Friday, September 13, 2013

mentally and physically drained

I'm soooo happy dat today I didn't have to walk around searching people and ask for their so called 'autograph'.
It made me physically tired!
Although these peeps are infamous to da world, they will be 'favorite' subject to the Auditors.
So...Yup! They are famous (only here) every once a year. ~pfft!
But today I'm struggling with fatigue eyes due to excessive data observing.
I guess mentally exhausted is even worse!
Running the Faculty Library System is not some cheesy work.
I need to be extra careful with da date, da title, and the amount of items dat's included.
Or I will ruin everything and need to start it all over again.
Exactly not my level kinda job.
But when da Bos want you to do wut he think you might capable of, I think I need to 'Just Do It'. ~sigh!
I'm so lucky dat today Husbeast was just craving chicken soup for dinner.
And chicken soup it was for da three of us.

Yet I'm so happy to survive my second week at work.
Couldn't believe I could go through those days with minimal stress level. 
Now, I'm gonna wait and hope for a super-fun weekend.
Therapy is on it's way. ~yieeehhaaaa!

1 comment:

IndaMarya said...

kerja work no money means no shopping, no shopping means tension tension tension...
happy working lagi 2 hari.
and now?..have a nice weekend dear.