Monday, January 20, 2014

dusty entry

Hai ya guys out there, how are things?
I know! It's almost the end of January 2014.
Yup...been quiet da last few weeks, but I am again.
Okay! So...wut I've been up to da last few weeks?
Cooking, cooking and more, work and more work.
Busy with Young-Lady whois in school now.
Busy with our Quran learning twice a week.
Busy with my PmP(BA)'s thingy in my 5 out of 7 days.
Do I have time to blog? 
I hardly find time to relax! ~sigh!
And trust me...until now...I haven't gotten use to my new schedule. ~nanges!
So let's summarize. hak hak hak

Alhamdulillah, our wish to learn Quran in a proper way is fulfilled. and dis is one of da reason of my long mute. need to really focus on our Tajwid in Quran reading. (Ustaz rajin bagi homework banyak2 okeyh!) >__<

we throw a surprise birthday bash for Young-Lady at her kindy last 12th Jan. she was sooo happy and had fun with all her frens and teachers. she told me and Husbeast dat she will love us both forever! awwww...we love you too Princess!

sadly, dat pretty cake was not flavored with strawberry da way she wanted. there was a technical mistake but was a delicious choc-based cake. and to please her, I tried to bake her one. It was not perfect, but she loved it. ~yaayy!

last week, during da holidays...we went to KL for a family trip. and we kinda celebrate Husbeast's birthday there. no cake, just noise and fun. ^__^

our first stop was at my aunt's house at Cheras Perdana. met our other relatives there. suddenly, it's like Hari Raya. 

spent our night at my uncle's house at Bukit Jelutong afterwards. My mom's youngest sibling is now back to Semenanjung for good after spent some years at Sarawak due to his work.

da next day, we were all out to Bin Nurdin. did some shopping there and then did another BIG shopping at 'The Curve'. we invaded IKEA and it was an extravagant birthday gift for Husbeast coz I paid everything in our cart...well, literally. ~wheww!

and dis is da famous duo who couldn't be separated since da first day they met. to be honest, they look cute together. dis is sooo gonna be one of their best childhood memories of 'best buddies'.

Dat's it!
Dat's all dat I could gather up for now.
I don't know how many weeks more will I be hibernating after dis.
As for now...till we meet again. ~chiaow!


Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum sis, alhamdullilah. sheila pun nak belajar membaca al-Quran dengan tajwid yang betul. doakan sheila dipermudahkan ye. hehehe cantiknya kek :)

Laura Azura Zainal said...

Sis, keep updating yeah. Lucky you to have quranic lesson at home. Belajar rajin2 eh. I pon dah ter inspire nk blajar mcm u.

CeqGu said...

sejujurnya, cikgu nampak cake yg pink tu lagi mengancam jiwa raga dari yg ditempah tu....hihi