Sunday, February 2, 2014

we're trying to catch up!

Haih...rindu rasanya with my old routine.
Masa tu I dah rasa tight sunggoh my 24/7, rupanya it's even tighter now. ~nanges!
I memang tak ada masa to sit in front of my computer googling wutever things dat used to be my favorite search.
Nak menulis in here? ~kirim salam!
Now ni, after work I need to pick up Young-Lady from school.
Sampai aje rumah I need to settle my dotter and myself.
Husbeast will wash our bentos while waiting for his turn. 
then he'll give her dotter's uniform a simple check of cleanliness and decide whether it need to be changed or re-iron.
I will Perform Asar, iron Young-Lady's uniform and ready her daily bag for tomorrow.
Lepas tu terus bersilat kat dapur until Maghrib.

Usually I'll be done with my cooking at 7.15 - 7.30.
But if I missed to ready da common ingredients dat usually used, memang terpaksa sambung masak balik after Maghrib. 
So I really need to avoid dis from happening.
Especially on Monday and Thursday coz we have Quran reading tuition at 8pm - 10pm.
On Tuesday and Friday...Husbeast will be busy with da dirty laundry.
On Wednesday and Saturday...It's my turn to fold all da clothes dat he had wash.
Since we only do da laundry twice a week, memang selalunya will be in two trips.
Kalau Husbeast bawak balik banyak his office work, I akan tolong sidaikan.
Tapi kalau takde, memang I tak tolong langsung. ~pengsan!

Selain hari Isnin and Khamis, I need to assist Young-Lady with her homework.
Dah school khenn, 4 years old kindy pun teacher bagi homework nowadays. ~occasionally only.
It's quite a challenge since she listened to her teachers better than me. ~sob! sob!
It took me for like an hour just to make her finish one simple homework of coloring. 
But I don't really make a fuss of it coz rasanya kids are like dat kot.
Cuma kata orang tu, bercinta nak tunggu. hak hak hak.
So Husbeast memang tak akan assist la coz he does not have da patience in waiting.
Selalunya I akan tangkap da father is doing everything for her. ~pfft!

We both are busy with our new daily routines.
So...yeah, hari2 cuti macam Chinese New Year's holiday ni memang amat bermakna utk we all chill a bit.
Dapat lah jugak I curi masa curah bakat kat sini. ~ceh!
But I'm happy to be able to write again in my hut.
Thx for all the emails of concerns dat I got from some of you.
I'm still here, trying to catch up with everything.
And still spying some time to bake. ~aarrrggghhh! kih kih kih

we spent da Chinese New Year's holiday at my hometown. coz we really need a peaceful sleep and waking up fresh da next morning. huk huk huk.


Laura Azura Zainal said...

Huhuhu. Rindu i pd coretan u di sini. But i understand your day as a working mother. X terkejar kan? Nway, bertabah dear, u can do it. I plak terbalik, bila d kg lagilah i x terkejar. Macam2 hal nya. Tp i suka aje sbb buat semua tu utk family kan? Hehehe. Go sis! Chaiyok2.

Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum. sheila baru perasan, kg awak dekat Kluang ye? suami sheila orang Paloh. hehe. sentiasa busy kan bila dah kawin. nak tengok suami lagi, anak lagi. fuhh mencabar sungguh. i hope i will strong, and you too (",)

MumMe said...

the year before I did not have to handwash the whitey school uniforms,but tis year I need tooo...drying part done by miss dryer,ironing part assisted by en part I always ngelat2...miz instant in charge :) hikss

ummiross said...

Semakin hari semakin bertambah tanggungjawab dan cabaran kan, tapi tentu seronok melihat perkembangan anak walaupun badan penat kan.