Monday, February 24, 2014

in-need a perfect vision.

Yeah...and another late entry from me. 
It's funny you know...coz I got only one kid!
And da things dat I gotta do is keep on mounting endlessly.
Wut if I have 3 or 4 or 5 of em? (@__@)
Is it me? Or it's really because of our packed activities?
I'd like to think it's because of all our daily activities. ~lol!
Anyhow, I like being busy. I Really do.
It's just dat, it's so much more interesting inside my head than in reality.
Like doing da house chores with help from birds, bunnies and chipmunks maybe. Ha ha
I know...not in a million years aite? ~sigh!

Guys...I'm just a step closer in becoming a 'specky four eyes' girl, Or woman...wutever dat's suitable.
Never in my life would imagine I'd become a shortsighted person.
If I have a choice? Come on, I don't wanna be 'blind'.
But wut choices do I have when my work is all about dis...

and dis...

not forgetting dis...

and add a lot of dis...

and then spice it up with dis...

Da worst thing is...dat's NOT ALL OF IT. ~damn!
Umm...Husbeast was officially a 'specky four eyes' man since a couple months ago.
So he's da one who spread da disease, definitely! Hu hu hu.
But he chose to wear his glasses when he want to.
I think I might do da same, just put it on when I need it badly.
Especially when I need to focus on da computer screen.
Or else my brain will feel heavy by trying to figure out wut n where am I looking at actually. ~stress!!!
And to ease down my stress level I started baking again. ~yayyy!
It feels good when you actually can do your thing without any 'sight-error' involved. ~luvliness!

made dis plain vanilla cupcake to be in mood again after a tiring day at work last week. but Husbeast insisted to have it plain coz he's not a fan of buttercream. so, I switched da frosting to custard. and it was a big hit! my vanilla cupcake with choc-pudding frosting. Yum!

da light creamy not too sweet custard is just so dreamy so Husbeast and Young-Lady asked me to make it again. only dis time, I made da custard as smooth and silky da best I could and deepen da flavor to give a rich and creamy taste. I gave 'em choices too. and because custard is heavy, da piping result won't be as good and detailed like buttercream. but da taste is no match to dis. can't wait to apply it on a whole cake. ^__^

last night, I made two 8 inches round pan of honeycomb cake ordered from Husbeast's colleague. and with dat my patissier mode is ON again. thank god I still remember how to bake. there goes all da stress. ~shoo! shoo!

my man and little one whois now a big fan of pastries. they are my everything in life. 'rabun' or not, he'll still be my king. 'nakal' or not, she'll still be my princess. love you both till the end of time. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

heavenly break.

Many things I wanna tell you
But time is a lil' trickier for me nowadays.
Writing should be like love...Infinite!
It feels like I need to start carving time out for dis space again.
At any rate, I managed to do lots of fun and good things.
Just da way I wanna do and right where I wanna be.
So, I'm happy. Tired...but happy.
I've neglected my daily journal since dis early year.
It looks like I only have once a week to spend my time intimately with my blog.
And I think I'm gonna stick to dat.

Last few days/weeks were both thrilling and amazing for me.
I've been busy with an audit regarding UTM's academic publication.
It's commonly known as RU in our organisation.
To be honest, those 12 days were terrible...with an amazing capital 'T'.
It kinda consumed my life coz I need to really concentrate on it.
Searching for wutever evidence dat could strengthen da publication is not an easy job to do.
And when according to Mr. Google there's nothing...I gave up. 
All these things dat I've done had entitle me for quite an additional leaves. 
So, yeah...I did use it really wisely. hik hik hik

My sister in law got married. And I feel so bad dat I didn't have a chance to contribute as much as I did like on her engagement day last year. After her solemnization at 8.30am, Husbeast and me could only lend a helping hand till 12pm. After dat Young-Lady started to throw tantrums due to sleepiness. Had to let her sleep for a while and came back again at 2.30pm where we literally just came to eat her 'Nasi Minyak' and then hurried ourselves to KL coz Husbeast need to attend something there. Glad my FIL understands. Anyhow, da wedding went so well and my SIL really looked like a princess on her day. ~congrats!

We're in Kl and when Husbeast done with his matters we headed straight to da Gold-Coast Morib International Resort. It was great and we had so much fun there, especially Young-Lady and Husbeast. They couldn't get enuff of da jacuzzi there. Later dat night we went out to search our dinner. but I must say it's a total disappointment. We had ikan bakar but da taste was awful. It's just not our lucky day I guess. ~sigh!

Husbeast childhood friend demanded a meetup since he knew we're in KL. So we moved out from KL in the afternoon and checked in at the Avillion Legacy Melaka. Had our late lunch there and then stayed quietly in our room. For dinner, Husbeast's friend took us to savor ikan bakar again. it was like a revenge for da not-so-good dat we had previous day. Bingo! Dis tastes awesome! Dat's wut Melaka is all about. 

Woke up really early in da morning and went down for free breakfast. We supposed to stay here another night but sumone who shall remain nameless couldn't get Bayou Lagoon off his mind. so we packed up and out to give Melaka a lil' tour as Husbeast excited to show Young-Lady an ancient history of da city. da weather dat day was boiling hot and yup, the exploration was a bit slow and very tiring. to be honest, I just couldn't catch up wih him. So we called it off, tapau his favorite Johnny's meal for our lunch and flee to Bayou Lagoon afterwards. ~haih!

Woke up quite late at 8.30am and missed our breakfast coz da father and dotter just couldn't wait to experience da waterpark. Guess who managed to stay fair? Me of course coz I didn't even put my toe in da water. Sea sick!!! (minus da sea). they had fun till 10.30am and then moved up to our room, cleaned up and checked out. Had our lunch at McDonalds and then went straight back home. With no doubt da most tiring vacation ever! ~oh mi casa... 

It's been a while since my last pic dat contains dishes aite? Well yesterday I finally had time to snap our brekfast, lunch and dinner. It's my off day while Husbeast still need to go to work. It's my black and white weekend. Obviously, I ran out of kitchen goods. So, I cooked with wutever there was left in da fridge.

Can't wait for today coz somebody's gonna bring me for a groceries hunting. ~yaayyy!!!

Till next time guys...
Need to get ready for a major shopping.   ^__^

Sunday, February 2, 2014

we're trying to catch up!

Haih...rindu rasanya with my old routine.
Masa tu I dah rasa tight sunggoh my 24/7, rupanya it's even tighter now. ~nanges!
I memang tak ada masa to sit in front of my computer googling wutever things dat used to be my favorite search.
Nak menulis in here? ~kirim salam!
Now ni, after work I need to pick up Young-Lady from school.
Sampai aje rumah I need to settle my dotter and myself.
Husbeast will wash our bentos while waiting for his turn. 
then he'll give her dotter's uniform a simple check of cleanliness and decide whether it need to be changed or re-iron.
I will Perform Asar, iron Young-Lady's uniform and ready her daily bag for tomorrow.
Lepas tu terus bersilat kat dapur until Maghrib.

Usually I'll be done with my cooking at 7.15 - 7.30.
But if I missed to ready da common ingredients dat usually used, memang terpaksa sambung masak balik after Maghrib. 
So I really need to avoid dis from happening.
Especially on Monday and Thursday coz we have Quran reading tuition at 8pm - 10pm.
On Tuesday and Friday...Husbeast will be busy with da dirty laundry.
On Wednesday and Saturday...It's my turn to fold all da clothes dat he had wash.
Since we only do da laundry twice a week, memang selalunya will be in two trips.
Kalau Husbeast bawak balik banyak his office work, I akan tolong sidaikan.
Tapi kalau takde, memang I tak tolong langsung. ~pengsan!

Selain hari Isnin and Khamis, I need to assist Young-Lady with her homework.
Dah school khenn, 4 years old kindy pun teacher bagi homework nowadays. ~occasionally only.
It's quite a challenge since she listened to her teachers better than me. ~sob! sob!
It took me for like an hour just to make her finish one simple homework of coloring. 
But I don't really make a fuss of it coz rasanya kids are like dat kot.
Cuma kata orang tu, bercinta nak tunggu. hak hak hak.
So Husbeast memang tak akan assist la coz he does not have da patience in waiting.
Selalunya I akan tangkap da father is doing everything for her. ~pfft!

We both are busy with our new daily routines.
So...yeah, hari2 cuti macam Chinese New Year's holiday ni memang amat bermakna utk we all chill a bit.
Dapat lah jugak I curi masa curah bakat kat sini. ~ceh!
But I'm happy to be able to write again in my hut.
Thx for all the emails of concerns dat I got from some of you.
I'm still here, trying to catch up with everything.
And still spying some time to bake. ~aarrrggghhh! kih kih kih

we spent da Chinese New Year's holiday at my hometown. coz we really need a peaceful sleep and waking up fresh da next morning. huk huk huk.