Monday, October 28, 2013

family matters

Hari ni UTM masih lagi berKonvo.
Malas nak berebut parking punya pasal, I earnestly wanted Husbeast to send me to work.
Wut I didn't know is...da traffic was heavy like h**l!
Jalan dah start jam one kilometer away from UTM main gate.
Main gate aje okeyh, bukan depan bangunan of my workplace tau. ~haih!
We were out from our house at 7am but at 7.40am baru la terhegeh2 dapat tembus main gate.
And Husbeast masuk keje pukul 8am. 
He need to go through another long que to be out from UTM pulak.
Memang I senyap aje lah sepanjang perjalanan tadi. 
Nak cakap apa2 pun takut coz I'm da one who refused to drive khenn. ~serams!

Bila dah kat opis hati meruntun2 nak message lah, pm lah, whatsup lah, Line lah to ask him whether he's late or not.
Duhh! Kalau dah jarak from my workplace to his workplace is 30 minutes away...lagi mau tanya.
Of course lah the answer would be late with a capital L khenn.
At 9++ am baru lah I text to tell him I'm sorry.
If I knew da traffic would be dat bad today, memang I takkan suruh dia hantar I. ~sob! sob!
So Ayang, If you read dis...I'm truly really sorry.
I'll cook your favorite 'stinky fish' at any later without much grumble.
And I'll cook it sesedap mungkin yang I mampu.
And tomorrow, I will drive myself to work.
Eh! dah macam lafaz ikrar pulak. hak hak hak

SATURDAY ~ Another Full-House Episode
my family gathered at my house. they're here to celebrate my sister Egy on her G day tomorrow. since dis time my brother pun ikut sekali, our Dad insist to treat us with Johnny's steamboat. guess who's feeling ohsem to hear dat? Husbeast lah, sape lagi? he wore his smile till we're home after dinner okeyh! But yeah, Egy's not around. she had a dinner to celebrate all da Dean List holder. Pity my sister, baju yang dia tempah for dinner and her G day tak siap. tailor silap date. nasib baik ada baju2 raya gojes I came to da rescue on both event. kih kih kih. 

Sunday - Egy's G day without even a single family shot. ~sigh!
It's my sister's G day. congratulation Egy and we're so proud of your achievement. Sadly, we couldn't take even a single photo together since da rain was too heavy and da condition was quite in hurly-burly. semua jalan nak ke dewan dah ditutup to make way for da VIPs. so our mom and dad aje lah yang ada dengan dia. we all semua ke pesta konvo yang kemain padat with peeps. dulu kakak dia study tak dapat gold medal, tapi la ni baju kakak dapat naik pentas to receive a gold medal and a first degree. itu pun jadi la. hu hu hu ~pitam!

I made choc chip cookies for Egy's besties. asek dok bising kata I baked them time diorang dah habis belajar and live far away from JB. I pun cari lah masa untuk sumbat mulut they all with my cookies ni. they have been like my own sister. rajin ikut we all balik kampung and spent a weekend with my parents, selalu lepak rumah I melayan Young-Lady, temankan I everytime Husbeast naik Shah Alam to attend his class dulu2. memang I sayangkan they all since they were in their Diploma time lagi. So apalah sangat a pure love dat they gave my family compared to a box of cookies khenn. but I still hope they will enjoy my home made goodies.

Today - It's quiet again in here.
Here we are, just da three of us while Egy is staying at my youngest sister's college to meet up her few frens yang tak balik their hometown after their big day yesterday. balik keje I masak laju2 then we had our dinner at 7.40 pm. it's so nice to be lazy while waiting for all of us to be sleepy. ~luvliness!



Izzah Azizah said...

family da best. kelakau jer ayah sis tanya pasal Adijuma.

Btw, congrats to ur sis ! :)

Azlan Strider said...

bleh tahan gak UTM punya konvo kalau 1km from main gate dah start jammed..

p/s: follow sini


Laura Azura Zainal said...

salam sis.

Nak resepi cookies...pls2.