Wednesday, November 27, 2013

we decided to grab it!

Me and Husbeast are up to sumthing...AGAIN.
Only dis time, it was totally unplanned!
Things came up just like dat and the opportunity was too precious for us to let go.
It's like 'now or never'.
busy again lah uruskan macam2 hal yang perlu and need to focus on dis one pulak.
Tu yang lambat nak update about our guest room makeover.
Basically, nothing much happened in there pun.
Cuma da dish rack was replaced with a huge cupboard.
Sedaplah sikit pemandangan in our guest room tu.
No more messy look with unorganized clothes. ~yippiiee!

the cupboard goes all da way up to da ceiling. but I couldnt snap da whole thing. It's great having a huge cupboard in dis room. I can literally keep almost everything in there.

dis bed was originally in my room. but because da colour match perfectly with da new cupboard, I switch it here to complement the overall look.

dis is how it looks like in full picture. belum apa2 dah ada yang stack da cupboard with random items. sabo jek I tengok with sumone who shall remain nameless ni. up to him la, sebab yang boleh amik those item tinggi2 macam tu pun cuma dia khenn. 

If the opportunity is destined to be ours, 2014 will be filled with lots of work and plan.
New year will never be da same, but yeah...bring it on. 
Let's do dis thing! ~weehhooo!
So I won't be updating my entry as often as always just until everything is finalized.
Once we're done, I'll be back to my normal routine and catching up with ya guys.
Wish us a very good luck, will ya?
Coz we really...really...REALLY hope it will goes smoothly. ~praying!
Till then, Have fun! 
Know dat often da best things come along when you're not expecting them to.
It might happen to you as well. ~wink2!

semoga Allah memudahkan urusan kami sekeluarga.

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hainom OKje said...

Mmg best dpt cupboard barukan...macam org lelaki dpt sport rim hehe