Thursday, November 7, 2013

shed those away

Today is da third day of the Islamic New Year.
Selamat tahun baru Hijriah untuk semua.
I terlambat dua hari but I think it's better than nothing kot.
Like every year, da new year will be followed by a new determination. ~harusssss!
As a muslim my new year resolution in the Islamic Year would be all about improving myself spiritually. ~typical!
You be a good muslim, be a better person as I supposed to be, and so on.
But dis year I decided to include one wish into da list. 
Sebab I dah tak menahan nak tunggu 2014 to start. ~pitam!
Since my neighbor talked about my chubbiness to me, I selalu diri depan cermin dengan muka lara.
With a hope dat all da fat would magically disappear. T__T

One thing yang I sangat pelik with myself is every year in my resolution list there will always be one thing yang tak pernah miss.
I would always want to reduce my weight.
Except for da year yang I sakit teruk tu of course. ~duhh!
Dat was da year dat I have got no resolution at all.
I couldn't even take care of myself kot, how to hope for anything else except for getting better? hu hu hu
So yesterday, I dah start to get back on scale and reduce the ammount of my food intake everyday.
Because it's not just my neighbor, but everybody noticed!
If seven out of ten people who bumped into me asyik tegur I dah 'debab', tak ke nanah telinga dengar? T__T
Dat's it! It's now or never. 
Kalau I tak start, sampai bila2 pun I akan debab. ~pengsan!

an invitation from my bestie to lunch at her house. sejak I bawak bekal to work, memang dah tak keluar minum dah. except for da day yang Husbeast cuti. he would pick me up to have breakfast together. so dah jarang jimba with all my mates ni. dat lunch treat was awesome and we enjoyed it so much. thanx Mimi and nice food as well.

Husbeast sent one of our car for a major service. da belting, da tiers need to be changed and the engine need to be pampered. while waiting for it to be discharged from da clinic, we treated ourselves at Jusco, and looking for a new bed dat is suitable for Young-Lady. but since my choice was da one in da catalogue, it takes about 3 weeks to own it (lambat okeyh!). No home cook dinner as we dine at one of our favorite nasi ayam stall in JB.

I cooked one of Husbeast's fave dish, daging hitam manis. He's a meat guy, he could eat meat 24/7. well, I'm a meat lover too. but dat applies only when we dine out (sigh!). meat is one of da most avoided food in my kitchen because it takes too long to cook. unless if we're too generous to buy 'sirloin' every month, dat would be another story. but if sumone who will remain nameless buy me a pressure cooker, every night will be a meaty night. true story! kih kih kih.

Punyalah bersusah payah I masak daging tu nak tunggu dia betul2 empuk, tapi makan nasi cuma setengah senduk aje.
Tersiksa jiwa dan raga I bila tengok Husbeat and Egy bersantap dengan penuh nikmat.
Tak tau lah how long will I survive with my diet plan ni.
It has only been two days and I'm hating them already. ~pfft! 

I need to stay focus! I can't fail! just look at both of my cheek. they're HUGE! and need to be reduced. ~nanges!


:: Mrs.Eady :: said...

wahhh...penuh activiti

Umi Qi said...

Sarat betul aktiviti...hhehhe sonok kan...cantiklah u dear :)

Ratu Hatiku said...

Mana ada gemuklah..cantik dah nie. :)

Izzah Azizah said...

hahahaha...azam turun berat badan memang perkara paling mustahil, but sis teruskan usaha u !!