Sunday, September 29, 2013

chocolates for da soul.

Too tired to tell it all.
Gonna be a pictographic entry tonite.
Coz I have another objective to be realized.
And dat is...A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP.  -__-

another day at JPO to buy Husbeast stuffs...AGAIN! but since I just got paid dis month (yippieee!) I did shop for Young-Lady and myself as well. ~wink!

 I couldn't help myself from drooling over these while entering da candy shop there. so I bought not one...but three box of 30pcs Ferrero Rocher and two pack of 250g m&m's. I spent over a hundred bucks only for chocolates which is really worth it for choc-lovers like us. ~luvliness!

went to Johnny's for our late lunch. another steamboat feast. ~sigh!

I let them full enuff before I sent two of 'em back to their college. yup...a big sis gotta do wut a big sis gotta do aite?

gave one box of FR and one packet of m&m's to my youngest sis and da hers! her parents couldn't even have a single bite. ~just you wait sweety!

 and dis is our dinner tonite. I made simple fried bee hoon with some slice of meatball and fishcake. 

Need to prepare myself and my family for tomorrow.
An uninterupted night will do just fine.
Till then...


IndaMarya said...

amboi sedapnya leaning against each other dalam gambar tu..he he.
well chocolates , cakes and icecream are three things yg tk boleh masuk perut I.masuk saja terus kata saya jaga makan! he he walhal masuk saja terus memulas tapi tak mau ke toilet.siksa tu.
nmpak yg lady enjoy herself.maknya pa lagi giving her sweetest smile gitu..happy to see you cr.dear.

Ratu Hatiku said...

Sedapnya coklat FR tu....

hainom OKje said...

Shoppingkat JPO yeh RR... tak pernah sampai sini...
Baca review org je...