Monday, December 30, 2013

lazy daisy!

Nop! Still couldn't find da Mojo.
By meaning I'm not gonna write like I always did.
So...Pictographic...AGAIN...sorry.  T__T


had our breakfast at 8.30pm before we left to Pontian. we were actually accompanying my parents to a marriage ceremony. tapi sebab sebok sangat mengadap nasi kenduri, there isn't a single snap pun from dat event. ~sigh!

and then tengah hari buta after lunch nasi kenduri we went here. I honestly don't know what they call dis place. my Dad told me, but I couldn't recall. all dat I do remember is tempat ni letaknya kat Tanjung Piai. Geography fail uollsss! huk huk huk.

dah tu paksa pulak my parents menapak along da platform through da mangroves. enjoying da nature has never been so adventurous. with da long infinity like walk and the unpleasant smells along da way. I bet dis would be my first and last experience. guess who yang beriya2 sangat? Husbeast okeyh! SERIOUSLY!!! ~haih!

bila dah sampai ke Penghujung Benua Asia, masing2 dah lenguh sana sini. especially me and my dad. it was very tiring indeed coz we had to walk for about 20 minutes to get here. it was really a loooooooooooooong walk for me. and it made damn hungry afterwards. so, need to fuel up da tank lah khenn baru ada energy. hak hak hak. ~pengsan!


 ada pakcik dok bingit kat telinga I ajak teman dia pegi Aeon Big Kluang. he wanted to buy perfume for our car. so sebelum balik we all singgah lah jugak. dah terlanjur tu, I pow la dia towel 3 helai. He didn't say much coz he was da one yang ajak. Dat is how I buy my things without spending MY money. however, those towels are so cheap okeyh. sebab tu takde yang complaint. ha ha ha


currently sumone is crazy about Nando's. lucky me coz tonight I didn't have to cook for dinner. I suka sangat coz dis month memang penuh with my lucky days. hopefully tomorrow orang tu mengidam dinner lain pulak. boleh la I duduk silang pangkah tengok Food Network. ~hoping!

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