Thursday, June 6, 2013

and da CatFight begin!

Baru empat hari...Young-Lady seems to be annoyed with her Ummi already. 
We had dis CatFight, a really trivial one of wut tv program it shud be on da screen.
She is always about cartoon.
While I'd be happy to watch any channel OTHER THAN CARTOON. T__T
Berebut remote jangan cakap lah sehari berapa kali.
Memang banyak insiden2 ala2 wrestle mania yang berlaku in order to win da remote. kih kih kih
But yeah, she will always win no matter wut. ~nanges!

She then will hold it real tight and bring it along wherever she go.
And kalau I tinggalkan dia to watch her cartoon in da room while I go downstairs to watch the other tv, alamat bergema la satu rumah.
I know rite, she really is 'people oriented' kinda gal.
I could only watch my kind of program when she's tired and fall asleep. 
Masa tu, memanglah I takkan buat benda lain.
I wil just sit and watching tv...that's it. That's just it!
I won't be cooking, I won't be cleaning, NOTHING! hak hak hak
Kalau tak, rugilah I sebab bila cik kak tu bangun...not a chance. ~pengsan!

Today, I tak berapa active sangat in my kitchen.
Coz I was busy changing and washing all da curtains in my house.
Protest orang kalah mendapatkan remote la ni kekdahnya.  -__-
But I felt good afterward, puas hati!
Since I don't have too many choices of new curtain in my cupboard, I decided to hang back immediately all da curtain yang I basuh tu.
I let it dry on da panel itself.
It makes the air smell so good and fresh.
Orang tak banyak langsir khenn, pakai aje lah yang sama. hu hu hu
But I still cook coz I have 2 persons to feed including myself. ^__^

 breakfast hari ni teramat la senang. just a simple toast aje. since I terlambat tapi breakfast tetap jugak kena buat..itu aje lah yang mampu. hu hu hu

 lunch pun sangat senang. I made plain fried rice with chillies for myself and without chillies for Young-Lady. I buatkan dia telur dadar to eat with her rice. while you all can see. dah dua hari pulun western kind of food, hari ni I ter'sedar diri'. ~hiks!

 my dinner pun memang tak glemer. coz I just made bokchoy in oyster sauce and dark scramble egg. Husbeast tak dinner kat rumat today coz he had some matters to be taken care of. bila takde request...memang macam tu lah menu jadinya. he he he.

Nearly 10pm baru pakwe I sampai rumah.
But he's not empty handed, he brought along some food for me and Young-Lady.
I angkat kening and said..."I told ya, we've eaten."
With a pouty mouth he replied..."but I bought these becoz I was thinking of you guys."
OG! OG! OG! How could I not melt when he said dat. ~awwwww!
So, I took everything from his hand with da sweetest smile. hu hu hu

 Young-Lady dapat happy meal while I got this. Apa yang jauh sangat from happy meal to mee hoon goreng kan? but he said because I love MHG and Young-Lady loves dia belikan according to our favorite. and I melted again. hak hak hak. errrr...I ate it. like, half of it...despite of my claimed of not feeling hungry and wutsoever. scary aite? totally.....  T__T  (camno nak kurus nih?)


IndaMarya said...

mihun tk pa, tk gemuk punya la..jgn nasi sudah..he he

:: Mrs.Eady :: said...

sedap nyerrrr....