Tuesday, December 31, 2013

goodbye 2013 and hello 2014

Wow! We're about to enter 2014 in just few hours.
Banyak kenangan in 2013 yang akan I simpan baik2 sebagai pengajaran.
I made lots of new frens, learned lots of new stuffs, struggled with lots of new things, and accomplished lots of new missions.
And for da things dat's still pending, I akan bawa bersama2 to face da new year.
Hopefully everything will be just fine.
Selain tu...banyak jugak plan yang we all dah save in our new year's diary.
In Shaa Allah, where there's a will...there's a way. ^__^

kalau dulu I didn't care to take any dietary supplement, now...I will. my mum bersusah payah bought her 3 daughters set shaklee ni. Cuma my sisters dapat vitamin C sekali. I tak dapat sebab out of stock. takpelah, since I'm the eldest...I mengalah. 

so I beli sendiri from my office mate. semalam order hari ni dah dapat uollsss! looks like there's no excuse for me to start focusing on my inner health in 2014. so you guys yang selalu tanya about my vitamins, I dah boleh jawab dengan happy nya. It's Shaklee. cuma I belum tau da benifits lagi. hik hik hik

Alhamdulillah, setelah hampir half a year mencari, akhirnya we got our own Ustaz to teach me and Husbeast in reading Quran a proper way starting next week. Ustaz has agree to come to our house every Monday and Thursday every week. Bukan tak mahu ke kelas mengaji di masjid or kuliah. but Husbeast has a really tight schedule and busy career life. so we realy need to choose another alternative such as dis Quranic Home Based program.  

and dis Young-Lady will be in school, yaaayyy!. my feelings? I got butterflies in my stomach, dat's all I can say. harap sangat she could take good care of herself and be independent in a good way. she's excited, lebih2 lagi bila dah amik uniform yesterday. tapi I still nervous. hu hu hu

me? well...I need to reduce my weight, dat's for sure. and dat is my EVERY NEW YEAR promise. other than dat, I wish to be better in every way and improvise everything dat I should. nak jadi isteri solehah, nak jadi ibu mithali, nak jadi kawan sejati, nak jadi pekerja cemerlang. eh, macam2 lagi lah. cuma tak tau lah how excellent it all will be khenn. but if we hope for good things...good things will happen, In Shaa Allah. ~luvliness.

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ANIM said...

All the best,redrose..
moga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam:-))