Thursday, June 13, 2013

movie marathon at home

Wow! it's been quite a while I haven't write in here aite?
How many? Like 2 days? hik hik hik
Well da reason was becoz me and da two were busy with some TV watching.
Yup! We did our own movie marathon back to back at home.
You see...last couple of days Disney Channel were playing Toy Story 1, 2 and 3.
I could not miss dat? I'm a big cartoon fan remember?
And wut made us stay glued in our room was...after Toy Story, Husbeast played Transformers. All 3 of em! ~
But of course 1 movie for each day lah khenn.
Toy story from 7-9pm, Transformers from 9.30-11.30pm.
Kalau habiskan all 3 episodes in one night, PENGSAN! kih kih kih.
I masak pun cepat2, makan cepat2, time iklan pegi solat, then tak buat apa dah.
Mana sempat nak snap lauk bagai, nak pegi toilet pun tunggu commercial break okeyh. hak hak hak.
I could only snap our lunch yesterday sebab someone tu tetiba aje called to let me know dat he's taking a half day.
At 12.30pm! I dah la masak nasi dengan telur aje for me and Young-Lady.

When he told me he's comin home at 1pm...terkitai2 I masak kat dapur. so...ada lah jugak gambar. he he he. I made stir fried okra with dried shrimp, ayam masak kicap and ikan pekasam goreng.

Dis morning I got up really early at 5am.
Lepastu mata terkebil2 dah tak boleh nak tido.
So, I switched on da TV and watched my fave astro afc.
Nampak pulak Chef Wan menggedik masak kari ayam in his cooking show of loooong time ago.
We're not a curry lover, even Husbeast don't really go crazy about curry.
He never ask for me to cook curry.
Kalau setahun maybe 2 or 3 times aje I'll be cooking for dis dish.
But dis morning, Chef Wan dah buatkan I kecur looking at his curry.
So after Subuh, I terus bersilat kat dapur masak kari ayam. kah kah kah.

Husbeast bangun siap tanya...I buat roti jala ke?
Maaflah, nak menjala tu memang tak berapa I served my man gardenia white bread to dip into da curry.

 he ate them till da last bite okeyh! But still saying it'll be better if I make roti jala to go with da curry. like...hello! get me one of dat non-stick pan dulu baru boleh cerita kot. takkan I nak menjala dalam kuali pulak. eventho I ada cooking pan, but dis one is 'sticking' version. sebab cooking pan murah khenn. buat pancake pun tak penah menjadi, lagi lah nak menjala. ~nanges!

Peehhh! My super early post.
After Husbeast gone to work aje I terus on PC and start writing.
Kalau lah hari2 I rajin macam ni kan bagus.
at 8.30am dah ada new post. 
Wut a personal record! ~clap! clap! clap! ~sigh...

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