Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm in love with pastries!

Today is another happy day for me.
Coz my oven keep on producing some really good food.
Despite on cooking for lunch and dinner...I baked some Shepherd's Pie...again.
I dengan tak semena2 telah menerima tempahan for dat pie, can you guys believe it???
Dis is sumthing dat I never expect...NEVER EVER!
At first I refused, sebab I tak pernah jual anything before.
How to calculate everything to make it a fair business? ~pitam!
But these people just won't stop begging. hak hak hak.
So, yeah...I said YES in the end. ~sigh! sigh! sigh!

 it was actually a decent treat for Husbeast's fellow workers who happened to melt looking at my post of da pie in my fb. ada yang nak merasa so I kirim la dekat Husbeast to give some to her. and dat's it. THAT JUST IT! -__-

after dat she pmed me to let me know dat it's ohsem (mata keatas!) kih kih kih. I was happy, so damn happy actually. sumone did enjoy my food, who wouldn't be happy with dat? 

but it didn't stop there. after a few days she...and some others nak tempah pulak dat pie...from me! YIKES!!! I really didn't expect dat. after saying NO for soooo many times, I finally said yes. T__T

so, I pun gasak la bersilat kat dapur in order to get it done. tomorrow, these pie will be passed to da buyers. I hope it will taste delicious, and of course I hope they will love it. ~nervous!

On sunday evening pulak, I baked some chocolate chips muffin.
Like any other bakeries, it was my 1st time making a muffin from scratch.
And setiap kali my batter looked gojes when they're out from the oven, I couldn't help myself from leaping in joy.
Lepas tu mula lah ferasan sendiri yang I ni rupanya pandai jugak dealing with pastries ni. 
Oven beli sebelum puasa tahun lepas, tapi baru tahun ni lah dia betul2 berbakti. hak hak hak.
Ok, I really need to stop with all my 'poyo' statement.
Got over-excited with my muffins dat turned out so soft, buttery and moist. ~luvliness

 I made these muffin straight after solat Asar. Young-Lady was da most excited of all, helping me with preparing da batter. we had fun and da muffins...they're humungous! I love it. It didn't have dat spongy taste. nothing like the one in da packet at all.

 these muffins rock! they are box-quality, sumthing dat you could only find in some high-class cafe. even Husbeast who doesn't like muffins complimented me on dis. he took da biggest one and loved it. I even brought a few to my in laws afterward. it went down a treat! definitely a a crowd pleaser.

My in laws said it was delicious!
Habis semua 8 biji yang we all bawak, buatkan I bertambah2 lah ferasan. ~semput!
My MIL siap pesan for me to not lose the recipe.
I really need to thank my Aunt for dis.
Dia memang pakar mengumpul 'the best ever' recipes I must say.
Setakat ni everything dat I got from her will be a hit!
But yeah, some of them are pricey to make indeed.
Masa my aunt stayed overseas the ingredients were so easy to find.
They could even have it from their backyard.
Bila sampai, Malaysia imported version lah khenn dat's why da price got a bit high.

da best thing about the western bakeries is we can keep 'em longer and it will stay moist after reheat/re baked. and dat's why I rarely make breakfast currently. dis bakeries could really save lots of my time. I even couldn't stand myself to gobble not one...but two of dis deli style muffins while writing. with a glass of cold milk, I'm in heaven. ~yummeh!


hainom OKje said...

Wahhh... nampak mmg lazatlah RR.....

QA's ~ mamapapa said...

the pie mmg nampak awesome..rsanya pun mesti awesomekan :))