Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'Love' is da winner no matter wut!

The other day bila I jenguk my blog, I jenguklah sekali my email.
Ampun maaf dipinta to all who asked me questions.
Ada yang tanya how can I cook everyday, ada yang pelik I ni tak tau penat ke, ada yang tanya about beauty tips (lagi?)  
Macam2 ada but I must say, pasal beauty tips pliss don't ask me. 
I surrender sangat dalam bab2 kecantikan ni.
Guys...I'm not pretty, semua tu effect camera 365 aje. ~nanges!
About masak memasak...kita cerita lain kali boleh?
Coz there's an email from sumone yang sangat menarik perhatian I.
She said she was just going through any blog randomly like she did everyday until she came across mine.
Scrolling to my every entry had makes her wonder, how could I have dat much frens.
She even think dat 3 person are already too much to be besties.
It's weird for her to see so many different faces from varient entries smile to my camera. 
So she kinda shared her difficult life of being hated by some people she knew. 

I keep myself busy for a reason. so there'll be no time for me to think of negative thoughts. cooking is one of da best way to spend my time wonderfully. I'm willing to get up really early in da morning to prepare our 'Bentos'. so dis is what my morning looks like everyday. when my husband and dotter are happy, I am happy. I wouldn't ask for more. ^__*

To whom it may concern (I'll keep her name secret coz she wanted it to be), you really think dat everybody loves me?
Guess what? YOU'RE WRONG! There are actually a bunch of peeps who hate me as well.
I'm not living in a fairy tale here dear, my problem will might be as same as yours.
It's just dat I choose to cherish da people who loves me rather than aching my heart thinking about those who don't.
If they hate you...why bother? Let them be.
They can do wutever they want but it's up to you on how to react.
Kalau dulu I pun emo, cepat melatah, naik hangin and macam2 lagi lah when I heard things about me dijaja2.
But how many times dat you heard sumone said sumthing bad and they claimed it was from you when da truth is IT'S NOT?
Have you ever thought about dat on their side?  
Your enemies might be a victim of circumstances as well. 
Try to put urself on the other side to calm you down. 

I purposely cook dishes by request in a way to let my family enjoy their breakfast/lunch/dinner. make them things dat they love so they will love you back unconditionally. dis was last night's dinner. masak lemak cili padi ayam and stir fried veges.

while dis is our dinner tonight. ikan goreng berlada and thin slice fried potato.

I'm not gonna tell you what to do because I'm not an expert.
Furthermore, you know your life better than I do.
But I can tell you what I do when I face dis kind of situation.
If I heard sumthing, I won't really consume everything about it.
There might be some matters dat I will take a closer look to it but only to improve my bad.
You won't be so sure when you're dealing with 'hear-say' (rumours) so DO NOT BE EXTREMELY PI$$ED OFF!
If I think I'm wrong I'll try to change myself to make sure I don't make da same mistake again.
If I'm sure it's not my fault I will leave everything to our creator coz He knows wut's best for you.
But I'm not gonna judge anything towards anyone, it's not my job.
Wut I do is to concentrate on my life, my family, my happiness and my future.
There's no room for people with hatred coz they're useless to me, so there's no point to think hard about it/them.

I never tired of their never ending craving and I would make everything according to each of their favorite. Young-Lady won't eat dates muffin, but Husbeast is head over heels about it. no biggy...I'll make them both. when they thank you for it, you will think of nothing more. 

I even make a really small business out of my skills in cooking. wut's da need to be gloomy when there are much more exciting things dat you can do. let it out and rejoice everything. don't let da sadness conquer yourself.

I've been there at your place, and I might have done everything you did to release da stress.
I could only say one thing n dis's wut I'm holding on to till now.
Everything happens for a reason.
You will learn sumthing from it if you're positive enuff to take da tests dat specially designed for you. ~trust me!
Tapi I ni boleh dikatakan dah terhantuk baru nak terngadah, jgn diikut. ~malu!
Dah sakit teruk baru tau nak differentiate between wut should n wut should not be my concerns.
When you are just a minute closer to will definitely change your perspective towards everything.
Perhaps to be deadly sick is da best thing for me to open up and run a new life.
If I knew my everyday would be dis great when I put away those trivial things...I will do it from da very beginning.
Concentrate on everything dat brings joy to you and be thankful for dat, in shaa'll see da difference. ~I have! ^__^

like I said before, never a day I don't chat with my loved ones. my family is everything to me. da most precious of all I could have in dis world.

and I appreciate my childhood memories by remembering and embrace it all till now. STK stands for my High-School. besides my family, these are da peeps who will always be there and support me with all their hearts. It's an honor to know them all.

I hang around with peeps who truly loves me as their fren. I will adjust my relationship with others according to da situation. dis pretty girl is my bestie, but she is also my boss. when we're having fun...we're besties. but when she gives me tasks...she's my boss. there's no reason for me to take advantage of her in da name of frenship.

I hope my L..O..N..G entry today will make you at ease.
Keep holding on to all diamonds and gold around you.
Coz these are da things dat will pay you big time now and forever.
May happiness is yours as well dear. ~luvliness


LYAfrina said...

alhamdulillah... airtangan isteri & ibu adalah y terbaik kan,... tringin gak nak rajin2 knapa x mampu??

btw..awk mmg neautral beauty... klo x gna 365 pon, cantik ;-)

Liza Razak said...

alaa sweetnya entry ni..apa pun love is the best cure for all pain kan? tolak je tepi benda-benda negatif ni..mesti kita happy :)

Ratu Hatiku said...

Siapa kata x cantik? Cantiklah secara jujur akk ckp...

Lapar plak tgk smua mkanan2 tu..uhuhuh

ummiross said...

best sangat baca yang RR tulis ni..hidup penuh positif dan saling harga-menghargai, insyaAllah hati pun tenang kan, bila hati tenang wajah pun berseri-seri.

Kesuma Angsana said...

yg pentimg selalu be in the positive line & always be our self kan.. air tangan ibu & isteri mmg yg terbaik !

funky_D a.k.a Mrs Al said...

yep.just cherish the moment with our loved ones. including u. rindu nak lepak sama. tapi kena bawak cupcake satu kotak besar la ye. hugs....