Saturday, October 12, 2013

happy times!

I'm writing at my parent's house.
Whenever I'm here, obviously...I couldn't care much about my social networking sites.
Anyhow tonight I terasa rajin pulak.
Sebab the others are too busy watching movie-at-home, no one yang interested to chit chatting.
So here I am sharing my days with all of you.

me and my besties went out at our noon break. since da break agak lama, we decided to go at one of da famous shopping mall in JB. dapatlah I grab beberapa helai tudung and shawl. but I'm not gonna show it here since I beli shawl murah aje. nothing interesting about it. but I do wanna share about our lunch at Ayam Penyet Ria. they serve an Indonesian Cuisine. not bad, it taste quite good actually. I think it's a franchise kind of restaurant. go and give it a try!


(my attempt to include all four of us in da pic was a total fail! and because I paksa they all posing sooo many times...driver hangin, passenger takmo bagi kerjasama. I aje yang sungguh2 nak pandang camera. of all pics, ini ajelah yang include us four in it. tu pun sorang dah berubah jadi Barney. those girls memang bertuah sungguh! ~nanges!)

 (sudahnya mak jemah syok sendiri. kih kih kih)

after work, sampai rumah aje I prepared our luggage to spend our weekend at my hometown. but dat night...we had dinner at home before we start our journey. ye lah, sementara menunggu Husbeast settle with all da laundry I curi time to cook some simple dish. I goreng kembong, sawi and buat sambal lonte. at least we could head straight to Kluang afterward.

and spending time at my hometown is da most exhilarating time for me. my stressful weekdays at work are gone just like dat whenever I'm surrounded by my loved ones. ~awesomeness!!!


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salam aidiladha ;-)