Thursday, October 24, 2013

coconut milkshake ~ohsem!

In a few days ahead UTM will hold a convocation ceremony.
When we're talking about convo, as always lah penuh dengan jualan.
Gerai konvo kemain lebat tumbuh dekat tapak convo UTM since yesterday.
So dis afternoon me and my colleague went there to take a walk.
Tengok aje...tak beli...beli sikit2 aje...tapi hari2. ~pengsan!
Kalau dah nama ke tapak convo, it's impossible to resist yourself from spending your money there.
Even a pin for scarf pun will look a lot nicer here rather than da one you pass by everyday at Giant.
How could you not buy anything? ~alasan!

But I'm not gonna talk about da festival.
Biasalah, pesta convo ke, bazar's a very common thing in Malaysia aite?
Not worth to be talking dat much, everybody knows.
But I wanna talk about my 1st experience tasting a coconut milkshake.
For god sake it's delicious!
I didn't know da taste would be so savory like dat.
Sebelum ni kalau lalu gerai jual coconut milkshake ni, I buat tak pandang aje.
Tak pernah teringin pun nak beli.
Now dat I know how does it taste, it felt like 'if only I could turn back time'!

I actually couldn't imagine how would a coconut drink taste good when you shake it with milk.
It gives me a thought of raw 'santan' virtually.
Yeah! A real 'STUPIDA' coz santan and fresh milk are two different thing with their own kind of taste.
One of my fren siap eksen lagi didn't want to line up and spend her dollars for it.
Then bila bagi rasa, tersipu2 sound jangan habiskan coz she want some later. ~ceh!
If you haven't try dis quencher, don't do da same mistakes as I did. ~chewaah!
Go and have's heavenly delicious and I tak tipu. ^__^

It's at first sip! hak hak hak

And for our dinner today, it's a simple one. (hari2 pun simple kot) T__T
Husbeast ask me to make him grilled hardtail scad paired with air asam.
Dat's so easy to make and I'm happy he asked for dat.
While I'm not a big fan of dat type of dish, so I made myself my favorite sambal terung.
Young-Lady? Every single it has to be either ayam goreng, or telur goreng.
If she's in da mood for more, she'll be asking for fried potato.
But tonight, she stick to her fried egg. ~luvliness.


Umi Qi said...

Belum pernah umi Qi rasa coconut milkshake....sedap nampak...waaaa hebat yer masak simple dishes...mmg nak masak ikan bakar ngan air asam today..yippiiii

Kesuma Angsana said...

singgah & mohon doakan kesembuhan Adik yer