Tuesday, October 8, 2013

simple and quick

It's gonna be a super simple entry tonight.

sumone has asked me to cook him a very simple dinner. and for dat I think I love him more today. hik hik hik

so, telur kicap done at 7.30pm. quite early aite?

and he also asked me to make his mum's signature sambal paired up with cucumber.

since I'm on a baking kick, and I have so much time in hand...I tried another bread recipe from my Aunt's old book. sweet brown sugar pull apart bread. 

there's been nothing better than da smell of fresh, warm just baked bread. and dis savory pull apart bread is da greatest of feasts. ~savor!

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IndaMarya said...

home made bread...msti la sedap.yummy...apa pun kalau buat sndiri kita rasa puas tengok keluarga makan berselera..penat pun tk pa..
ingat lagu Lilis Suryani:
Capek sedikit tidak peduli
asalkan tuan senang di hati..