Saturday, March 1, 2014

set me free...

Okay So now...I've been wearing glasses for like a few days.
Only while doing sumthing dat need me to focus on words literally.
Memang tak selesa okeyh!
I tak suka and tak rasa boleh adapt with sumthing sitting on my nose.
No offense but...I hate wearing glasses. ~sigh!
Kalau tak betul2 perlu memang lah I tak cari.
But my job is all about reading and key in datas kot.
Terpaksa la I tenggekkan jugak atas hidung I ni for almost 8 hours of time.
No wonder la my two lil sis lebih suka pakai contact lenses.
Da last thing on earth dat I would do.
Sticking sumthing onto your, dat's scarry. @_@
Like it or not, I will still need it.
So, be it. hu hu hu

Last Thursday ada sekumpulan wanita blur yang dah tak menyabo nak sambut my birthday. they made a surprise treat for me and another lady in our group at Pizza Hut. I noticed yg masing2 acting weirdly the entire morning. tapi I ni biasala...malas nak amik port. sampai waktu lunch, bila we all masing2 dah ready nak of us named Liza made a birthday wishes toast. my name included and I'm like...WUT??? it's April already? and yup, everybody laughed hysterically when I corrected da month of my birthday. so...kena la sama2 gak bayar bill. ~duhh? serious dah tak sabar nak celebrate birthday I ke? hak hak hak. (but it was awesome guys. love you all to da moon and back!)

I did a lot of reading regarding on how can I cure 'rabun'. well, it's impossible actually, but it says dat I can improve my eyesight with eating certain veges and fruits. so, I decided to give it a try. tapi nak makan sayur sebanyak yg mungkin tu mcm mustahil kan? so I'm juicing out da goodness. bila dah juicing tu it's good to do a complete detox for da whole body kan? hamik! habis fruits and veges I borong after work on Thursday. hari jumaat terus start juicing, and da taste? if you're not a vege lover you're not gonna love it. thank god I am. ~pheww! while at night da two asked me to bake 'em muffins since dah lama I tak buat. memang ke laut lah my juice fasting tu. seketul gak masuk dlm perut. dugaan sungguh! tsk tsk

Today, Husbeast brought us to Aeon Kulaijaya. I pun tak sure apa yg dia cari since we just makan, layan Young-Lady at the arcade and bought few things yang berkenan. I think he just wanna have some fun with us both kot sice our new split weekend ni memang sangat menyedihkan. lagi2 when suddenly he have sumthing to take care of at his office on Saturday. nak menangis I rasa. when you gain sumthing, you need to prepare on loosing sumthing. T__T

Sumone who shall remain nameless bought some chocolate treats for all of us. it's great, we love it soooo much. but then he said sumthing dat impossible to be done. copy da taste of da cookies like I did with da pretzel before. and bake him pretzels again so we don't have to buy it anymore. nak cakap depan2 I cakap kat sini ajelah for him to read. kalau ada 'Kitchen Aid' mesti lagi senang nak buat everything. nak uli doh tu sgtlah memenatkan sayang ooiii. you don't want a wife with arm muscles yg berketul2 khenn? ~pengsan!
Famous amos's double choc-chips cookies and Aunty Anne's pretzel stix eclairs. tonight we're officially 'chocolate overdose'. sumone will definitely high on sugar jap lagi. haih!

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Mcm kat aeon kulaijaya je