Wednesday, December 18, 2013

cousins-da friends you keep forever!

Yesterday I got carried away with movie watching at home which made me kinda out of time to write.
Husbeast came home saying dat he got tones of movies downloaded during da day.
So, after we're done with our dinner he started to play one of them upstairs.
Dia tanya I nak tengok cerita apa, but because I didn't know wut kind of movie yang dia ada...I simply said I don't mind.
Surprisingly, he played my all time favorite since I was 19!
We haven't even met yet at dat time, but of course I did tell him when we're dating. ~luvliness.
Legally Blonde is still da best there is, da best there was and da best there ever will be (to me lah). ^__^
It's good to know dat he remember. 
Walaupun banyak benda lain yang I suka dia selamba kan aje. ~nanges!

But dat's not the story dat I'm excited to share with you guys.
It's about a gift dat I got from my cousin from KL.
Everybody who read my blog continuously will get the idea of how close we are (between cousins) with one another.
We're like a swarm of bees when we're having a big family get together.
Mula2 dulu Husbeast memang jakun to see how noisy we are.
But now he's doing just fine fitting in.
Kinda happy to see he could blend in very well with everyone.
And because of da bond dat we have, we always keep in touch in every way.
She posted me and Husbeast a book for each one of us.

well...dis is our convy bubble. tapi sebenarnya dia tak belikan utk both of us aje. 

but to almost all of our cousins yang lain.

these are da books dat we got. mine of course lah yang ada recipe khenn. and Husbeast punya would be da one dat needs a lot of reading (in a good way sgt2). ~duhh! he he he 

and when I opened my book, I couldn't hold my tears reading dis lil' note written by her. how she know I love cooking so much. such a cry baby eyh? touching okeyh! ~nanges!

See, she's not having fun alone while shopping for books at The Big Bad Wolf sale last week.
She even brought back da fun to share it with all of us.
Thx a lot Kak Lin. 
We will surely put it into good use. ~luvliness.

our dinner today, daging masak kicap pedas and thin slice fried potato. my fridge has ran out of veges. celery aje lah yang tinggal. since we all tak keluar shopping barang dapur for weeks khenn. need to do da shopping asap or else...tapau food la jwbnye tomorrow. ~yippieee! Eh? ter suka pulak. hak hak hak


ummiross said...

RR..seronoknya ummi baca, sejuk hati kan dapat ahli keluarga yang baik-baik belaka.

wanie amerie said...

Assalam kak wid..
Lama x jengok sini..
Untungnya dpt kazen yg baik2 yer..
Seronok baca entry k wid..mesti ada makanan2 yg aii terliur..hehe