Sunday, June 30, 2013

I love my Saturday and Sunday

Husbeast sedih tau JDT kalah. ~uuuuu sob! sob!
I? Biasa2 aje...but if they won of coz lah I akan happy khenn. -__-
Anyhow da winner deserved to win since they really did perform their best yesterday.
I bukan lah peminat bola tegar, I'm a neutral girl when it comes to sports.
While Husbeast is sumone yang keep his knowledge about football on track jugak lah.
So I'm just being supportive to things he likes.
Wutever pun I still not a die-hard fan.
Kalau ada I tengok, but I know nothing about who played where and don't care much about any sports/football terms dat they use.
It's ok JDT, winners are not peeps who never failed.
There will always be next year to expand your powers. ~ewah gitu!

Yesterday we all anak beranak bangun awal.
Husbeast ajak we all accompanied him to his office since he got job to do.
Well his actual intention was just so dat we could go on a shopping for lots of potato afterward.
So, senang lah keje dia tak payah nak pusing2 balik amik I and Young-Lady at home.
Yup, you heard me...POTATOES! And some other ingredients dat's relevant.
Dis tuesday his workplace will assamble a Pot-Luck event so dia nak sangat I buatkan dia Shepherd's Pie.
I memang lah suka coz I don't have to cook.
Pagi breakfast kedai, lunch pun McDelivery aje.
Santai sunggoh I rasa yesterday. hi hi hi

 our second time with McD dis year. but each time tu lah jugak Young-Lady akan pilih nugget aje. padahal nugget kat fridge sampai la ni masih ber'seal' lagi. T__T

 lepastu Husbeast's workstation jadi hak milik dia. wut else kalau tak youtube. khusyuk khenn? kalau lah bila I bercakap dia boleh khusyuk macam ni, I'll be da happiest mother ever! hak hak hak

When Husbeast done with everything we went straight to buy his 'potatoes'.
Banyak uollsss, dua plastik penuh...and berat!
Seumur hidup I, tak penah beli kentang banyak macam tu.
Well, it's not just for his Pot-Luck, I still ada tempahan untuk disiapkan.
Tak sangka pulak rezeki orang cuti tak bergaji ni still ada. hu hu hu
Rezeki Young-Lady lah I supposed coz nanti dia jugak yang manfaatkan semuanya. ~pengsan!
But yeah, I never thought yang I akan terjebak mendapat tempahan macam ni. ~alhamdulillah.
On da way balik tu I singgah Cosway to buy some things.
Haaaaa...ini lah yang I nak share ni, since raya dah nak dekat kan. (puasa pun tak lagi) kih kih kih

I selalu pegi cosway to buy their soy & whey protein. sebab I ni tak boleh consume any type of collagen drinks tapi nak kulit moist (mata keatas) substitute la kekdahnya. tiba2 mata ternampak benda ni. bagus uollsss! I balik terus aje rendam our jewellery in dis liquid. It works wonder tau. nampak macam baru! habis bracelet Young-Lady yg baru sekali dua pakai pun I rendam. bersinar2 jadinya. but I don't have da before and after pic lah coz our jewellery halus2 aje. segan! if you guys wanna see da difference sila lah beli. I tak sure whether it's working with other than gold ke tidak. coz even dia ada tulis it's safe for silver, da shop-Lady nasihatkan I supaya rendam gold sahaja, takut others tu jadi pudar. beli uollsss! I masih jakun ni. raya nanti uollss mesti nampak shiny at certain part. ^__^

And today after lunch Husbeast decided to take us out for our monthly movie watching.
He wanted to watch Man Of Steel so much sebab jealous kan I and Young-Lady yang dah tengok dat movie with my siblings last 2weeks.
But it's definitely not his luck coz da movie was scheduled only 2hours ago.
Young-Lady lah yang untung coz she got to watch Monster University.
I'm not dat excited at first, coz to me it's a movie dat teach children to be scared of da dark. ~tsk tsk tsk
But then it's getting better and overall, very inspiring indeed.
My hint will be...we all can work a lil' more together with even those we're not so sure of. ~must watch!

cik kak ni bangga coz she won. Husbeast need to make way for cartoon again. yehhaaaa! ~big smile.

 but when they're IN da cinema, lebih syok makan than watching da movie. baik bapak baik anak...sama aje. T__T

 coz I'm on diet, so I didn't get one of dat yellow box for myself. tapi I ada caramel popcorn L size. aci tak? hak hak hak ~nanges!

 and sumone who will remain nameless read my entry about dat springform cake tin thingy (surprise! surprise!). so he told me to look for it in da Jusco. well now I have my own springform pan (and some other baking tools) yayy! It's good to know despite his frozen and no-reaction face, he's actually do cares about my liking. these are neither Nordic's nor Wilton's, but who cares? as long as it produce a cake I'm all good. dat's so sweet of you honey. thank you soooo much! ~luvliness.

Belum pun sampai rumah lagi dat person dah sebok mintak I buatkan cake chocolate indulgence like da one at dat famous SR.
Hello! I don't have any experience in baking a cake pun okeyh.
Even if I do, as far as I remember I baked a cake TOGETHER with my besties.
Itu pun da cake just won't rise.
Dalam istilah lain...BANTAT! ~sigh sigh sigh 

Friday, June 28, 2013

sweet tooth cravings

Boring nye I rasa when I'm ran out of flour and egg.
Minus them means NO BAKING!
Like I said...I'm addicted to it now.
Habislah bill letrik I dis month, mesti cecah langit punya.
Apa taknye kalau dah selang sehari mesti berasap oven. kih kih kih
Padahal dulu, I punya lah takut nak guna.
As far as I remembered, I got only two dishes yang gunakan oven ni dulu.
One is here and the othee one is here.
Sampaikan Husbeast pernah sound suruh I masukkan dalam store aje since ada oven tapi taknak guna.
But now...serve you right Mister! hak hak hak

Actually today I had no intention to bake or anything dat need me to cook using the oven.
But as I was updating our kitchen supplies...I happened to find sumthing.
Sumthing yang sumone who will remain nameless tu beli tapi tak reti nak makan.
Dat's definitely his habit!
Macam2 ada kat rumah tapi akhirnya I will try hard to think of wut can I actually do to dat stuffs and make it scrumptious to eat.
Or will be expired just like dat.
So I terpaksa la jugak switched on my oven to bake. ~alasan! hi hi hi

 dia tulis kat situ roti kok. tapi kalau I biasa panggil biskut roti aje. jawalah katakan (mata keatas). sumone who will remain nameless ni beli akhir thn lepas, sampai sekarang tak usik2 lagi. and when I asked him whether he want dis or not, without a doubt dia boleh geleng aje. nasib baik lah wife dia ni penyabar khenn. T__T

yup! I made bread pudding. I soak it up with mocha flavored liquid to give it a deep-mystrious-sexy taste (poyo!). but honestly, kalau I buat plain...memang I aje yang akan makan nanti. so mocha would definitely do da trick. ~wink! wink!

 and I served it with whole milk. just for me, husbeast would rather have it plain. but I must say, guna roti gardenia is better coz it have a very plain taste and the texture will be nicer even after you soaked it up with liquid. tapi sebab the main mission is to finish dat 'kok' bread...dah separuh jugak tinggal. -__-

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm addicted to baking...HELP!

Okay, I don't know why but I seem to keep on reviewing my Aunt's old recipe book.
Ada aje yang I nak belekkan, and ada aje yang I nak cuba.
Da problem is, I don't have enuff ingredients and tools to make them all.
Ada yang have to be baked in Nordic Pan lah, ada yang kena gunakan springform tin lah.
Some of them needed an all spice lah, and some even needed some maple syrup to be baked with.
Recipe mat saleh khenn? ~pfftt!
Mana lah I ada semua tu. -__-

Da last time I saw tons of Nordic and Wilton ware was when we were in Hong Kong.
Tapi masa tu, I takdelah sebok rasa nak beli pun.
I pandang sebelah mata aje eventho da price were all sooooo cheap!!!
Now ni, I macam nak pegi Hong Kong balik to get one of those.
Satu aje pun jadik lah coz in Malaysia, da price will be over RM130 for just a single pan. ~pengsan!
Sedih okeyh.  T__T
Bukanlah perlu sangat pun pan tu...guna loyang biasa pun ok.
But da pan will be perfect if you're making a bundt cake.

So I buat lah something else dat require only my hand to do da shaping thingy.
I made pretzel, home made delicious pretzel.
Da taste...slightly different from da one at da mall though.
Aunty Anne's recipe is much more tastier to be honest.
Still, it's pretzel...and it's good to be gobbled straight away few minutes after baked.
But da process were so tiring since I need to knead da doh with my own hand. ~wheewww!
Unless kalau lah ada yang nak belikan I kitchen aid, I'd be making dis more often since dat person loved dis pretzel.
Da recipe came with a home made caramel dip tapi I kan SANGAT rajin.
So I skipped da dipping. hak hak hak.

kalau Aunty Anne's, da pretzel will be thinner. but mine I tak larat nak uli lebih2. Da yeast keep pulling it back together. so yeah, puffier than da one at da mall. hu hu hu

 I have da feeling dat I won't be making dis frequently. da process was too long. I need to wait for da yeast to rise up for two times! tapi kalau tak, takdelah nampak fluffy macam ni aite? seriously, sampai I rasa dah malas nak knead da doh. >__<

 but its worth da wait lah coz da taste was so good. with da sugar crystallized on top of it...ouh! you keep on wanting more. kalau ada dipping lagi syiok. time aje lah. kih kih kih.

 and dis was our dinner. sebab dah penat and bahu I pun terasa macam baru lepas angkut balak with all the kneading before, I bakar aje ikan cencaru tu. and I made air asam to go along with da fish. sedap pulak eventho teramatlah simple. and at the end of da day, nothing left. I dah dok terbayang katil aje before my eyes ni. agak2 rajin tak Husbeast nak picit bahu wife dia ni khenn? ~nanges!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm in love with pastries!

Today is another happy day for me.
Coz my oven keep on producing some really good food.
Despite on cooking for lunch and dinner...I baked some Shepherd's Pie...again.
I dengan tak semena2 telah menerima tempahan for dat pie, can you guys believe it???
Dis is sumthing dat I never expect...NEVER EVER!
At first I refused, sebab I tak pernah jual anything before.
How to calculate everything to make it a fair business? ~pitam!
But these people just won't stop begging. hak hak hak.
So, yeah...I said YES in the end. ~sigh! sigh! sigh!

 it was actually a decent treat for Husbeast's fellow workers who happened to melt looking at my post of da pie in my fb. ada yang nak merasa so I kirim la dekat Husbeast to give some to her. and dat's it. THAT JUST IT! -__-

after dat she pmed me to let me know dat it's ohsem (mata keatas!) kih kih kih. I was happy, so damn happy actually. sumone did enjoy my food, who wouldn't be happy with dat? 

but it didn't stop there. after a few days she...and some others nak tempah pulak dat pie...from me! YIKES!!! I really didn't expect dat. after saying NO for soooo many times, I finally said yes. T__T

so, I pun gasak la bersilat kat dapur in order to get it done. tomorrow, these pie will be passed to da buyers. I hope it will taste delicious, and of course I hope they will love it. ~nervous!

On sunday evening pulak, I baked some chocolate chips muffin.
Like any other bakeries, it was my 1st time making a muffin from scratch.
And setiap kali my batter looked gojes when they're out from the oven, I couldn't help myself from leaping in joy.
Lepas tu mula lah ferasan sendiri yang I ni rupanya pandai jugak dealing with pastries ni. 
Oven beli sebelum puasa tahun lepas, tapi baru tahun ni lah dia betul2 berbakti. hak hak hak.
Ok, I really need to stop with all my 'poyo' statement.
Got over-excited with my muffins dat turned out so soft, buttery and moist. ~luvliness

 I made these muffin straight after solat Asar. Young-Lady was da most excited of all, helping me with preparing da batter. we had fun and da muffins...they're humungous! I love it. It didn't have dat spongy taste. nothing like the one in da packet at all.

 these muffins rock! they are box-quality, sumthing dat you could only find in some high-class cafe. even Husbeast who doesn't like muffins complimented me on dis. he took da biggest one and loved it. I even brought a few to my in laws afterward. it went down a treat! definitely a a crowd pleaser.

My in laws said it was delicious!
Habis semua 8 biji yang we all bawak, buatkan I bertambah2 lah ferasan. ~semput!
My MIL siap pesan for me to not lose the recipe.
I really need to thank my Aunt for dis.
Dia memang pakar mengumpul 'the best ever' recipes I must say.
Setakat ni everything dat I got from her will be a hit!
But yeah, some of them are pricey to make indeed.
Masa my aunt stayed overseas the ingredients were so easy to find.
They could even have it from their backyard.
Bila sampai, Malaysia imported version lah khenn dat's why da price got a bit high.

da best thing about the western bakeries is we can keep 'em longer and it will stay moist after reheat/re baked. and dat's why I rarely make breakfast currently. dis bakeries could really save lots of my time. I even couldn't stand myself to gobble not one...but two of dis deli style muffins while writing. with a glass of cold milk, I'm in heaven. ~yummeh!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

wonderful Saturday

My Mom and Dad go on a vacation without me! ~wowoowooo.
Bukan I aje yang jeles, Young-Lady pun sebok ajak we all suruh ikut Tokki and Tokwan dia kat seberang laut sana.
It's not dat far actually, cuma ke Sarawak aje. hu hu hu.
Ini semua gara2 we all dah kena sound with my mum's youngest brother yang duduk kat sana lah.
My Paksu will always complained whenever he call my mum to say hello.
His favorite line will be "Bila tengok FB ada yang ke Jepun, ada yang ke Australia, ada yang ke Hong Kong, ada yang ke Korea...tapi takde pun yang nak ke Sarawak ni kan?"
So, before da sulking behaviour gone worst, they decided to visit him with the other siblings.
I risau jugak dengan keadaan cuaca yang hazy manjang, but thank god they have arrived safely there Yesterday.
Happy lah tu my Mom and Dad dapat run away from their children for a week. ~we're very clingy indeed!
Kalau tak, asyik ada aje yang berkepitlah, call sana sini.

never a day we did not 'LINE' together. my dad ni boleh tahan jugak bab2 menjeleskan anak2 sendiri. but yeah...he and my mom sound so happy with their all-siblings-vacation. my Paksu siap cuti lagi to entertain his brothers and sisters through out da whole week. I could not believe we missed it!!!  T__T

We all pulak just stay at home being lazy and have some quality time together by eating non stop and watching TV.
I cooked nasi lemak + sambal telur puyuh for breakfast and lunch. 
Someone seems to be addicted to it lately. 
Before dis pun bukannya I tak pernah masak nasi lemak.
It's just dat, da sambal used to be sambal tumis ikan bilis.
Since dia terjatuh cinta with my sambal tumis telur puyuh, asyik mintak nasi lemak aje.
I bukan lah malas sangat nak buat, but I'm scared we will all be overweight by it. (self defense statement)  T__T
Like I said, whenever I cook nasi lemak...I'm gonna have to cook it in a very large portion!
Otherwise memang takkan cukup.

 nasi lemak telur puyuh. I buat pagi2 tapi da two bangun time dah boleh nak makan lunch pun. normal thing every weekend. he he he

But after Maghrib we all terpaksa keluar jugak to top up da kitchen stock.
Sedih tengok nasi lemak nampak plain without any edible garnish.
Seriously, they're nearly empty...some of it memang dah empty pun. hak hak hak
So Husbeast took us to Mydin Nusajaya to replenish everything.
Looks like tomorrow, will be a stay at home Sunday lah jawabnya.
Husbeast is very concerned not to let us out very often since JB looks like Cameron Highland dis few days.
Da haze is worse when it's daylight, outing. ~nanges!
No biggy, I'll cook,cook and cook to amuse myself then. hak hak hak

 because we just went to MYDIN, we dressed sempoi2 aje. hak hak hak
Pakcik tu? ouh he's a serious driver you know. so...let him be. -_-

 Young-Lady yang super excited at first got sleepy halfway. terus senyap terlentok on my shoulder. dah sampai MYDIN kejut pun tak mau bangun. dat's absolutely mean we can shop in peace. hi hi hi.

have any of you tried on dis? da shop is next to MYDIN Nusajaya with super huge Aaron Aziz pic on its billboard ads. I selalu tergoda, tapi tak pernah dapat singgah kesana. today, after done with shopping I couldn't wait any longer to stop by and give it a taste.

model wannabe budget boleh ganti Aaron Aziz (mata keatas!). I don't know about you guys but dis froyo taste nothing like tutti frutti or snogurt. it's milky and not tangy at all. it's delicious...and it's really cheap compared to the other two. but I prefer a spoonful with such a tang to it. kunun! tapi naik atas terus je sambung makan sampai tak menyempat buat benda2 lain. prefer tak prefer, kalau bab makan I balun semua. kih kih kih.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

my L.A.Z.Y Day Cafe

Bila dah hujung2 minggu, barang dalam fridge I pun banyak lah yang takde.
Especially veges, la ni tinggal lah celery aje.
Dat thing lah yang I buat lunch, dat thing lah jugak I cook for dinner.
Dalam freezer I pun tinggal ayam dan ikan aje.
Masing2 untuk sekali masak. 
Memang ke laut la my mood for cooking bila macam ni. ~alasan!
Tapi sebab tak mau kelaparan...kena lah jugak masuk dapur khenn?
So, lunch tadi punyalah simple and for our dinner I tanya pakwe I tu dia nak makan apa.
By stating da only things dat left in our kitchen.

 I made old fashioned nasi goreng telur for lunch. dis super simple menu will always be a winner. dah la senang, simple, sedap pulak tu. Young-Lady pun enjoy since egg is one of her favorite dish khenn. hilang semua ikrar I nak berdiet bagai. T__T

Husbeast gave me a very long pause to make up his mind.
I asked him in the afternoon, but he only answered me at 4.30pm.
Yeah, I put a time limit for him to make da decision.
It's easier for me to prepare my kitchen dat way.
Dia decide betul2 sebelum time out uollsss. hik hik hik.
Entah apa yang susah naww nak pilih. 
Antara ikan dgn ayam aje pun, lepastu bagitau nak I masakkan apa.
I memang lah takkan masak without asking him first.
Kalau I memandai, be prepared aje lah to have soooo many leftover food later. 
Tekak pakcik tu bukannya senang nak dilayan. ~nanges!

 at last he told me to cook black pepper chicken. nice choice coz we haven't eat dis dish quite a while. because I'm out of potato since I use em all up to cook Shepherd's Pie yesterday, I decided to add celery in it. dah ada celery kan, tak payah la I masak sayur lagi. tengok la bini mithali ni, betapa malasnye even duduk rumah aje pun. kih kih kih.  ~pitam!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shepherd's Pie...a great fuss free family treat.

I ni kan sangat pantang with TV Series yang berseason2 lamanya.
I hate it, tapi I tetap ikuti cerita tu. kih kih kih.
Especially Supernatural! ~arrrggghhh!
Dat American drama television series is haunted! ~to me lah.
Coz I couldn't say no to watch it over and over again.'s not because of those cute brothers (well, maybe a lil').
But because it's hilarious and mysterious at da same time.
When I'm about to get scared, I will ended up laughing my head off.
Those two hunkies are unbelievable!
Ni semua keje Husbeast bertuah ler, he played da drama series by series since yesterday. ~nanges!

Another story pulak...sejak terserempak dengan familiar faces who said dat I look chubby last two days, I mula paranoid about my weight.
So...lunch I tak makan except for Young-Lady.
She need to have rice at least once a day, kalau 1am nanti pun dia akan bangun mintak makan. hu hu hu.
But when it's time for dinner makan macam dah seminggu berlapar pulak. ~nanges!
I honestly couldn't trust myself in dis whole dieting thingy.
I just knew dat it will be 'hangat2 tahi ayam' only.
Don't believe me? Ask me...  T__T
Can't wait for Ramadhan...Insha Allah I diet sungguh2 nanti. ~pitam!

 our dinner yesterday. seabass in thick chilli gravy + fried cabbage. sayur sampai 2 pinggan, sebab I tak makan nasi. kata diet, kena lah ratah sayur banyak2 aite? ~helleh sangat! 

 kalau ikutkan I nak try masak steam. tapi ada sumone tu, sungguh2 tak mau. it's either tiga rasa or masak berlada. since tiga rasa dah selalu sangat, I made dis instead. one day I will realize my dream to steam it. one of these days... hik hik hik

 and today's dinner I made casserole food. It's a very simple family meal...Shepherd's Pie. my aunt used to bake dis pie bila we all come to her place. tapi sekarang dah jarang sangat sebab she's not going back to Australia lagi. dah jadi melayu tulen balik la ni kekdahnya. since Husbeast tak pernah rasa, I buat lah nak bagi dia rasa.

I'm so surprised dat he love it! despite its heavy strong cheesy taste, it went down a storm. itu pun sebab ada 2 adults yang sangat kuat makan bersantap. I tak buat pedas coz Young-Lady pun makan jugak. glad she like it, senang keje I. hak hak hak. my aunt said da taste will be even better when you reheat it da next day. ~delicious!

Bila perut masing2 dah kenyang, baru lah best duduk bersantai khenn?
So now it's time for our date with Supernatural pulak. I love my life as a mum and wife. ~luvliness!

Monday, June 17, 2013

sick? NO! I'm all good -__-

Dis is wut I hate about stating my cause of my unpaid leave application as 'Health Problems'.
It's gonna be a burden for me to explain to everyone about da truth.
Whenever I bumped into my fellow worker at mall or everywhere, they will look at me with a shocking face!
And then said sumthing like..."I thought you are sick. I heard dat you're on leave because of your health problems. But you look absolutely amazing and healthy! Wut's goin' on?"
I could say dat I actually applied da leave because I wanna stay at home and do nothing. 
I'm not sick, It's just dat I need to agree with my boss who wanted me to be sick on da paper so dat It'll look more...formal.
But how could I say dat? 
So all I did was just smile and said...I'm ok, I'm good...doing just fine.
And they will just nod hearing to my answer but with a face like they just saw a ghost!

Dat's hard you know. sigh! sigh! sigh!
Being sick when you're actually not, it's killing me!
I know wut they think when they heard dat I'm sick.
It's definitely bring them back to two years ago.
During my paralyzed days, my skinny boney body, my super unattractive pale skin and my gloomy looking face.
But no, I'm not. 
In fact, I keep putting on some extra kilos coz I got too healthy with zero stress level. keh keh keh
Always on da go, being here and there, sumtimes with just Young-Lady by my side when I need to find some ingredients to cook sumthing different.
Guys! Pliss...I'm ok, and stop giving me dat weird look of 'Why you look so fair? You're sick, can't believe you still look radiant.'
It's probably because I rarely go out for sunbathing nowadays. T__T

 as I went to my kitchen dis morning to cook for breakfast, I saw this box of blueberries dat I supposed to make as a topping for my pavlova last Friday. I go nuts to think of wut am I supposed to do with it. ~googling hard!

so, me and Young-Lady went to da nearest Jusco after lunch to buy some ingredients dat's missing in my kitchen coz I decided to make blueberry scones. dat was when I bumped into familiar faces who got so stunt to see me looking so fit and healthy. It wasn't my first time bumped into my fellow workers but dis one was da most full of drama. T__T

being involved with all those dramatic scenes made feel hungry afterwards. I'm glad my blueberry scones turned out so well and fluffy. da taste was heavenly delicious. I'm starting to be addicted with an AFC tv programme called 'Bake with Anna Olson'. hik hik hik.

and for dinner, sumone wanted me to make him mee goreng. but I must say, mee goreng is really not my usual dish to make. mee goreng mamak? How would I know to do dat? so, I made it solely based on da link dat he gave me. ~haih!

dis was the outcome. he said he like it, and I hope he meant dat. but to see him ate it all to da last bit...i think it's ok. kih kih kih. ~aiyaiyaiyaiyaiii!

I hope those peeps will go straight to my office and get to know da truth about da whole reasons of my absence.
But my fellow workers just didn't know the existence of my blog, and I'd like to leave it dat way.
So...I bet dat things will remain da same ~rolling eyes!
Not dat I care whether they knew or not about the actual reason.
I just hope I don't have to answer da same question again.
I'm taking a leave just to have some fun since I'm capable to do so.
I wanna stop doing anything for a while and smell da roses.
While the others may have their own way...unpaid leave is my way.
So...Have fun with your life, everyone! 
Enjoy, as much as I it in your own way. ~smile!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

celebrating success and life

Last Friday was da most exciting day of my life.
Because my first attempt of baking SOLO was a big hit!
I nailed it you guys...wohhhoooo!!!
Ok, maybe I'm being a lil' dramatic all about it.
But when a cook went great with baking, dat's really sumthing.
Well, I'm not a professional cook though...I'm just saying since I cook but don't bake. hu hu hu
Anyhow, it disappeared from da plate very fast despite of its quite too sweet taste.
I made it for my parents and my sister's frens who came to my house last Friday.
They love it, I love it, but dis is not really Husbeast kind of dessert. 
So he's out of da league. hak hak hak

it puffed up beautifully during da baking process. but it cracked like a b***** during da cooling process. I got a lil' disheartened to see dat huge crack okeyh! but when I read da review about dis dessert...I was relieved knowing dat it's normal. ~pheeww!

 They said just cover up those cracks with whipped cream, and so I did! dis was da result of my 1st pavlova. I know it didn't look as awesome as any other pavlova dat all of you have tried before. but...hey, I'm a beginner. and I'm quite proud dat it didn't collapse. hik hik hik.

 despite da cracking, there was still a decent amount of soft gooey filling within. the outside was super crispy crunchy which is an amazing contrast to dat soft marshmellowy center. Am I describing it? I know rite was my first time tasting it. kesian khenn? despite my total crapness it looked whole and stable. Good job! I was in sugar paradise. kih kih kih.

And dis weekend, we were at Kluang enjoying a small village fresh breeze since it's been a while we're not visiting my parents.
As we're there, we celebrated father's day with da simplest event yet so wonderful.
Well I got to cook my dad's and Husbeast's favorite dish for lunch and bought them sumthing they love to eat for dinner snack.
We're happy and da snack was super cheap! ~I like. keh keh keh.

 ketam masak lemak perak was my dad's favorite while Husbeast's...ouh yeah, he's always in love with my ikan bilis asam and sambal lonte. he could eat just dat for a week! T__T

 celebrating father's day without my brother and 3rd sister since they have their own matters to deal with. but my dad still got messages from his other two children while we were celebrating. and it did bring a lil' tears to his eyes. ~awwwww!

it was privately awesome. da togetherness was priceless!

Happy Father's Day to my dad and my hubby. may you guys enjoyed da small and cheap event we did for da two of you. love you both to infinity and beyond! psst, pliss ignore Young-Lady with her tool. -__-

Thursday, June 13, 2013

movie marathon at home

Wow! it's been quite a while I haven't write in here aite?
How many? Like 2 days? hik hik hik
Well da reason was becoz me and da two were busy with some TV watching.
Yup! We did our own movie marathon back to back at home.
You see...last couple of days Disney Channel were playing Toy Story 1, 2 and 3.
I could not miss dat? I'm a big cartoon fan remember?
And wut made us stay glued in our room was...after Toy Story, Husbeast played Transformers. All 3 of em! ~
But of course 1 movie for each day lah khenn.
Toy story from 7-9pm, Transformers from 9.30-11.30pm.
Kalau habiskan all 3 episodes in one night, PENGSAN! kih kih kih.
I masak pun cepat2, makan cepat2, time iklan pegi solat, then tak buat apa dah.
Mana sempat nak snap lauk bagai, nak pegi toilet pun tunggu commercial break okeyh. hak hak hak.
I could only snap our lunch yesterday sebab someone tu tetiba aje called to let me know dat he's taking a half day.
At 12.30pm! I dah la masak nasi dengan telur aje for me and Young-Lady.

When he told me he's comin home at 1pm...terkitai2 I masak kat dapur. so...ada lah jugak gambar. he he he. I made stir fried okra with dried shrimp, ayam masak kicap and ikan pekasam goreng.

Dis morning I got up really early at 5am.
Lepastu mata terkebil2 dah tak boleh nak tido.
So, I switched on da TV and watched my fave astro afc.
Nampak pulak Chef Wan menggedik masak kari ayam in his cooking show of loooong time ago.
We're not a curry lover, even Husbeast don't really go crazy about curry.
He never ask for me to cook curry.
Kalau setahun maybe 2 or 3 times aje I'll be cooking for dis dish.
But dis morning, Chef Wan dah buatkan I kecur looking at his curry.
So after Subuh, I terus bersilat kat dapur masak kari ayam. kah kah kah.

Husbeast bangun siap tanya...I buat roti jala ke?
Maaflah, nak menjala tu memang tak berapa I served my man gardenia white bread to dip into da curry.

 he ate them till da last bite okeyh! But still saying it'll be better if I make roti jala to go with da curry. like...hello! get me one of dat non-stick pan dulu baru boleh cerita kot. takkan I nak menjala dalam kuali pulak. eventho I ada cooking pan, but dis one is 'sticking' version. sebab cooking pan murah khenn. buat pancake pun tak penah menjadi, lagi lah nak menjala. ~nanges!

Peehhh! My super early post.
After Husbeast gone to work aje I terus on PC and start writing.
Kalau lah hari2 I rajin macam ni kan bagus.
at 8.30am dah ada new post. 
Wut a personal record! ~clap! clap! clap! ~sigh...