Sunday, June 16, 2013

celebrating success and life

Last Friday was da most exciting day of my life.
Because my first attempt of baking SOLO was a big hit!
I nailed it you guys...wohhhoooo!!!
Ok, maybe I'm being a lil' dramatic all about it.
But when a cook went great with baking, dat's really sumthing.
Well, I'm not a professional cook though...I'm just saying since I cook but don't bake. hu hu hu
Anyhow, it disappeared from da plate very fast despite of its quite too sweet taste.
I made it for my parents and my sister's frens who came to my house last Friday.
They love it, I love it, but dis is not really Husbeast kind of dessert. 
So he's out of da league. hak hak hak

it puffed up beautifully during da baking process. but it cracked like a b***** during da cooling process. I got a lil' disheartened to see dat huge crack okeyh! but when I read da review about dis dessert...I was relieved knowing dat it's normal. ~pheeww!

 They said just cover up those cracks with whipped cream, and so I did! dis was da result of my 1st pavlova. I know it didn't look as awesome as any other pavlova dat all of you have tried before. but...hey, I'm a beginner. and I'm quite proud dat it didn't collapse. hik hik hik.

 despite da cracking, there was still a decent amount of soft gooey filling within. the outside was super crispy crunchy which is an amazing contrast to dat soft marshmellowy center. Am I describing it? I know rite was my first time tasting it. kesian khenn? despite my total crapness it looked whole and stable. Good job! I was in sugar paradise. kih kih kih.

And dis weekend, we were at Kluang enjoying a small village fresh breeze since it's been a while we're not visiting my parents.
As we're there, we celebrated father's day with da simplest event yet so wonderful.
Well I got to cook my dad's and Husbeast's favorite dish for lunch and bought them sumthing they love to eat for dinner snack.
We're happy and da snack was super cheap! ~I like. keh keh keh.

 ketam masak lemak perak was my dad's favorite while Husbeast's...ouh yeah, he's always in love with my ikan bilis asam and sambal lonte. he could eat just dat for a week! T__T

 celebrating father's day without my brother and 3rd sister since they have their own matters to deal with. but my dad still got messages from his other two children while we were celebrating. and it did bring a lil' tears to his eyes. ~awwwww!

it was privately awesome. da togetherness was priceless!

Happy Father's Day to my dad and my hubby. may you guys enjoyed da small and cheap event we did for da two of you. love you both to infinity and beyond! psst, pliss ignore Young-Lady with her tool. -__-

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Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum. bestnya sambut hari bapa. heeee pavlova tu hmpphhh nak sikit...