Monday, September 2, 2013

I survived!

Today is my first day work all over again.
How did I do back at my office?
I don't know, it was alright...and YES! I'm still alive.
Did I enjoy it? Ummmmmmm....I don't think so. ~hu hu hu T__T
My first few hours was B.O.R.I.N.G!
Then I went out for breakfast, things got a lil' 'OK' afterwards.
And then it's slowly gone back to my normal hectic routine.
Yup! Welcome Back To Work To Me. ~pfft!
But nothing bad about being back to work actually.
It's all in my head. ~duhh!
I couldn't wait to get home to undergo my therapy.
Once I've finished my Maghrib, I went down straight to my kitchen and look for my wok.
Cooking is my soul...I HEART COOKING!
So-and-so much.
No matter how simple da dish would be, it will still put a smile on my face.

Tomorrow? Who knows what's it gonna be...


yan's cottage said...

wow...ringkas & sedap you....

Kakzakie said...

Simple but kakak believe more than enough to fill empty stomach..

Asyifa Mustaffa said...

singgah, follow, n tngglkan komen...thx sudi komen kat entry sy..:)

nmpk sedap le ikan tu..

IndaMarya said...

as long as it is home cooked food..sedap brkhasiat..for the love of yr family kan?

NoEn said...

simple xpe janji sodap ;)

ummiross said...

Simply delicious..makan dengan nasi panas2 pasti berselera.

Kesuma Angsana said...

dish yg simple but yet sgt menyelerakan !