Friday, June 7, 2013

party people hey - It's friday night

It's Friday...wohhooooo!!!
I always have dis unbelievably gleeful feeling about Friday.
Well, eventho I'm not working for da time being..I'm still happy when it comes to Friday.
Despite I could go for a lil' shopping...I could go for a REAL SHOPPING. hak hak hak
And dis will only happen on da weekend. keh keh keh
It's a therapy you guys.
Yeah...for a girl who's all about da FAMILY like me. ~mata keatas.
Says who? Says my Husbeast! And I couldn't agree more with him.
Yeah ok, it won't be like...every week though. hu hu hu
Anyway, let's take a look of wut I've been making in my kitchen today.

Husbeast savor on dis for his breakfast today. We did too. dis was ours. Young-Lady punyer I tak letak bawang and cili. 

 lunch tadi Young-Lady mintak I buatkan dia kentang goreng. Since I kononnya nak makan like a grown up khenn, I made dis for me. 

I don't know exactly wut dis is. I just arranged all da veges layer by layer and baked it with some creme fraiche to give it a bold taste. well...I like it. taste like lasagna, vegetarian version. da first bottom layer is aubergine and then I top it up with sauteed onion, tomato slices and on top of it all...potato slices. I kan nak senang manjang. hu hu hu

 and for dinner I made okra berempah, kembong berlada and fried potato (macam biasalah, utk Young-Lady). dah lama jugak tak makan kembong berlada ni, tiba2 Husbeast request pulak. usually he just like da fish to be cooked in dark soy sauce aje. so...yeah! he dine like a giant. lepastu perut makin besau...bising. ~nanges!

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Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum. terliur sheila tengok makanan! nasib baik harini tak puasa. heee kak, jemput2 tu fav sheila tau :)