Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm really, really happy!

My parents are here and will be stayed overnight till tomorrow to fetch my youngest sister at UTM in the evening.
Adik I tu ada programme held by her faculty since last week.
Kem ala2 tentera katanya, I pun tak sure lah.
Dah terlanjur tu my parents kata nak beraya lah kat rumah their eldest child ni. hu hu hu
As always, I will be da happiest person to have them around.
Nak entertain, nak impress...borak sakan we all seharian. 
Bila dah kemain bercerita itu ini, tiba nak menulis...I blank pulak. ~pengsan!
Si Egy (my sis whois staying with me) was out for her Master's Degree Registration till late evening.
So Tokwan and Tokki lah dok gigih melayan Young-Lady sorang tu.
Main bola? Main hide and seek? Main masak2? Apa aje yang dia tak paksa my parents buat?
Kalau dah nama cucu khenn, layan pulak tu both of them with her will.
And she is da most happiest granddaughter of all (for a day).

dis moment is priceless. I suka sangat when my house keep getting visitors and full with all da peeps dat I love. sentiasa meriah with laughters and lots of different stories.

dis is wut I served them for lunch. simple aje tapi I think they love it. coz they didn't left a single flesh. hak hak hak

guess wut? I made coffee bun for our tea time. and dis time, it's huge. I mean, VOLUMINOUS! It looks hideous aite? and scary too. Which gives a whole lot of signs dat I'm a BEGINNER. tangan kejung tak berseni, macam tu lah. padahal orang lain buat elok aje ghopenya. ~pfft!

like Egy said (it pronounced as Ijih)...dis is wut we called bread. well at least it didn't come out stiff and dense like my 1st attempt the other day. rite away Husbeast poke me and said he likes it plain after SOOO MANY BITE! siap mintak separuh from my plate lagi kunun prefer yang plain. but when my mum and dad keep asking for more, despite its ugly appearance...I knew it was a storm. ~yeehaaa!

for dinner we all ke Johhnny's to dine steamboat. senyum lebar I bila pak encik bagi cuti masak. kasi chance kat bibik haluskan tangan yang tak menahan kasar ni. ~lompat2 bintang.

 kalau steamboat memang semua tak tolak. Young-Lady pun hantu okeyh! Yep, we got no other place than Johnny's (sambil jeling kat Husbeast). naseb baik la sedap. T__T

tomorrow will be another hectic day for me. another group of my frens are coming nak beraya. looks like I need to persuade Husbeast for a morning-raid at the wet market. since NuMed dah bagi cuti ganti in advance for da National Day khenn, apalah salahnya kalau I nak ajak dia dating kat pasar aite? (mata keatas). but to be honest, sampai la ni I masih berpikir2 lagi nak buat menu apa pulak kali ni. ~phewww!

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