Sunday, November 24, 2013

welcome to our 'sardine can'!

Whoaaa! It's been a week aite?
Quite a while I must say, and I missed my writing hut sooo much!
Trust me, last week was not fun at all.
Yeah, I thought I might enjoy every bit of the 'extreme makeover' dat we did.
But it easier said than done.
Dealing with house clearance is complicated...literally.
We're even behind by a little over half small room to complete at da moment I'm writing dis.
But I gave Husbeast an ultimatum.
It's either we continue it tomorrow or he's gonna do it all by himself.
Don't look at me like dat, I've been trying to sort everything since last Monday okeyh.
It's not an easy thing to do.
Plus my body is aching all over.
We moved our furniture here and there just to get da perfect spot and harmonize it all.
All dis and dat are just making it look dense! ~to me lah.
The worst part is, we don't even know how to fix it.
Coz letting go some of our old furniture is not thinkable right now.
Tu lah, bila mampu...beli tak hengat. ~hamik kau
Served us right!  T__T

Young-Lady's new bed! well, it can put 3 person to sleep though. but since we thought it's useful if we're having a large number of guest...yeah, it worthwhile. ~hopefully.

the idea was to place it in da guest room. so Egy and Young-Lady could have some wonderful bed time together (duhhh!). but looks like the decision was not unanimous. there's one veto power dat force us to place it in da main room. it's all because of the air-cond. ~haih!

so we have to move everything to their new place. there goes a great wide free space dat we used to have in here. thx a lot to Young-Lady's new pink-minniemouse-3storey-bed! ~tsk! tsk! tsk!

and Husbeast has a mind of his own to keep dis personal computer in da room rather than take it downstairs and place it in da hall. ~stubbornness overloaded!

overall, we're down to a tiny square of free space. but it's big enuff for us to solat, fold da laundry, wrestle with one another and dancing together when we're listening to Young-Lady's kinda song. now dis one is a MUST DO. trust me, even Husbeast is not able to escape dis part. ~kih kih kih

Ok dat's it for tonight.
I will talk about our new huge cupboard in da guest room tomorrow.
It's even more dense than da master bedroom ok!
And we're totally lost idea on how to make it right.
Tomorrow...we'll meet again. ~chiaow!
Tilam oh I come.............!


CeqGu said...

wahhh besar katil baru tu....tanda2 boleh beranak ramai lagi tu hehehe

Kesuma Angsana said...

wah cantik2 lah.. i like. Done nuffnangx2 yer !