Thursday, October 31, 2013

quick post

My day two of English Course.

 Madam Salwa...she's da best!

 our assignment.

 once done, you need to play a role according to your task.

 they're taking their time to practice.


waiting for their turn anxiously.

 the powerpuff girls. and I meant by our 'tembamness'. T__T
it should've been better than dis. poor snapper. task! tsk! tsk!

I have to steal dis one from the other participant since mine is horrible. ~haih!

Happy lunch at KFC with besties.

 faces of hungry beauties.

want some?

 we're one step ahead to gain extra kilo.~scarrryyyyyy!

p/s: I'm sooooooooooooooooooo lazy to write today. enjoy da pics guys!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

an awesome English Course

I have an english course today and it will be held for two days.
So one more day to go tomorrow.
Da course is about 'Improving English at Da Workplace'.
Sebenarnya I menggantikan my senior staff yang sepatutnya attend dis course.
Sebab dia nak bercuti today, dia paksa I gantikan tempat dia.
I accept it tanpa rela okeyh!
Tapi since orang dah mintak tolong sangat2, I terima jugaklah his offer.
And guess wut?
I'm glad I accept it coz da course is AWESOME!
Sangat best coz the other participants are so funny and da class jadi sangat happening.
I tak kisah kalau pun I kena attend any course like dis for a month tau. hak hak hak

  thanks a lot Cik Abu for switching place with me. I like it here.

 they're making da class alive with their jokes and funny thoughts. I sangat2 terhibur hari ni. happy sampai terbawak2 luar class. he he he

 these lovely girls are my table mates. masing2 kepala gonjeng. lagi2 budak specky comey lotey tu. rock oooooooo! sejak semalam lagi dah pesan suruh duduk dgn dia during da course. rock...rock jugak, tapi penakut. and the other girl tu pulak menggantikan the other staff of her unit yang tak dapat hadir. bila dah tiga2 duduk semeja...P E N G S A N! T__T

 we had some grouping activities. I sangat surprised all da participants langsung tak mengantuk even after 2pm. abaikan lah cik kak 'peace y'all' tu. kat mana2 gambar pun dia mesti ada. puas I tapis okeyh! kih kih kih

semua gambar Madam Salwa (our instructor) blur and ghosty. sebab dia tak reti duduk setempat khenn. I pulak didn't bring my cybershot. ini aje lah yang ada tapi pun sipi2 aje. once again...abaikan dat 'peace y'all' girl. belum pun setengah hari, all da guys dah sebok cakap she is my twin. nampaknya dah bertingkek2 twin yg I ada dekat ofis la ni. tak paham sungguh tang mana tah yang similarnya tu. -__-

 rabun okeyh! bila we all snap our pic together I tak nampak langsung any resemblance. dat girl is way prettier, dah macam budak bosnia I tengok. it makes me look way older lagi adalah. ~nanges!

I couldn't wait to attend da class again tomorrow.
I knew I'm gonna laugh da whole day like I did today. ~luvliness!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

my dearest sister

Ok...I'm having a hard time to remember things lately.
Especially things yang biasanya I tak biasa buat.
Things dat out of my norm.
Tapi bila kita dah berjanji with sumone khenn, dat thing is unacceptable lah.
What to do? Bukan I sengaja pun.
I memang langsung tak boleh nak ingat coz I had too many things to prepare everyday in da morning.
Mana nak siapkan bekal anak, mana nak siapkan bekal bapak, bekal sendiri pun nak kena isi.

 I knew her since 5++ years ago during our induction. and we've been besties ever since. 

Sumtimes it was me who went to sleep first so I have to clean up da mess dat da two have made da night before.
Kalau tidak...balik keje kepala serabut la jawabnya.
And because of dat lah I selalu sangat terlupa nak bawak cookies to my sis sorang ni. ~you know who you are!
Bengang betol I rasa coz I sungguh2 janji konon nak bawak her cookies today.
But I still couldn't stick it right to my head, masih jugak lupa.
Semalam dah say sorry, hari ni say sorry lagi. ~hampeh.
But I love to fight and argue with her.
It's fun, she's hilarious, and every conversation with her will definitely makes my day. 

everytime mesti ada aje yang akan we all gaduhkan. but I like it actually, like it a lot! I will always smile and giggle alone whenever I chat with her. she's very 'happedah'! to me ajelah tapi. dengan orang lain dia kemain sopan! hi hi hi  ^__^

Kakak I yang sorang ni hati dia lembut sebenonye. ~ceh.
When she pissed off, whoever yang tak biasa memang boleh sendu jadinya. kih kih kih.
She's da kind of girl who always gives a very nice compliment about how beautiful I am, how lovely my skin is, yada yada yada...
Then bila I dah start nak ferasan cam best dia tak tunggu lama.
Da next minute dia akan kutuk I balik kaw2 punya. ~hamik!
Tak sempat langsung I nak melt ke...float ke...
In other words...JANGAN HARAP LAH! hak hak hak

 dis is going to be my third promise to her. Kalau I terlupa jugak nak bawak esok...HABISLAH I!!! ~pitam!

Nak jumpa memang susah, busy manjang ngalahkan bini menteri kekdahnye.
So nak pancing dia to meet is by providing her with good food.
Kalau sedap selamat lah I, tapi kalau tak sedap...selamat jugaklah telinga I. ~hadeh!
To Kak Dewi, aku dah put a reminder in my phone, a sticky note on my kitchen lamp switch and an A4 handwritten notice on my dining table.
Dengan harapan tomorrow you can savor my choc-chip cookies yang dah berkurun dijanjikan.
Lepas tu jangan lupa puji2 aku okeyh! ~pengsan!
souvenir pun tak dan nak bagi lagi. kata pun susah nak jumpa khenn. harusss lah peram everything berbulan2. baru syiok! ~lalala

Monday, October 28, 2013

family matters

Hari ni UTM masih lagi berKonvo.
Malas nak berebut parking punya pasal, I earnestly wanted Husbeast to send me to work.
Wut I didn't know is...da traffic was heavy like h**l!
Jalan dah start jam one kilometer away from UTM main gate.
Main gate aje okeyh, bukan depan bangunan of my workplace tau. ~haih!
We were out from our house at 7am but at 7.40am baru la terhegeh2 dapat tembus main gate.
And Husbeast masuk keje pukul 8am. 
He need to go through another long que to be out from UTM pulak.
Memang I senyap aje lah sepanjang perjalanan tadi. 
Nak cakap apa2 pun takut coz I'm da one who refused to drive khenn. ~serams!

Bila dah kat opis hati meruntun2 nak message lah, pm lah, whatsup lah, Line lah to ask him whether he's late or not.
Duhh! Kalau dah jarak from my workplace to his workplace is 30 minutes away...lagi mau tanya.
Of course lah the answer would be late with a capital L khenn.
At 9++ am baru lah I text to tell him I'm sorry.
If I knew da traffic would be dat bad today, memang I takkan suruh dia hantar I. ~sob! sob!
So Ayang, If you read dis...I'm truly really sorry.
I'll cook your favorite 'stinky fish' at any later without much grumble.
And I'll cook it sesedap mungkin yang I mampu.
And tomorrow, I will drive myself to work.
Eh! dah macam lafaz ikrar pulak. hak hak hak

SATURDAY ~ Another Full-House Episode
my family gathered at my house. they're here to celebrate my sister Egy on her G day tomorrow. since dis time my brother pun ikut sekali, our Dad insist to treat us with Johnny's steamboat. guess who's feeling ohsem to hear dat? Husbeast lah, sape lagi? he wore his smile till we're home after dinner okeyh! But yeah, Egy's not around. she had a dinner to celebrate all da Dean List holder. Pity my sister, baju yang dia tempah for dinner and her G day tak siap. tailor silap date. nasib baik ada baju2 raya gojes I came to da rescue on both event. kih kih kih. 

Sunday - Egy's G day without even a single family shot. ~sigh!
It's my sister's G day. congratulation Egy and we're so proud of your achievement. Sadly, we couldn't take even a single photo together since da rain was too heavy and da condition was quite in hurly-burly. semua jalan nak ke dewan dah ditutup to make way for da VIPs. so our mom and dad aje lah yang ada dengan dia. we all semua ke pesta konvo yang kemain padat with peeps. dulu kakak dia study tak dapat gold medal, tapi la ni baju kakak dapat naik pentas to receive a gold medal and a first degree. itu pun jadi la. hu hu hu ~pitam!

I made choc chip cookies for Egy's besties. asek dok bising kata I baked them time diorang dah habis belajar and live far away from JB. I pun cari lah masa untuk sumbat mulut they all with my cookies ni. they have been like my own sister. rajin ikut we all balik kampung and spent a weekend with my parents, selalu lepak rumah I melayan Young-Lady, temankan I everytime Husbeast naik Shah Alam to attend his class dulu2. memang I sayangkan they all since they were in their Diploma time lagi. So apalah sangat a pure love dat they gave my family compared to a box of cookies khenn. but I still hope they will enjoy my home made goodies.

Today - It's quiet again in here.
Here we are, just da three of us while Egy is staying at my youngest sister's college to meet up her few frens yang tak balik their hometown after their big day yesterday. balik keje I masak laju2 then we had our dinner at 7.40 pm. it's so nice to be lazy while waiting for all of us to be sleepy. ~luvliness!


Friday, October 25, 2013

stop buying scarf Honey!

Another visit to Angsana JB dis evening.
With my other bestie who currently switched her workplace back to 'PENDAFTAR'.
Busy sungguh makcik sorang tu kesana kemari as a secretary of different people everytime.
UTM ni kan multi tasking katanya. ~mata keatas!
It's been a while since our last hang out.
And because Angsana is her fave spot, I kena lah ikut cakap driver khenn.
My weakness of going to Angsana would be...HEAD SCARF!
To be honest, I'm a scarf freak.
I buy scarf like A LOT!
And I have almost 80 pieces in my cupboard dat are no longer used.
Most of them are da one with awning. ~pitam!
There are some yang I pakai sekali aje...lepastu I dah tak ingat dah letak mana.
Except for a bunch dat I usually wear to work lah.
Guess who yang selalu bising whenever I wanna buy another scarf for myself? (Husbeast ler obviously) T__T
Today I didn't drive and my prince charming picked me up from work.
Bila I jalan nak masuk kereta tadi, daripada jauh dia dok jeling at my hand.
Bukak aje pintu...'beli tudung lagi ke Yang? tu berkilo2 kat rumah awak tak pakai tu saya derma aje lah ye?'
I angkat muka pun tak berani, but I still gave him da sweetest smile to hide my shame.
Tudung murah aje Ayang, la ni kalau beli tak penah lebih RM15 pun selai kot. ~nanges! 
Wutever it is, I know deep down inside he knew dat I love him more than any of da scarf I have. kih kih kih.

da hot mama aka my driver dis afternoon. lovely puwa. ^__^

we had our lunch here.

and we ordered these beauts!

and because I'm on diet, I only had dat vanilla caramel to feed my hunger. ~sedap okeyh!

thx a lot dearie. I had fun and scarf in hand. It's all because of you. hak hak hak. 

I tak masak coz Husbeast brought us out to finish some of his job  at his office after Maghrib. so, it's a fast dinner I suppose.

and we had a great chicken night of all when our dotter smile with satisfaction in her every bite. ~luvliness!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

coconut milkshake ~ohsem!

In a few days ahead UTM will hold a convocation ceremony.
When we're talking about convo, as always lah penuh dengan jualan.
Gerai konvo kemain lebat tumbuh dekat tapak convo UTM since yesterday.
So dis afternoon me and my colleague went there to take a walk.
Tengok aje...tak beli...beli sikit2 aje...tapi hari2. ~pengsan!
Kalau dah nama ke tapak convo, it's impossible to resist yourself from spending your money there.
Even a pin for scarf pun will look a lot nicer here rather than da one you pass by everyday at Giant.
How could you not buy anything? ~alasan!

But I'm not gonna talk about da festival.
Biasalah, pesta convo ke, bazar's a very common thing in Malaysia aite?
Not worth to be talking dat much, everybody knows.
But I wanna talk about my 1st experience tasting a coconut milkshake.
For god sake it's delicious!
I didn't know da taste would be so savory like dat.
Sebelum ni kalau lalu gerai jual coconut milkshake ni, I buat tak pandang aje.
Tak pernah teringin pun nak beli.
Now dat I know how does it taste, it felt like 'if only I could turn back time'!

I actually couldn't imagine how would a coconut drink taste good when you shake it with milk.
It gives me a thought of raw 'santan' virtually.
Yeah! A real 'STUPIDA' coz santan and fresh milk are two different thing with their own kind of taste.
One of my fren siap eksen lagi didn't want to line up and spend her dollars for it.
Then bila bagi rasa, tersipu2 sound jangan habiskan coz she want some later. ~ceh!
If you haven't try dis quencher, don't do da same mistakes as I did. ~chewaah!
Go and have's heavenly delicious and I tak tipu. ^__^

It's at first sip! hak hak hak

And for our dinner today, it's a simple one. (hari2 pun simple kot) T__T
Husbeast ask me to make him grilled hardtail scad paired with air asam.
Dat's so easy to make and I'm happy he asked for dat.
While I'm not a big fan of dat type of dish, so I made myself my favorite sambal terung.
Young-Lady? Every single it has to be either ayam goreng, or telur goreng.
If she's in da mood for more, she'll be asking for fried potato.
But tonight, she stick to her fried egg. ~luvliness.