Monday, June 17, 2013

sick? NO! I'm all good -__-

Dis is wut I hate about stating my cause of my unpaid leave application as 'Health Problems'.
It's gonna be a burden for me to explain to everyone about da truth.
Whenever I bumped into my fellow worker at mall or everywhere, they will look at me with a shocking face!
And then said sumthing like..."I thought you are sick. I heard dat you're on leave because of your health problems. But you look absolutely amazing and healthy! Wut's goin' on?"
I could say dat I actually applied da leave because I wanna stay at home and do nothing. 
I'm not sick, It's just dat I need to agree with my boss who wanted me to be sick on da paper so dat It'll look more...formal.
But how could I say dat? 
So all I did was just smile and said...I'm ok, I'm good...doing just fine.
And they will just nod hearing to my answer but with a face like they just saw a ghost!

Dat's hard you know. sigh! sigh! sigh!
Being sick when you're actually not, it's killing me!
I know wut they think when they heard dat I'm sick.
It's definitely bring them back to two years ago.
During my paralyzed days, my skinny boney body, my super unattractive pale skin and my gloomy looking face.
But no, I'm not. 
In fact, I keep putting on some extra kilos coz I got too healthy with zero stress level. keh keh keh
Always on da go, being here and there, sumtimes with just Young-Lady by my side when I need to find some ingredients to cook sumthing different.
Guys! Pliss...I'm ok, and stop giving me dat weird look of 'Why you look so fair? You're sick, can't believe you still look radiant.'
It's probably because I rarely go out for sunbathing nowadays. T__T

 as I went to my kitchen dis morning to cook for breakfast, I saw this box of blueberries dat I supposed to make as a topping for my pavlova last Friday. I go nuts to think of wut am I supposed to do with it. ~googling hard!

so, me and Young-Lady went to da nearest Jusco after lunch to buy some ingredients dat's missing in my kitchen coz I decided to make blueberry scones. dat was when I bumped into familiar faces who got so stunt to see me looking so fit and healthy. It wasn't my first time bumped into my fellow workers but dis one was da most full of drama. T__T

being involved with all those dramatic scenes made feel hungry afterwards. I'm glad my blueberry scones turned out so well and fluffy. da taste was heavenly delicious. I'm starting to be addicted with an AFC tv programme called 'Bake with Anna Olson'. hik hik hik.

and for dinner, sumone wanted me to make him mee goreng. but I must say, mee goreng is really not my usual dish to make. mee goreng mamak? How would I know to do dat? so, I made it solely based on da link dat he gave me. ~haih!

dis was the outcome. he said he like it, and I hope he meant dat. but to see him ate it all to da last bit...i think it's ok. kih kih kih. ~aiyaiyaiyaiyaiii!

I hope those peeps will go straight to my office and get to know da truth about da whole reasons of my absence.
But my fellow workers just didn't know the existence of my blog, and I'd like to leave it dat way.
So...I bet dat things will remain da same ~rolling eyes!
Not dat I care whether they knew or not about the actual reason.
I just hope I don't have to answer da same question again.
I'm taking a leave just to have some fun since I'm capable to do so.
I wanna stop doing anything for a while and smell da roses.
While the others may have their own way...unpaid leave is my way.
So...Have fun with your life, everyone! 
Enjoy, as much as I it in your own way. ~smile!


Ratu Hatiku said...

sabar jelah..biar apa org nak ckp...
sedap plak tgk blueberry tu.. :P

Kesuma Angsana said...

cuti2 dan boleh bikin menu2 yang sedap2 tu pergh.,... lagi satu pedulikan kata orang !

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Red rose, ha ha, sick but not sick....I guess many are in your position. My wife too on and off calls in sick. Especially when something domestic requiring her presence crops up.

And that blueberries....where I am, up North they grow wild, and where there's these berries, bound to be bears. And bears don't take kindly to humans around.
So....chabut chepat! Ha ha.
Have a nice day, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

ashra said...

hehe..betul..tang nak jawab tu maleh kan..tapi layanzzzzzz kan je lah.

mmg sedaplah kalau hubs habes kan tu.hehe