Tuesday, September 24, 2013

She has recovered - and now it's my turn! T__T

Thanks to my parents in law.
When we told them about Young-Lady yesterday, they all beriya2 suruh we all hantar Young-Lady to them instead of going to her nanny's.
So dis morning Husbeast took her to their house before work.
Betullah kata orang, the oldest knows best!
Her body still warm when we sent her, but they gave her back to us in perfect condition!
However...I'm next in da line to be infected. ~aiyyak!
Sore throat, runny nose, body aches, it's all there.
Need a really good rest, I suppose.

glad to see her in vibrant mood again. pantang ada energy, tak menahan dah nak melenting sana sini with her toys. ~haih!

dapat hadiah tiny doll from atok for being a very nice girl. I was surprised to hear dia sangat senang makan ubat bila atok and nenek suruh. well, dapat upah, memang laju aje lah khenn. ~pitam!

sebab badan I dah mula sakit2 (again...ini alasan!) I made chicken tortilla wrap for dinner. tapi I gulung tak kemas, buruk benar ghopenya. well...I don't mind, I could always use an excuse dat I'm not feeling very well. it makes me hard to hand and roll it properly. so...shut up and eat. ~pengsan!

And now, I need some quality time on my bed.
Shoo cupcakes, shoo!
I need to be healthy again so all of you could dine a proper dinner tomorrow. ~sigh! sigh! sigh!


Puan Ida said...

sedapnya chicken tortilla wrap tu
nak ckit
salam perkenalan dari ida
jemput singgah blog ida ye
dah follow blog ni no 168

harnidahussin said...

Get well soon dear..