Friday, June 28, 2013

sweet tooth cravings

Boring nye I rasa when I'm ran out of flour and egg.
Minus them means NO BAKING!
Like I said...I'm addicted to it now.
Habislah bill letrik I dis month, mesti cecah langit punya.
Apa taknye kalau dah selang sehari mesti berasap oven. kih kih kih
Padahal dulu, I punya lah takut nak guna.
As far as I remembered, I got only two dishes yang gunakan oven ni dulu.
One is here and the othee one is here.
Sampaikan Husbeast pernah sound suruh I masukkan dalam store aje since ada oven tapi taknak guna.
But now...serve you right Mister! hak hak hak

Actually today I had no intention to bake or anything dat need me to cook using the oven.
But as I was updating our kitchen supplies...I happened to find sumthing.
Sumthing yang sumone who will remain nameless tu beli tapi tak reti nak makan.
Dat's definitely his habit!
Macam2 ada kat rumah tapi akhirnya I will try hard to think of wut can I actually do to dat stuffs and make it scrumptious to eat.
Or will be expired just like dat.
So I terpaksa la jugak switched on my oven to bake. ~alasan! hi hi hi

 dia tulis kat situ roti kok. tapi kalau I biasa panggil biskut roti aje. jawalah katakan (mata keatas). sumone who will remain nameless ni beli akhir thn lepas, sampai sekarang tak usik2 lagi. and when I asked him whether he want dis or not, without a doubt dia boleh geleng aje. nasib baik lah wife dia ni penyabar khenn. T__T

yup! I made bread pudding. I soak it up with mocha flavored liquid to give it a deep-mystrious-sexy taste (poyo!). but honestly, kalau I buat plain...memang I aje yang akan makan nanti. so mocha would definitely do da trick. ~wink! wink!

 and I served it with whole milk. just for me, husbeast would rather have it plain. but I must say, guna roti gardenia is better coz it have a very plain taste and the texture will be nicer even after you soaked it up with liquid. tapi sebab the main mission is to finish dat 'kok' bread...dah separuh jugak tinggal. -__-

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