Monday, January 20, 2014

dusty entry

Hai ya guys out there, how are things?
I know! It's almost the end of January 2014.
Yup...been quiet da last few weeks, but I am again.
Okay! So...wut I've been up to da last few weeks?
Cooking, cooking and more, work and more work.
Busy with Young-Lady whois in school now.
Busy with our Quran learning twice a week.
Busy with my PmP(BA)'s thingy in my 5 out of 7 days.
Do I have time to blog? 
I hardly find time to relax! ~sigh!
And trust me...until now...I haven't gotten use to my new schedule. ~nanges!
So let's summarize. hak hak hak

Alhamdulillah, our wish to learn Quran in a proper way is fulfilled. and dis is one of da reason of my long mute. need to really focus on our Tajwid in Quran reading. (Ustaz rajin bagi homework banyak2 okeyh!) >__<

we throw a surprise birthday bash for Young-Lady at her kindy last 12th Jan. she was sooo happy and had fun with all her frens and teachers. she told me and Husbeast dat she will love us both forever! awwww...we love you too Princess!

sadly, dat pretty cake was not flavored with strawberry da way she wanted. there was a technical mistake but was a delicious choc-based cake. and to please her, I tried to bake her one. It was not perfect, but she loved it. ~yaayy!

last week, during da holidays...we went to KL for a family trip. and we kinda celebrate Husbeast's birthday there. no cake, just noise and fun. ^__^

our first stop was at my aunt's house at Cheras Perdana. met our other relatives there. suddenly, it's like Hari Raya. 

spent our night at my uncle's house at Bukit Jelutong afterwards. My mom's youngest sibling is now back to Semenanjung for good after spent some years at Sarawak due to his work.

da next day, we were all out to Bin Nurdin. did some shopping there and then did another BIG shopping at 'The Curve'. we invaded IKEA and it was an extravagant birthday gift for Husbeast coz I paid everything in our cart...well, literally. ~wheww!

and dis is da famous duo who couldn't be separated since da first day they met. to be honest, they look cute together. dis is sooo gonna be one of their best childhood memories of 'best buddies'.

Dat's it!
Dat's all dat I could gather up for now.
I don't know how many weeks more will I be hibernating after dis.
As for now...till we meet again. ~chiaow!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

it was not meant to be...

Finally, da deal is off. 
Yup...It's not gonna be a burden for us (especially me) anymore.
Da reason? Well...simply because we couldn't afford it.
And so, we called it off.
It's sad but things were not meant to be ours.
Mungkin kami belum layak untuk memiliki.
Mungkin bukan itu yang sesuai untuk kami.
Segalanya mungkin, and we (especially me) have to take it with an open heart.
Allah ada perancangan-Nya tersendiri buat kami sekeluarga.
Inhale...Exhale...I'm ok.
Let's keep it up and start it all over again. ~yeaarrgghh!

So today is da first day Johor memulakan hari bekerja pada hari Ahad setelah sekian lama.
Which means my weekend will be on Friday and Saturday.
I don't really mind about it actually.
I mean...weekend on wutever day is not gonna make any difference.
What's bothering me is...Husbeast's weekend is on Saturday and Sunday.
His company need to stick to dis because his Organisation receive direct order from London.
Terpaksa la synchronize kan everything to smooth out their administration.
Hari Sabtu ajelah yang ada for us to really bond together.
Nasib baik every night jumpa after work, kalau tak...memang tak terkata. ~nanges!


I made sour cream choc-chips scones to start our day. and strawberry jam goes along really well with it.

and then sumone brought me and Young-Lady to Nusajaya and savor Nasi Ayam Penyet as our lunch. he said it's his usual lunch place and yes, it was delicious! no wonder he's willing to drive us there while our actual destination was to invade Plaza Kotaraya.

I love dis pic. we stop by at one of da Masjid to perform Zohor prayer after lunch. when I finish my solah, I saw her kinda reading one of da Quran dat provided. it's really common for me to bring her to Masjid along to solah, and I will always put on a telekung for her before I let her do her things while waiting for me to finish. usually she would just mimic my every move beside me. but dis one is very rare. coz I've never read Quran other than at our home. indeed dat children will do wutever they see their parents are doing. Alhamdulillah, may this will be prolonged and forever. ~luvliness!

we went to Plaza Kotaraya JB coz Husbeast said they have improved everything. from da parking lot to their premises. but when we got there, 50% of da place were empty! T__T  so we decided to have some sweet treats.

I'm happy when they're happy. so I didn't really sigh dat much for invading a half empty shopping mall. we could always turn da wheels to elsewhere. hik hik hik.

Sunday (today)

I woke up early in da morning feeling excited and nervous at da same time. starting from today, I will always need to prepare Young-Lady with these.

my baby is all grown now. it's her first day to school and watching her in full kindy uniform dis mornind made me tears a bit. she's so excited dat she literally shoo me and Husbeast away after 10 minutes she got into her class. may she will be fine throughout da whole year and learn lots of thing. ~luvliness!

it's Husbeast's off day today and I was on leave, so we (me actually) kinda wanna go sumwhere. and da first thing dat we could think of was...BREAKFAST! kacang pool Larkin is da best!

since we had a bunch of times in our hand, Husbeast decided to go to Tabung Haji. dis was a random destination. I wanted a decent date together actually but...seriously? Tabung Haji? as you wish la sayang.  -__-

  and he register us all for Hajj. it stated there on da slip dat we'll be going at 2067. Young-Lady will be 57 years old at dat time. are we managed to perform our Hajj by then? so guys, if you have enough money already in your TH account, go and have yourself register. da queue line is endless!

then we went to Angsana JB for some shopping and lunch break. got home at 1.05pm and all we did was just sleep. nice date huh? I bet it was. T__T 

dinner! seriously, I forgot how to cook again. sumone is really into dis kind of meal lately. but yeah...dis is seasonal. I need to get ready when he's back to his own self again later.