Monday, June 3, 2013

busy weekend

Ouh Em Gee! I'm writing very early today.
Since it is my 1st day of da 3mths unpaid leave dat I have taken...
I got a lil overproductive. hak hak hak
Bukan lah apa sangat, It's just yesterday I dah pulun habis with all da house chores.
So, today...after solat subuh...make some breakfast for Husbeast...sweeping a bit here and there...I got nothing left to do.
But yeah, it's all because of Young-Lady is not awake yet.
Kalau dah bangun nanti, I wouldn't have time for THIS!  
Now let me cherish some quality moments of my brisk serenity. hu hu

Our Saturday and Sunday were all about stayed at home and grooming da house.
Well, we're not painting or anything...just some minor improvement and decoration to perk up the overall look.
It was all idea pakwe I tu lah since he got a bit lazy to drive us out.
I memang lah ok aje khenn.
Bini mana yang refused when her husband willing to clean the air-cond, throw away some unwanted things around da house and clean da cartridge of our water filter which has become so 'eeeuuuwwww!!!'.
Yesterday was his biggest gift of 'once a year' from him to me.
Wutever, janji once a year Husbeast mesti buat semua tu. kih kih kih

I tak memasak langsung on Saturday coz I got carried away with all da grooming process. 
But Husbeast sangat lah memahami.
So he bought like lots of boxes of KFC meal. Dinner pun KFC jugak okeyh!
Only last night dat I could enter my kitchen and cooked dishes of their request.
Tersangatlah puas hati with everything.
Why? Coz now I don't have to wait until it's a week away before raya to do all that.
Since da 1st round of the overall cleaning and clearance dah settle.
Ye ke? I guess...girls will be girls lah kot.  T__T

 I dah penat but someone who will remain nameless tu dah tak boleh tahan nak wife dia masuk dapur, I paksa dia request lauk yang senang2 aje. so, I made those dishes. tapi sebab dah terlau penat and lapar, makan dengan nasi panas...3 pinggan pakwe I makan okeyh! I? errrr.... 2 pinggan.  T__T

 these were da dishes yang Husbeast request. kinda back to da root kan? very nostalgic indeed. dengan diet I sekali ntah kemana. ~nanges!

p/s: don't ask me about our breakfast today ye guys. Coz I only served my man a bowl of cereal dis morning. kalau dah lazy bum tu....~hadeh! -__-


Ratu Hatiku said...

masak lauk yg simple mcmnielah yg selalu berpinggan2 tambah nasi tu.. hihihi

LYAfrina said...

dlm kesibukan masih smpt memasak utk family.. bagus2 ;-)