Wednesday, November 27, 2013

we decided to grab it!

Me and Husbeast are up to sumthing...AGAIN.
Only dis time, it was totally unplanned!
Things came up just like dat and the opportunity was too precious for us to let go.
It's like 'now or never'.
busy again lah uruskan macam2 hal yang perlu and need to focus on dis one pulak.
Tu yang lambat nak update about our guest room makeover.
Basically, nothing much happened in there pun.
Cuma da dish rack was replaced with a huge cupboard.
Sedaplah sikit pemandangan in our guest room tu.
No more messy look with unorganized clothes. ~yippiiee!

the cupboard goes all da way up to da ceiling. but I couldnt snap da whole thing. It's great having a huge cupboard in dis room. I can literally keep almost everything in there.

dis bed was originally in my room. but because da colour match perfectly with da new cupboard, I switch it here to complement the overall look.

dis is how it looks like in full picture. belum apa2 dah ada yang stack da cupboard with random items. sabo jek I tengok with sumone who shall remain nameless ni. up to him la, sebab yang boleh amik those item tinggi2 macam tu pun cuma dia khenn. 

If the opportunity is destined to be ours, 2014 will be filled with lots of work and plan.
New year will never be da same, but yeah...bring it on. 
Let's do dis thing! ~weehhooo!
So I won't be updating my entry as often as always just until everything is finalized.
Once we're done, I'll be back to my normal routine and catching up with ya guys.
Wish us a very good luck, will ya?
Coz we really...really...REALLY hope it will goes smoothly. ~praying!
Till then, Have fun! 
Know dat often da best things come along when you're not expecting them to.
It might happen to you as well. ~wink2!

semoga Allah memudahkan urusan kami sekeluarga.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

welcome to our 'sardine can'!

Whoaaa! It's been a week aite?
Quite a while I must say, and I missed my writing hut sooo much!
Trust me, last week was not fun at all.
Yeah, I thought I might enjoy every bit of the 'extreme makeover' dat we did.
But it easier said than done.
Dealing with house clearance is complicated...literally.
We're even behind by a little over half small room to complete at da moment I'm writing dis.
But I gave Husbeast an ultimatum.
It's either we continue it tomorrow or he's gonna do it all by himself.
Don't look at me like dat, I've been trying to sort everything since last Monday okeyh.
It's not an easy thing to do.
Plus my body is aching all over.
We moved our furniture here and there just to get da perfect spot and harmonize it all.
All dis and dat are just making it look dense! ~to me lah.
The worst part is, we don't even know how to fix it.
Coz letting go some of our old furniture is not thinkable right now.
Tu lah, bila mampu...beli tak hengat. ~hamik kau
Served us right!  T__T

Young-Lady's new bed! well, it can put 3 person to sleep though. but since we thought it's useful if we're having a large number of guest...yeah, it worthwhile. ~hopefully.

the idea was to place it in da guest room. so Egy and Young-Lady could have some wonderful bed time together (duhhh!). but looks like the decision was not unanimous. there's one veto power dat force us to place it in da main room. it's all because of the air-cond. ~haih!

so we have to move everything to their new place. there goes a great wide free space dat we used to have in here. thx a lot to Young-Lady's new pink-minniemouse-3storey-bed! ~tsk! tsk! tsk!

and Husbeast has a mind of his own to keep dis personal computer in da room rather than take it downstairs and place it in da hall. ~stubbornness overloaded!

overall, we're down to a tiny square of free space. but it's big enuff for us to solat, fold da laundry, wrestle with one another and dancing together when we're listening to Young-Lady's kinda song. now dis one is a MUST DO. trust me, even Husbeast is not able to escape dis part. ~kih kih kih

Ok dat's it for tonight.
I will talk about our new huge cupboard in da guest room tomorrow.
It's even more dense than da master bedroom ok!
And we're totally lost idea on how to make it right.
Tomorrow...we'll meet again. ~chiaow!
Tilam oh I come.............!

Monday, November 18, 2013

sweet and savoury.

Busy mengemas bilik tetamu since tokey perabut dah confirm nak hantar barang on Saturday.
Yang pelik tu, makin dikemas makin pening pulak I jadinya.
Tak habis2 mengemas sejak last week, banyak barang rupanya.
Lepak sungguh mak jemah rasa okeyh!
So, memang tak sempat nak snap dishes or wutsoever.
On weekend my parents were at my house to spend a night after attending majlis kahwin their fren's son at Pontian.
Busy berdouble-double!
Semalam I tak masak, dapatlah jugak buat cinnamon & sugar pull apart bread.
My first attempt of baking dis kind of bread was minus da cinnamon powder.
But yesterday...I decided to make it in its traditional way.
Well, as expected...I'm the only person who could savor its unique earthy kind of taste.
Dalam pada tak minat pun sampai hari ni Husbeast still mengadap.
And I did make a loaf of ordinary sweet pull apart bread as well for my Young-Lady.
Kalau tak...memang tak senang lah hidup I. T__T

tak semua orang suka dat strong cinnamon taste in their food aite? but when it's melted with sugar/brown sugar da taste is soooo heavenly. trust me, you couldn't stop urself from wanting more.

da cinnamon itself will form a delicious crusty layer in between bread. sangat sedap makan panas2 dengan teh o kurang manis. I dah tak pandang nasi dah kalau dapat ni. hi hi hi

And I think I won't be updating anything until Saturday.
Need to pay attention on our current matters.
Kang ada pakcik jegil bijik mata dia kat I pulak.
Ye lah, dia sebok mengemas bilik...I plak sebok mengemas blog.
Tak pasal2 I kena sound nanti. ~haih!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

'too healthy' trauma.

Dis morning I bagi my sis (kak Dewi) rasa sheperd's pie.
Masa jumpa tu sempat pulak dia sound whoever yang ckp I ni dah gemuk is rabun. 
Walaupun I tau dia puji sebab sheperd's pie berada di tangan, masih jugak kembang kempis hidung I ni dengar. ~hadoii!
Tapi tak sampai pun 12 jam rasa happy I ranap begitu sahaja.
I'm gaining weight tau kakak! ~you know who you are.
So your compliment was not valid.
Well, I believe da syndrome started three weeks ago but Husbeast insist it was since three months ago. T__T
My problem is...I could not stop eating! ~pengsan!
I tak tau lah kenapa, tapi sangat susah untuk I disiplinkan diri from eating too much.
Hari tu dah janji malam nak catu makan kan?
Tapi bila siang...kemain luas pulak mulut I ni ngap macam2. ~hadeh! 
Baru dua hari lepas kot I timbang, masih lagi 55kg. 
Sebab siang dah kena puji, sampai rumah aje scale dulu yang I cari. 
Tapi tadi timbang dah jadi 57kg pulak...biar betul??? (pfft!)
Takut punya pasal, sejak balik dari office sampai la ni I tak sentuh makanan. 
Togak ayaq putih ja. ~kesian khenn.
Budget those extra 2kg boleh hilang lah kot.
So, sumone tu bising tak berenti suruh I suap jugak sesudu dua nasi untuk alas perut katanya.
Alas perut? Dia tak tau dekat office hari ni I makan dah macam dugong. ~nanges!
Baju dah banyak yang sendat, kurung moden memang tak penah lepas inspection from my partner skang ni.
His reason will's too sexy.
BUT! I honestly think dat they shrink. ~in denial. (aarrrggghhh!)
From 54-55 I'm now up to 57!!!
Only 3kg away from 60 okeyh...tolong la picit kepala I ni. *__*
Terasa nak pitam tiba2.  (-_-)

dah la everyday bawak bekal, memang I dah tak penah penat atur langkah pegi cari breakfast lagi now ni. segalanya di depan mata. yang tak menahan tu tak pernah sebekas aje. sebab takut after 2pm kang sasau menanggung lapar. macam ni pun I still ada hati lagi nak kurus ek? kih kih kih

today lagi dahsyaaattttt! dah la bawak bekal, pegi beli pulak sandwich and lasagna from two different colleague. lepastu sebok nak gelap mata bila tgk jarum penimbang go up to 57 khenn. ~duhh!

 nak pitam macam mana pun kena jugak bersilat kat dapur to prepare for dinner. kalau tak, bukan I sorang aje yang pitam...takut ada ada jugak yang ikut pitam sebab tak cukup makan. so I need to make sure they all dah kenyang baru boleh meratap sendu diri depan cermin lama2 dengan muka lara thinking of how to get back in shape. ~ceh!

Starting from tomorrow I nak bawak satu bekal aje pegi keje.
Kalau agak2 lapar, I nak buat hot milo to ease my tank.
Kalau masih jugak lapar...I nak order lasagna again from si cantik Dina. Eh??? hak hak hak. ~matiklaaaaa! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'Love' is da winner no matter wut!

The other day bila I jenguk my blog, I jenguklah sekali my email.
Ampun maaf dipinta to all who asked me questions.
Ada yang tanya how can I cook everyday, ada yang pelik I ni tak tau penat ke, ada yang tanya about beauty tips (lagi?)  
Macam2 ada but I must say, pasal beauty tips pliss don't ask me. 
I surrender sangat dalam bab2 kecantikan ni.
Guys...I'm not pretty, semua tu effect camera 365 aje. ~nanges!
About masak memasak...kita cerita lain kali boleh?
Coz there's an email from sumone yang sangat menarik perhatian I.
She said she was just going through any blog randomly like she did everyday until she came across mine.
Scrolling to my every entry had makes her wonder, how could I have dat much frens.
She even think dat 3 person are already too much to be besties.
It's weird for her to see so many different faces from varient entries smile to my camera. 
So she kinda shared her difficult life of being hated by some people she knew. 

I keep myself busy for a reason. so there'll be no time for me to think of negative thoughts. cooking is one of da best way to spend my time wonderfully. I'm willing to get up really early in da morning to prepare our 'Bentos'. so dis is what my morning looks like everyday. when my husband and dotter are happy, I am happy. I wouldn't ask for more. ^__*

To whom it may concern (I'll keep her name secret coz she wanted it to be), you really think dat everybody loves me?
Guess what? YOU'RE WRONG! There are actually a bunch of peeps who hate me as well.
I'm not living in a fairy tale here dear, my problem will might be as same as yours.
It's just dat I choose to cherish da people who loves me rather than aching my heart thinking about those who don't.
If they hate you...why bother? Let them be.
They can do wutever they want but it's up to you on how to react.
Kalau dulu I pun emo, cepat melatah, naik hangin and macam2 lagi lah when I heard things about me dijaja2.
But how many times dat you heard sumone said sumthing bad and they claimed it was from you when da truth is IT'S NOT?
Have you ever thought about dat on their side?  
Your enemies might be a victim of circumstances as well. 
Try to put urself on the other side to calm you down. 

I purposely cook dishes by request in a way to let my family enjoy their breakfast/lunch/dinner. make them things dat they love so they will love you back unconditionally. dis was last night's dinner. masak lemak cili padi ayam and stir fried veges.

while dis is our dinner tonight. ikan goreng berlada and thin slice fried potato.

I'm not gonna tell you what to do because I'm not an expert.
Furthermore, you know your life better than I do.
But I can tell you what I do when I face dis kind of situation.
If I heard sumthing, I won't really consume everything about it.
There might be some matters dat I will take a closer look to it but only to improve my bad.
You won't be so sure when you're dealing with 'hear-say' (rumours) so DO NOT BE EXTREMELY PI$$ED OFF!
If I think I'm wrong I'll try to change myself to make sure I don't make da same mistake again.
If I'm sure it's not my fault I will leave everything to our creator coz He knows wut's best for you.
But I'm not gonna judge anything towards anyone, it's not my job.
Wut I do is to concentrate on my life, my family, my happiness and my future.
There's no room for people with hatred coz they're useless to me, so there's no point to think hard about it/them.

I never tired of their never ending craving and I would make everything according to each of their favorite. Young-Lady won't eat dates muffin, but Husbeast is head over heels about it. no biggy...I'll make them both. when they thank you for it, you will think of nothing more. 

I even make a really small business out of my skills in cooking. wut's da need to be gloomy when there are much more exciting things dat you can do. let it out and rejoice everything. don't let da sadness conquer yourself.

I've been there at your place, and I might have done everything you did to release da stress.
I could only say one thing n dis's wut I'm holding on to till now.
Everything happens for a reason.
You will learn sumthing from it if you're positive enuff to take da tests dat specially designed for you. ~trust me!
Tapi I ni boleh dikatakan dah terhantuk baru nak terngadah, jgn diikut. ~malu!
Dah sakit teruk baru tau nak differentiate between wut should n wut should not be my concerns.
When you are just a minute closer to will definitely change your perspective towards everything.
Perhaps to be deadly sick is da best thing for me to open up and run a new life.
If I knew my everyday would be dis great when I put away those trivial things...I will do it from da very beginning.
Concentrate on everything dat brings joy to you and be thankful for dat, in shaa'll see da difference. ~I have! ^__^

like I said before, never a day I don't chat with my loved ones. my family is everything to me. da most precious of all I could have in dis world.

and I appreciate my childhood memories by remembering and embrace it all till now. STK stands for my High-School. besides my family, these are da peeps who will always be there and support me with all their hearts. It's an honor to know them all.

I hang around with peeps who truly loves me as their fren. I will adjust my relationship with others according to da situation. dis pretty girl is my bestie, but she is also my boss. when we're having fun...we're besties. but when she gives me tasks...she's my boss. there's no reason for me to take advantage of her in da name of frenship.

I hope my L..O..N..G entry today will make you at ease.
Keep holding on to all diamonds and gold around you.
Coz these are da things dat will pay you big time now and forever.
May happiness is yours as well dear. ~luvliness

Sunday, November 10, 2013 will be at its place.

Lamanya tak update! ~haih!
It's really hard for me to even give a peek at my blog recently.
I and Husbeast tengah sibuk with our home interior improvement.
Since we bought a new bed for Young-Lady, I've been busy packing and picking things yang masih perlu dan tidak in our second room.
Ada terlalu banyak baju2 yang has long been abandoned and not in use anymore.
We really need quite a big space since we also bought a huge closet to replace da dish rack dat we use to organize our clothes.
Yup, you read it right. 
I pakai RAK PINGGAN untuk simpan baju. ~nanges!
And it has been used for dat since almost 5 years ago lagi.

Our life were not like what we are now.
We couldn't afford to buy any proper set of home furniture.
There were just a bedroom set dat I brought from Kluang, a simple DIY tv rack dat we bought from Giant, a small kitchen cabinet dat worth only Rm100++, a small one door fridge and a few dish racks.
It's been like dat for almost two years since I didn't want to burden ourselves with debt.
Bila orang tanya kenapa rumah I kosong, I cakap terus terang yang we all tak mampu.
Duduk berdua aje, pinggan mangkuk pun tak banyak mana khenn.
So I decided to make one of those few dish rack as a place to store our clothes. ~kreatif tak mak jemah?

Every month we will set aside a minimum of RM50 from our salary untuk beli keperluan lain bit by bit.
Beli pun yang paling murah coz we decided to buy everything with cash in our hand.
We bought things dat we could afford, not things dat we THINK we could afford. 
Masa tu setiap rumah dah pakai LCD TV tapi we all cuma ada tube TV yang maha berat dan super gedabak tu. ~until now okeyh!
Ramai jugak yang gelak tengok TV I, boleh masuk muzium katanya.
Tapi selagi tak rosak, I dengan Husbeast decided to keep da tube TV at our living room eventho tak glemer. hak hak hak
Sentimental value tau, we both save our money for 9 months baru boleh dapat tube TV yang berjenama.

Why did we do so? Coz I always put in mind dat things will never be smooth everyday.
Kalau lah I ikut jugak nafsu I ni, I bet my house now will be empty again like in our early marriage dulu2 lah.
Coz masa I sakit teruk duit semua habis to pay for my medication bills.
Kalau beli secara ansuran I tak rasa tokey perabot nak biar je harta dia kat dalam rumah I ni if dah berbulan2 tak bayar khenn. ~nanges!
And now since we have enough cash in hand we thought dat a new bed and cupboard would be worthwhile.
My rak pinggan will be happy again bila I betul2 buat letak pinggan mangkuk I yang tiba2 aje banyak. ~pengsan!
I hope our second room will look a lot nicer after dis. ~luvliness.

 dis afternoon I made chicken in thick tom yam gravy. I tak pernah buat pun dis dish before. buat pun sebab nak menghabiskan tom yam cube yang tak gerak2 sejak beli. but Husbeast love it. will be one of his favorite lah after dis nampaknya. 

and I also made mixed veges soup dat contains only diced potato, celery with carrot and chicken sausage slices. dua2 lauk campak2. kemalasan apakah itu? kih kih kih

 belum pun hilang kenyang, sumone who shall remain nameless dah mintak I buatkan sheperd's pie for him. sanggup beli daging kisar dekat kipmart coz it seems Ramly is running out of their ground beef. 

 and at night it's Young-Lady's turn to make a request. she wanted to have muffin as her breakfast tomorrow. so I baked diced-choc muffin fer her and Husbeast while mine would be dat banana muffin. looks like I'm not dat lazy afterall, am I? hu hu hu

 in another 2 weeks (plus minus) I will use dis dish rack to what it should. thx a lot for keeping my clothes neatly for almost 5 years. you'll be needed at my kitchen after dis. hi hi hi

Thursday, November 7, 2013

shed those away

Today is da third day of the Islamic New Year.
Selamat tahun baru Hijriah untuk semua.
I terlambat dua hari but I think it's better than nothing kot.
Like every year, da new year will be followed by a new determination. ~harusssss!
As a muslim my new year resolution in the Islamic Year would be all about improving myself spiritually. ~typical!
You be a good muslim, be a better person as I supposed to be, and so on.
But dis year I decided to include one wish into da list. 
Sebab I dah tak menahan nak tunggu 2014 to start. ~pitam!
Since my neighbor talked about my chubbiness to me, I selalu diri depan cermin dengan muka lara.
With a hope dat all da fat would magically disappear. T__T

One thing yang I sangat pelik with myself is every year in my resolution list there will always be one thing yang tak pernah miss.
I would always want to reduce my weight.
Except for da year yang I sakit teruk tu of course. ~duhh!
Dat was da year dat I have got no resolution at all.
I couldn't even take care of myself kot, how to hope for anything else except for getting better? hu hu hu
So yesterday, I dah start to get back on scale and reduce the ammount of my food intake everyday.
Because it's not just my neighbor, but everybody noticed!
If seven out of ten people who bumped into me asyik tegur I dah 'debab', tak ke nanah telinga dengar? T__T
Dat's it! It's now or never. 
Kalau I tak start, sampai bila2 pun I akan debab. ~pengsan!

an invitation from my bestie to lunch at her house. sejak I bawak bekal to work, memang dah tak keluar minum dah. except for da day yang Husbeast cuti. he would pick me up to have breakfast together. so dah jarang jimba with all my mates ni. dat lunch treat was awesome and we enjoyed it so much. thanx Mimi and nice food as well.

Husbeast sent one of our car for a major service. da belting, da tiers need to be changed and the engine need to be pampered. while waiting for it to be discharged from da clinic, we treated ourselves at Jusco, and looking for a new bed dat is suitable for Young-Lady. but since my choice was da one in da catalogue, it takes about 3 weeks to own it (lambat okeyh!). No home cook dinner as we dine at one of our favorite nasi ayam stall in JB.

I cooked one of Husbeast's fave dish, daging hitam manis. He's a meat guy, he could eat meat 24/7. well, I'm a meat lover too. but dat applies only when we dine out (sigh!). meat is one of da most avoided food in my kitchen because it takes too long to cook. unless if we're too generous to buy 'sirloin' every month, dat would be another story. but if sumone who will remain nameless buy me a pressure cooker, every night will be a meaty night. true story! kih kih kih.

Punyalah bersusah payah I masak daging tu nak tunggu dia betul2 empuk, tapi makan nasi cuma setengah senduk aje.
Tersiksa jiwa dan raga I bila tengok Husbeat and Egy bersantap dengan penuh nikmat.
Tak tau lah how long will I survive with my diet plan ni.
It has only been two days and I'm hating them already. ~pfft! 

I need to stay focus! I can't fail! just look at both of my cheek. they're HUGE! and need to be reduced. ~nanges!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

1st, dull, chubby. T__T

I dah semakin malas nak update my blog ni.
Terasa payah sungguh nak mengadap pc after dinner dis few days.
Then tak pasal2 tadi my neighbor tego dat I look a bit chubby than before.
A bit? Not too much kan? Tak kot...I rasa still ok ni. (ayat sedapkan hati)
But when I get in da house aje, memang lah da scale was da first thing yang I cari.
OUH EM GEE!!! She's wrong! Absolutely wrong.
I'm not chubby...but I'm FAT! 
F.A.T with capital letters all da way. ~nanges!
Apa nak buat ni?
No wonder la asal lepas dinner aje malas.
My body is busy with 'fat farming' rupanya. ~sob! sob!
As always lah khenn bila tanya Hubby tercinta, manjang 'tak' aje.
So I decided to stop taking dinner starting next week.
Why next week?
Sebab dis week I plan nak buat cake in dis coming holiday (Awal Muharram).
Kalau buat lah...kalau tak buat pun, still have to wait.
Coz I'm not ready to starve myself before sleep. ~pitam!
Yeah, I know...I'll never be able to be slimmer dis way.
Takpelah, next year I cuba...mana tau dah ready khenn. hak hak hak


 I made sandwich for breakfast. sandwich kosong aje, tapi sebab dah lama tak buat sardin ni...terasa sedap pulak. habis sebuku roti we all kejekan. walaupun I yang ditegur dah chubby, Husbeast still a winner dalam bab2 makan. he was da one yang habiskan sardin I. hi hi hi

 I masak lunch lewat coz everybody was full makan sandwich sampai ke noon. at 3.30 baru ada suara mintak nasi. so, kena masak jugak lah. kata nak masuk syurga khenn (mata keatas). I made ayam goreng halia since fridge dah hampir kosong with ingredients. hu hu hu

veges pun I habiskan every batch yang ada. to make it look luxurious, I grilled some potato wedges to add them together. takdelah kosong aje. looks like potato salad aite? sedap hoccay! seronok I coz I didn't have to cook for dinner dah. ~yippieee!

 weekend kalau dah duduk rumah memang ada lah yang mintak nasi lemak. it's like their 'must have' dish. seharian nasi lemak pun ok. I aje yang tak ok dari pagi sampai malam makan benda ni. ~hadeh!

 we need to top up our groceries since everything pun dah tinggal ciput. so Husbeast took us to Jusco Bukit Indah. but there were too many people yang sibuk membeli keperluan dapur juga. we all beli yang penting2 aje and decided to shop again in a few days later.

 looking at dis pic...I memang dah chubby. but Husbeast insist dat I look prettier dis way. ni yang I malas kalau dia dah puji2 ni. camno nak diet kalau cenggitu? ~alasan! T__T

 Husbeast took us for an early dinner at Nando's. his wife asek cakap tak nak makan malam dia bawak we all makan before sunset. I tak nak okeyh, dia yang paksa. I couldn't do anything. makan ajelah since dah order. kih kih kih.

 tapi I share dengan Young-Lady. she ate da chiken quite a lot. and dat grilled corn was all hers. kira sikit jugaklah I makan kan? 

 at night I baked two kind of muffins. one batch were the ordinary plain dates muffin.

 and another batch with delicious streusel topping. baking is like an addiction to me. kalau dah lama tak bake, mula lah tak senang duduk. so bila Young-Lady start mintak aje...I terus buat dengan senang hati. mimpi aje lah nak kurus kalau macam ni. ~pengsan!