Monday, February 24, 2014

in-need a perfect vision.

Yeah...and another late entry from me. 
It's funny you know...coz I got only one kid!
And da things dat I gotta do is keep on mounting endlessly.
Wut if I have 3 or 4 or 5 of em? (@__@)
Is it me? Or it's really because of our packed activities?
I'd like to think it's because of all our daily activities. ~lol!
Anyhow, I like being busy. I Really do.
It's just dat, it's so much more interesting inside my head than in reality.
Like doing da house chores with help from birds, bunnies and chipmunks maybe. Ha ha
I know...not in a million years aite? ~sigh!

Guys...I'm just a step closer in becoming a 'specky four eyes' girl, Or woman...wutever dat's suitable.
Never in my life would imagine I'd become a shortsighted person.
If I have a choice? Come on, I don't wanna be 'blind'.
But wut choices do I have when my work is all about dis...

and dis...

not forgetting dis...

and add a lot of dis...

and then spice it up with dis...

Da worst thing is...dat's NOT ALL OF IT. ~damn!
Umm...Husbeast was officially a 'specky four eyes' man since a couple months ago.
So he's da one who spread da disease, definitely! Hu hu hu.
But he chose to wear his glasses when he want to.
I think I might do da same, just put it on when I need it badly.
Especially when I need to focus on da computer screen.
Or else my brain will feel heavy by trying to figure out wut n where am I looking at actually. ~stress!!!
And to ease down my stress level I started baking again. ~yayyy!
It feels good when you actually can do your thing without any 'sight-error' involved. ~luvliness!

made dis plain vanilla cupcake to be in mood again after a tiring day at work last week. but Husbeast insisted to have it plain coz he's not a fan of buttercream. so, I switched da frosting to custard. and it was a big hit! my vanilla cupcake with choc-pudding frosting. Yum!

da light creamy not too sweet custard is just so dreamy so Husbeast and Young-Lady asked me to make it again. only dis time, I made da custard as smooth and silky da best I could and deepen da flavor to give a rich and creamy taste. I gave 'em choices too. and because custard is heavy, da piping result won't be as good and detailed like buttercream. but da taste is no match to dis. can't wait to apply it on a whole cake. ^__^

last night, I made two 8 inches round pan of honeycomb cake ordered from Husbeast's colleague. and with dat my patissier mode is ON again. thank god I still remember how to bake. there goes all da stress. ~shoo! shoo!

my man and little one whois now a big fan of pastries. they are my everything in life. 'rabun' or not, he'll still be my king. 'nakal' or not, she'll still be my princess. love you both till the end of time. 

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