward.

family is everything. when both of our parents need us to participate in their event, we'll be happy to be there for them. my side was having a kenduri doa selamat for my cousin who got 8A's for her SPM, for Husbeast who had finish his diploma and to my other cousin who just got in MRSM for being excellent in his PMR. while on Husbeast's side, we were attending his cousin's wedding at Segamat. congrats to da newlywed.

and my social life still going great and fun. a belated birthday celebration for one of my besties named Haslinda. you're now aging babe. welcome to da club of 30's. hik hik hik

Some of my frens say I should just stay at home and concentrate on my family.
Some who knew da way my Husband lead his family lah.
I used to not agree with their opinion.
But as I'm writing dis entry, I'm beginning to understand why did they say so. ~haih!


missShila Nget said...

kak, aritu ternampak akak kt jusco taman u..


RedRose said...

Really dear? Silent reader eeaaa? You knew me just by reading my blog, awesome sgt ur capability utk memgecam org dear. Awat tak poke? We can get to know each other. ^_^

Linda JB said...

mak aih...tu dia..

Laura Azura Zainal said...

Finally... ada pon update. bersabar la yang. nway, family is everything afterall.