Monday, December 23, 2013

da missing Mojo!

With no doubt my blogging mojo is decreasing rapidly for da past few months.
It all started when I need to spend extra time every night tidying everything around our house.
When we decided to spend our money on some new furniture and sorted out things to make space for da 'newcomer'.
Dat was when my miserable night begin.
Wutever it was, it really did turn my mood off to write.
Even when everything's done...da passion is still gone. ~nanges!
Now, I kinda stuck myself on sumthing else dat need a closer attention and lots of negotiation.
Which is not sumthing dat I'm very good at.
When da deal dat we're up to is not going according to wut it should (regarding with da time frame) it kinda make me sick.
Yup! dis matters involves many parties, so I need to bear in mind it's gonna be a bit complicated than expected.
God! I need to calm down. ~inhale...exhale...whheeewww!
And I wish I will find my blogging mojo back. sigh!
As for now...nop, I still couldn't find it.
So another pictographic entry from me today. huk huk huk.

me and one of my besties went to my house during da long friday lunch break. we decided to do some cooking and baking since we like to eat khenn. so...we made a chicken mayo pizza.

we also made some choc-chips muffin and tapau them to all the other besties who couldn't make it and our officemate as well. when you are sumone who love to's awesome to have frens with da same interest. my diet is going nowhere with the existence of 'dis' species tack on to me. ~tsk! tsk! tsk!


Husbeast kinda force us to accompany him to work coz he need to supervise his Library Aide accepting books from one of their authorised book vendor.

 while he was busy, we ummmm...kinda make ourselves busy too with anything we could find in his office. and I'm still wondering, wut kind of party dat they had with all those funny masquerade?

and once he's done,it's playtime. ^__^

 we went straight to watch Hobbit shortly after dat. nice movie, great sequel...can't wait for it to be continued.

we had our late lunch at Nando's afterward. perfect Saturday for me coz I didn't have to cook for dinner dat day. hik hik hik.

and another bonding session between father and daughter right after meal. Young-Lady really is...daddy's little girl. no biggy, as long as she still wanna help me with baking...I'm good. ~luvliness!


 I made caramel congo bars for our Sunday's breakfast and pizza for our lunch. sumone who shall remain nameless was not happy to know I made pizza but not a single slice left for him dat Friday. so...yeah...when da man in da house has spoken, it's hard for you (or 'me' specifically) to say no.

 and then we went to Jusco AGAIN...but in different location. our kitchen need to be filled with everything dat could produce our dinner for da next 1 - 2 weeks. or someone's gonna be hungry. another no-cooking-night for me. and we didn't savor steamboat at Johnny's. surprise! surprise! ~yaaaayyyyy! kih kih kih.


 Sumone wish to have shepherd's pie for dinner. and he also asked me to be generous with the ammount of da pie. to tell y'all da truth, these two were just for him alone. I'm done with dis pie. had enuff of it. ~pitam!

Me and Young-Lady choose to have rice. dis is mine, with some very simple side dishes which I didn't even know wut dat is. I simply fried all those pizza topping leftovers with tumeric powder and squeeze some lemon juice to give it a tang. well I've no problem with da taste, still delicious for me. hak hak hak.

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LYAfrina said...

huhu.. lya pon dh lme tgegelam..sejak kna bnjir..arini bru muncul.. mood smua dh hilang ..