Tuesday, October 1, 2013

my cloudy Tuesday

Monday Blues is still on.
But Tuesday Blues is worse!
My morning was not dat awesome.
I was busy like s**t!
So I had planned to undergo my therapy.
I wanna bake so bad!
When da clock strike precisely at 5 I hurried home to settle everything for our dinner.
But when I opened my kitchen cabinet...
ARRGGHHHH!!! I'm out of fresh milk!!!
And got no other substitute.
Everyone is having their Tuesday Blues as well.
Nobody seems to be interested to buy it for me.
And there goes my day without baking therapy. ~sigh! sigh! sigh!

tonight's dinner. because I'm not in da mood, my meal shows it all with super plain and pale in colours (pfft!). I made black pepper and garlic fried macaroni with meatball and veges. 

I hope tomorrow my work will be nice to me. couldn't go through another Blues on Wednesday. ~ENUFF!


LYAfrina said...

Walaupon mood non adooo.. Tp ttp rajin masak.. Dikira special gak tu... Klo lya... Msk megi j. Hehe .

Moga esk pg bgun dgn pnh ceria n bsemangat! Yeayyy

IndaMarya said...

tk pa, asal masak for the love ones...perut kenyang cukup.

Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum awak. wahhh sedapnya! bestlah kalau suka masak. semua masakan rasa sedap kannnn :)

Norhazlina Mohd. Zaki said...

Ni pun dah cukup sedap bila tengah laparr...kire rajin juga memasak tuu...

x0x0 ^___^