Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Horrible cramping!!!

I'm not in mood.
Couldn't find the excitement to write in here.
Last Sunday I was struggling myself from the PMS.
And yesterday...I had da most unbelievable menstrual cramp ever!
So, I know dat my 'day 2' isn't gonna be easy.
I've the instinct dat I will be away from 'here' quite some day.
Dis situation is very rare!
It's a once or twice a year thingy.
And dis year, it comes early. ~sigh! 

we had steamboat for iftar at Johnny's last Sunday. we were out purposely to break our fast here, and went nowhere else afterward. 

 and dis was our iftar yesterday. sumone knew dat I'm not in mood just by looking at my face (sigh). so he told me not to cook. T__T

Today, if I will still roll around in pain...I won't be cooking again.
I feel so weak and sick to my stomach.
And I have a few more days to go battling on dis. T__T
Happy sahur everyone...


ummiross said...

Salam semoga semuanya dah ok. Ummi masa muda2 dulu teruk juga senggugut.

Ummu Syifa said...

syafakillah.. ^_^