Wednesday, June 5, 2013

my 10minutes entry

Okay! I wanna talk a lot! 
But it looks like dat I've been hypnotized with dis movie on Fox called Shallow Hal.
I couldn't think of wut to write.
The idea just won't come out! ~pfft!'s are my pics of today. 

 his and my breakfast. simple egg + cheese toast sandwich with tomato slices. and a hint of sauteed onion.

 my lunch. oven baked potato and aubergine with some roasted onion and garlic. to add up da healthiness (mata ke atas!) I served it with some fresh salad with a very simple dressing.

 tonight is Husbeast's sports night. I supposed to 'cuti masak'. but since there were some leftovers from our yesterday's dinner, I decided to put on my apron uoolllss! he he he

 my home-made pizza BEFORE.

 my home-made pizza AFTER. I ni memang ler boleh tahan rajin ~pengsan! but tidak ler rajin sangat sampai nak buat pizza base sendiri okeyh. dat pizza base is ready made. I bought it from cold storage. you just need to poke a generous number of holes in da dough using a fork. and I spread da traditional prego spaghetti sauce for da first layer of toppings. the result was yummy! nothing left and mission accomplished.

Okay, I gotta get back to dat 'Shallow Hal'. 
Love you guys... mmuuaaachhss!

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