Tuesday, September 16, 2014

da 'smash-up' entry

Dah nak pitam asek dok mengemas opis baru.
And rasa nak pengsan dengan order kek, muffin, scones, pie etc.
I need a break!!!
Tapi memandangkan cuti I dah takde...boleh mimpi aje lah.
Ouh ya, selamat Hari Malaysia to all.
Memandangkan today I tak amik order boleh lah update my blog.
But it's gonna be very brief and quick.
I dah tak pandai bina ayat since asek la sebok kat dapur manjang.
~pliss believe my excuse.  ^__^

29-31 August 2014
We kinda had a family vacation while attending a wedding of our relatives at Pahang. Great days!

2 September 2014
Moved in to a new workplace. New spirit, new energy, and new appetite is building up among my besties. we kinda hungry all da time. and to celebrate our big stomach, we held a small potluck. because it was a closed event, only a few special guests were invited. It was soooo happening!

15 September 2014 (Last Night)
Went to Aeon Bukit Indah for a movie night out wich we haven't done in a very long time due to our black and white weekend. We watched BoxTrolls. It was a good movie, but not dat excellent if you ask me. anyhow, my Young-Lady enjoyed every minute of it.

16 September 2014 (today)
Planned to do some window shopping around JB but then my Sister in law called and ask me to lend Young-Lady for half a day coz she wanted to bring her and two other person to 'Zoo Johor'. It was a very tough decision to make, since Young-Lady will be hanging around with some 'noble strangers'. tak layak for my family yang hina dina to mingle with them. but my SIL insist. made my entire day went incoherent with butterflies in my stomach. so Husbeast took me for a mouthful date.  T__T

(he need to make a call every once an hour to know how was our dotter doing because I was soooo nervous to da max. Hoping our disgrace won't affect those two nobles.)  >__<

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

my Eid of 2014

I'm writing in here on da last day of Eid 2014.
Pardon me for muting for I am so so so out of hand with everything lately.
Currently moving from previous office to a new building.
You guys got da picture of wut I'm trying to tell ya aite?
Having a really great deal to do everyday.
I don't wish to babble much more.
I'm here to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya.
Lemme serve you some pics for your eye candy.  ^__^

our last day breaking fast together in Ramadhan 2014. with my in laws. cake was just for fun, bought by Husbeast's siblings to entertain Young-Lady. 

my homemade cookies for dis year's Eid. 3 is more than enuff for me. I did buy a few more though. hehehe

some raya pics dat I have. da rest were all not from my gadgets, so...yeah, these are all dat I have. might be edited later once I'm free from all da hassle dat I'm in right now. (ye la tu) ha ha

 da reasons of my absent. we're moving out to a new location. hell it's tiring to death! and believe me, we're not done yet. not even close ~sigh!